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  1. soundbyte

    I really like this band. I think the vocalist is amazing My first song I got hooked on was Lost November, haha~ I thought their new mini album wasn't bad.
  2. soundbyte

    I have mixed feelings about The Thirteen. Like others said, some of the songs are not that bad. But I do feel like I am kind of listening to a revived Sadie at the same time, lol.
  3. soundbyte

    My favorite is Saga from Alice Nine
  4. soundbyte

    Welcome That is very cool you are into classical music. I play cello
  5. soundbyte

    It's been a long time since I've come back to this forum! It's nice to see that it is still alive and well : ). Life got in the way, and I stopped listening to VK for awhile, but some of my favorite bands were Fest Vainqueur, SCREW, D=OUT, Diaura, Vistlip, DaizyStripper, and a few others I cannot recall the names at the moment. Funny thing, I've slowly come back to listening to VK again. Thank you for being around still to connect with others who are still into VK : D
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