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  1. corps_escape

    I'll be eagerly waiting for that day 🥰
  2. corps_escape

    I have it I'm excited!!
  3. corps_escape

    I was saying that since some bandmen can get jealous but I don't think that's the case here Anyway, I agree I think the message that Aira wrote on Twitter needs to be translated properly He was like "I'm not surprised" about the hiatus announcement
  4. corps_escape

    I second this tl;dr: they need a break and doing lives while living in different prefectures can be hard on a band that has no way of earning a lot of income. That seems reasonable. At the end of the day, they're doing this for fun I think google translate did a bad job because the message wasn't conveyed as clearly as it would be if it were translated properly and I would gladly offer to translate the entire post along with the member comments but my japanese is poor I want to believe that they're going on a hiatus mostly because of Aira considering he made a tweet after the announcement regarding his true feelings on the whole thing and he seems to be one of least popular members alongside Kai. Rion and Shizuku seem to be the more popular of the 4 Rion being the #1 popular member I'm a Rion Gyao lol P.S: I don't believe in whatever was said on Tanuki about the boys. I quickly saw what they had to say and I'm honestly disgusted. What a garbage website.
  5. corps_escape

    I was hoping they'd stick around more longer I'm depressed At least they're not disbanding and it's a hiatus What did they say on tanuki? Remember to take it with a grain of salt
  6. corps_escape

    2nd track, 悲哀 (Hiai), teaser has been revealed. I'm definitely going to try to get this single when possible. I absolutely love it. Also, today marks VARIE's first show at Shinsaïbashi VARON!
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