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  1. You crawling around in a bee costume made me die
  2. That is just horrible to do to someone! I'm glad Urara spoke out about what happened but I don't see how they could even find a replacement after that happened I wouldn't want to join a band who dare treated a member like how they did to him this band has lost multiple members and now I'm starting to understand why there leaving
  3. reikiwaifusky

    Tsurugi from Razor tweeted something about it being hot in Japan and I replied in english don't wear anything warm and drink plenty of water he tweeted his reply then put RT what I sent in english and I died right away another time GCMZ Yuma tweeted I think good morning and I replied in english good morning did you sleep well and he replied in japanese both my friend who speaks japanese and translate sites all told me Yuma was asking me to sleep with him so that was interesting usually I get likes from various artists when I tend to leave a reply to them but I only reply to there tweets in english
  4. reikiwaifusky

    They also have a Spotify now
  5. reikiwaifusky

    I think they have two MV that is coming up cause I can't remember who but they posted behind scenes of a pool mv and then there is that one 害虫救済 mv
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