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  1. Hey All! Looking for a few super/insanely rare items below - willing to negotiate prices: Lareine 1st Demo Tape Malice Mizer 1th Anniversary Tape Malice Mizer Sans Logique, Sadness Tapes Generally interested in all of the early stage releases for Lareine/Malice Mizer, as well as any FC or live venue releases. Know the items I'm looking for are super hard to find (been looking for over a decade!) and generally not sold but if you're looking to sell or happen to see it online I would be eternally grateful for the chance.
  2. Apesanteur

    Will be making a separate post but will sell my soul for the Lareine/Laliene 1st Demo Tape
  3. Apesanteur

    Sorry that this isn't advice, but does anyone know if a foreign student ID can be used for student pricing on concert tickets?
  4. Apesanteur

    I enjoyed Kimi Ryokan, and it's pretty cheap. Private rooms are around 5000 yen/night and it's in a fairly quiet part of Ikebukuro
  5. Apesanteur

    Missed out on the Malice Mizer 25th Anniversary concert 😕 Was my own fault, I didn't expect any MM events to be happening so I didn't bother to look, and found out about a month after the event when I started using Twitter for concert updates. MM is my soul band and Kamijo my favorite singer, so still kicking myself over it. So glad they're coming out with a DVD and definitely planning to jump on the opportunity if they ever hold a similar event again.
  6. Apesanteur

    I'm on X Japan's Coachella livestream... not sure if that's still floating around the internet.
  7. Apesanteur

    Nice to meet you - Frequent lurker, finally made an account (it's been years). I'm Apesanteur, named after the song 'En Apesanteur' by French artist Calogero. My favorite artists include KAMIJO, Malice Mizer, Versailles, Lareine, X Japan, Matenrou Opera... I was big on collecting Malice Mizer and later Lareine & Versailles in middle and high school. I largely stopped looking for older/less common items throughout college and beyond, then recently started up again after traveling to Paris for the Sang Europe Tour last year. Made a brief trip to Japan this January and excited to be going back in a few weeks. I play the viola and recently started learning guitar and piano. Played drums for a bit in high school (badly) and hoping to take it up again when I have time/space. Would love to learn how to play some of my favorite songs, so if you know any good resources for finding band scores/tabs either in-store or online please let me know! I am a huge reader of epic fantasy, favorite authors include Brandon Sanderson, Patrick Rothfuss, Joe Abercrombie, Neil Gaiman... I am very picky about my books. Apart from VK, I enjoy Duran Duran, David Bowie, and Muse. From an orchestral/classical standpoint I always enjoy a good waltz. Look forward to getting along with you all!
  8. Do you happen to still have this? Link is dead - would be forever grateful!
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