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  1. daintypersnicketydingo

    I'll always have a fondness for Tomo's usual look of disdain even if I don't care for the new hat.
  2. daintypersnicketydingo

    Woah, Borderline sounds very nice. Busy times between this and their live appearances as ブリキのサーカス団 earlier this year!
  3. daintypersnicketydingo

    That exciting time with the new season of anime just starting out. My first watch was the first episdoe of Kimetsu no Yaiba. I'm Extremely happy with it. I already love the manga and the anime does it such justice. Beautifully done. Next up, probably the nostalgia of the new Fruits Basket.
  4. daintypersnicketydingo

    Woah, I like Yayoi's singing, had no idea what to really expect given their visual design choice.
  5. daintypersnicketydingo

    Wow, I haven't head from them in so long I'm also one of the people who just assumed they disbanded years ago as well. Still, sad to hear and I can't imagine it being just a sadly tasteless joke.
  6. daintypersnicketydingo

    Really like this look with the barbed wire print, especially coupled with the more traditional print for Azu. I enjoy some of their songs although it probably helps that I also liked Jackman. So looking forward to this!
  7. daintypersnicketydingo

    Wolf's Rain! Oh that's an excellent one, I haven't watched it in far too long. I also really enjoyed Trigun and Blood+. And yup, FY is one of my nostalgic loves, one of the first series I was ever really into. They really had such funny faces and I loved how much more there was to the villains than just wanting power or ruling the world.
  8. daintypersnicketydingo

    Full Japanese Version, good times. Plus, joint concert in NYC with Waggaki Band in May.
  9. daintypersnicketydingo

    Thanks for the warm welcome, all! Excellent, thanks for the heads up! Oh boy, so many. Current season my favorites are Yakusoku no Neverland, Tate no Yuusha no Narigari, Kaguya-sama, Dororo, and Atama no Ue. Favorites ever? Utena, Mononoke (series), Uchuu Kyoudai, Kagurahime, Hunter x Hunter, and Natsume Yuujinchou. How about you? I didn't even know there was a term for cali≠gari, how lovely! I especially like big dogs with their silly giant heads. But all pups are good!
  10. Facebook is something I check wayyy too often, even at work. Aside from that, Instagram and Tumblr are my most used things. I have a huge list of queued/drafted posts for tumblr since there's so much gorgeous material out there! Pinterest I mostly use for recipes and work craft ideas. I use to use Livejournal a ton, miss those days.
  11. daintypersnicketydingo

    Made an account a couple days ago and have been scoping out the place, so maybe I should finally post an introduction. I was very much into VK in college, something like a decade ago. I still listen to songs off and on again but lately I've been checking out all sorts of bands and feeling nostalgic so here I am. It just makes me really happy that some of my old loves are still around/have returned like Psycho le Cemu, cali≠gari, and Plastic Tree. Aside from from that, my great loves are dogs, anime, and books. I work at a public library and read all the baking books and graphic novels I can get my hands on. I love planning crafts for programs and the teen anime club which I co-host. Really, I just like making anything so cosplaying is another hobby that suits me perfectly. Current favorite book is Annihilation and my favorite movie is From Dusk Till Dawn. And a quick question while I'm here! What's the stance on necro'ing threads? I saw the, "don't necro old threads unless you are providing new, updated information" line in the rules. Is there a limit to how many threads I can respond to in rapid succession because I'm that overly talkative type as you can tell from this introduction?
  12. daintypersnicketydingo

    Just about anything white chocolate. I also really love Almond Roca, Chimes' Ginger Chews, and Raffaello.
  13. daintypersnicketydingo

    I like telling people I'm the sign I can't spell. Most of my interactions with astrology is with looking up birthdays for people or characters I like and seeing if they match anyone I know. Like I get a little thrill knowing I'm the same sign as Sailor Jupiter. One thing I do remember reading repeatedly about Sagittarius (yeah, I had to look up the spelling once again) is their love of travel. Which I never really thought much of since I'm a huge homebody. But lately I've been into going to see and do all the things so I guess maybe there's something to that after all.
  14. daintypersnicketydingo

    Big brick head of a dog named Frito, adopted about half a year ago. He's approximately 95% giant noggin. I adore him muchly, he in turn adores food, trying to escape outside, laying on the couch upside down, long walks, and destroying all fluffy toys.
  15. daintypersnicketydingo

    1. Kagrra 2. Plastic Tree 3. Cali≠gari 4. La'cryma Christi 5. Inugami Circus Dan 6. Kra 7. MUCC 8. Gille' Loves 9. Girugamesh 10. Psycho le Cemu It warms the heart to see at least one person mentioning Duel Jewel, I haven't thought about them in ages but they were the first VK band I saw live. Other loves: Buck-Tick, the Gazette, Golden Bomber, Dir en Grey, SID, An Cafe, lynch, Mogamigawa Tsukasa (...I can't deny my love of enka), Matenrou Opera, Born.
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