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  1. Fyrnia4Maya

    I really hope Kidoairaku goes online to listen to it... I'm still bitter about being forced to pay 50€ to listen to live releases...
  2. Fyrnia4Maya

    The reason why I asked this question is exactly to force myself to close the gap between male and female inside of me, to be more like the female vkei fans.
  3. Fyrnia4Maya

    That's an awful generalization
  4. I often see people referring to bands and music tendencies as "leaning towards male/female fanbases" and/or the amount of people in concerts and all that What are the differences in tastes between male and female vkei fans in the bands we listen?
  5. Fyrnia4Maya

    Thanks for the info. I wish I could have gone to their live and listened to it
  6. Fyrnia4Maya

    Does anyone know where to find a CD rip or their live single jingai coda online?
  7. Fyrnia4Maya

    I got into Vkei because of DISREIGN (please don't judge) and I admit that I wouldn't have listened to the music if the makeup of until the fade and the name of the band itself weren't that cool. Case in point, AWOKEN BY SILENCE is basically DISREIGN without the vkei aspect and I probably wouldn't have listened to the band itself because of the not-as-original name, so as someone who is just a extremely casual vkei fan, I say you are right at least about people like me
  8. Fyrnia4Maya

    THANK YOU, I have been looking for jingai coda so much, you always help me find music
  9. Fyrnia4Maya

    You can listen to ideal (new single) on youtube https://youtu.be/Vl4z4Yx2MRw
  10. Fyrnia4Maya

    How did you get to listen to it? Can you get the singles songs on the line app?
  11. Fyrnia4Maya

    I'm getting really hyped to listen to it but I don't want to get my hopes up, can someone who has listened to the songs tell me what they sound like?
  12. Fyrnia4Maya

    They recently had a live limited mini album (jingai beyond) which was easy to find, but this release seems to be one of those impossible releases, will it be like that?
  13. I personally really love what nazare is doing
  14. Fyrnia4Maya

    I feel bad for not buying the CD but for me it's 25€ with unsecured shipping service for 2 songs when I can have the 12 songs of chedoara for 15€. Grrrrr
  15. Thank you so much!!! But I missed it I have been very busy with exams, if you could re-upload I would appreciate but if it's too complicated it's okay because I like to deal with the consequences of my actions when I can, I really do feel grateful for your generosity either way Supporting vkei bands is too expensive!!!! Except when they do worldwide release of course
  16. I would really love that, but its not really fair after you managed to pay for it and all that isnt it?
  17. I don't really care about the CDs, I just want to listen to the music xd
  18. I love DIMLIM and they have so much live exclusive music that I would like to listen to, but it's impossible to find! They have 4 singles and 2 CDs, but I just can't find it... Does anyone know a way to listen to this music?
  19. Fyrnia4Maya

    I have discovered NAZARE and I love the music (But what bad things did Issei do though...?) but they only sell music to Japanese people. Same with Dimlim, I can only buy the album and not the singles. I really can't buy cd online (and I think they are a ripoff) so in that I will just download them online... Is there any way to support the artists music like this?
  20. Fyrnia4Maya

    Why do we all agree in that the entire world is full of bad people and yet we are still here "supporting" each other? No one thinks they themselves are bad and try to do their best (except me) PD: Artists can spend money on whatever they want as long as money is not all why they do it and for example just make new music when they have no money left on their credit card, you can do that and that's totally fine, I just personally don't like it when I invest myself in it because then it would be just another job and why would I even spend my money in your content then? You know what I mean?
  21. Fyrnia4Maya

    I mean why would anyone be a fan of Vkei artists if they are hypocrits that dont care about art, not why would anyone be like them, I personally dont like to spend time in someone just to pay alcohol
  22. Fyrnia4Maya

    SEIKE is not a random person on the internet, and artists do lie too about what they are
  23. Fyrnia4Maya

    How is that a thing for anyone?
  24. Fyrnia4Maya

    I really appreciate you helping me with this, people who give their time is the most generous to me and I thank you for that alot, I guess I'll give him the benefit of the doubt as you said then again the critiques are alot more tangible (like his girlfriend talking about the shit he put her through) it's just very hard for me to swallow when everyone with alot of perspectives all agree in the one thing that he does things I personally hate, but thank you still, I'll try to follow advice
  25. Fyrnia4Maya

    I just like music because it is (to me) the people behind it speaking up their feelings, so the person behind the music is very important to me. Its just that people said he is a bad person, and when I try to see people against that, I cant find them unless they are fans of the music and just say I love him. All I have is the vague subjective things people say so I want to get that off
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