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  1. daintypersnicketydingo

    Let's see, of the currently airing anime, the ones I'm enjoying the most are Dr. Stone, Vinland Saga, Araburu Kisetsu no Otome-domo yo, Fruits Basket, and Kimetsu no Yaiba. Yesss! What a gorgeous series, it does the manga such justice. I especially appreciate how they animated the attacks with the stylized water and all. And the hilarity of reaction faces, they fill me with such joy. Also, kudos for the 3-gatsu no Lion avatar, one of my favorite anime series as well.
  2. daintypersnicketydingo

    Woah, yes, looking forward to the CD as well. Especially the full versions of Administrator, 紅く散らばる華, Daybreak, and Locus. MV for 千年ノ色彩 is A++ plus I just love Ryoga's new look.
  3. daintypersnicketydingo

    Incredible, I love just about everything about the song, especially Sho's vocals. 😮
  4. daintypersnicketydingo

    Yeah, agreed on the weird voice effects. The Angels Cry PV had a part that really didn't agree with me because of that but just the audio version isn't as bad. World End though could certainly have less of that editing. I'd love to hear more though.
  5. daintypersnicketydingo

    The graffiti font amuses me but I do enjoy the song.
  6. daintypersnicketydingo

    When I was younger I thought having kids would be neat, I don't know when that changed to noooo, I definitely don't want children. The most frustrating thing about this is the rare times when I talk to my mother and she inevitably brings it up. I vaguely wonder if she'll pressure me to adopt instead once I'm past the age for having children of my own.
  7. daintypersnicketydingo

    Woah, is 猥雑 a trip, an enjoyable one though, love the visuals, not generally something I'd listen to more than once though. Really love the second song and agreed on how it does look and feel like they are all having a great time with creative freedom.
  8. daintypersnicketydingo

    It made me really happy to see the wide range of people who were interested in the concert. Oh boy about your line experience. I had it pretty easy compared to you! I just had to listen to someone and her friends talk about her boobs and the way her outfit revealed them for an hour or so before the line thankfully shifted her away, lol. So much agreement on the beauty of this show's その声は脆く performance, I was blown away. I am one of those fans who favors the older stuff, mostly for nostalgic reasons, but this concert was absolutely worth it. Could really tell how they were enjoying themselves up there. Holy smokes!
  9. daintypersnicketydingo

    Sounds like they sharpened their sound since Lebens Ende. Here's hoping they stick around, I really like some of the tracks from their mini-album!
  10. daintypersnicketydingo

    Hmm, I'd say they had comparable performances in terms of length, but I had to leave early so I'm not 100% sure. I do know his entire setlist for the show though: Fake Divine, After Light, Inside of Me, Out, Don't Hold Back, Zipang, Who's Gonna Save Us, Underworld, Another Moment, Sick, Mad Qualia, and Ordinary World.
  11. daintypersnicketydingo

    Saw Hyde and Wagakki Band at the Playstation Theater yesterday. I'm so very pleased! Both Hyde and Suzuhana had even stronger voices in person, gosh I could listen to them into forever. Had to leave early to catch the bus home sadly but I'm still so happy to have heard Hyde in person. I missed L'arc~en~Ciel when they came to Otakon over a decade ago so it is wonderful to see Hyde perform finally. And really loved how Wagakki Band had such a range to them, not easy to somehow show off the amazing talent for each of their eight members but they did so beautifully.
  12. daintypersnicketydingo

    Aw, the photos are really sweet and so is her message. I..never really thought about what type of person she'd be attracted to, just that I was attracted to her style, lol.
  13. daintypersnicketydingo

    Finally finished the first season of Ash vs Evil Dead, I do so love comedy horror type series. Besides, long standing adoration of Bruce Campbell certainly helps. I mostly like the series when it is being ridiculous so when it started getting more serious my attention waived but I'm still interested in more. Aside from that, also watched a couple episodes of Lost in Space, which I have to admit I mostly had an interest in because the internet told me about a hot robot. But I do enjoy that and stories about characters trying to survive in strange new places.
  14. daintypersnicketydingo

    Vicious by V. E. Schwab and Evil: The Science Behind Humanity's Dark Side by Julia Shaw. It is fun pairing my villainous fictional reading with nonfiction related musings.
  15. daintypersnicketydingo

    That's one of the series I really wanted to like. But I just watched episode five and can't find myself caring about the characters or what's happening. To me it mostly feels like it exists to showcase neat fights. Oh, I haven't felt that way about it at all. I'll have to pay more attention to the voice acting. I thought there was good depth of feeling for moments like King's reveal or Fubuki's realizations. Very happy to continue with Kimetsu no Yaiba and Fruits Basket for the upcoming season. Both have been great adaptions this season. As for other series I've already read, I'm keen on seeing Dr. Stone and Vinland Saga. Vinland Saga is one of my favorite series of the past couple years. But I feel like it might not appeal to a lot of people because it is like Golden Kamuy in some ways. Combat but every once in awhile, every day stuff like farming. BEM is something I know nothing about but I like the description and character designs.
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