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  1. Fyrnia4Maya

    I like this alot! I know nothing about composition, but this sounds to me like a ost more than anything, with alot of tonal (not harmony tonal, emotion tonal) changes and swaps. I think I will listen to it in my free time, take that as a compliment please
  2. They just announced their second single called "down" for October
  3. Could anyone translate one of these from Disreign? I've tried using a dictionary online (and Google translate...) but Japanese is so weird!!!!!!!
  4. Fyrnia4Maya

    Do you know if Issei has chilled after DIMLIM? He seemed sorry in his departure of DIMLIM and apparently he is asking YouTube channels to remove their music instead of just striking down, I would like him to rethink his attitude
  5. Fyrnia4Maya

    Am I the only one that didn't like this single at all? I adore NAZARE but I can't click with any of the songs
  6. Fyrnia4Maya

    I really hope Kidoairaku goes online to listen to it... I'm still bitter about being forced to pay 50€ to listen to live releases...
  7. Fyrnia4Maya

    The reason why I asked this question is exactly to force myself to close the gap between male and female inside of me, to be more like the female vkei fans.
  8. Fyrnia4Maya

    That's an awful generalization
  9. I often see people referring to bands and music tendencies as "leaning towards male/female fanbases" and/or the amount of people in concerts and all that What are the differences in tastes between male and female vkei fans in the bands we listen?
  10. Fyrnia4Maya

    Thanks for the info. I wish I could have gone to their live and listened to it
  11. Fyrnia4Maya

    Does anyone know where to find a CD rip or their live single jingai coda online?
  12. Fyrnia4Maya

    I got into Vkei because of DISREIGN (please don't judge) and I admit that I wouldn't have listened to the music if the makeup of until the fade and the name of the band itself weren't that cool. Case in point, AWOKEN BY SILENCE is basically DISREIGN without the vkei aspect and I probably wouldn't have listened to the band itself because of the not-as-original name, so as someone who is just a extremely casual vkei fan, I say you are right at least about people like me
  13. Fyrnia4Maya

    THANK YOU, I have been looking for jingai coda so much, you always help me find music
  14. Fyrnia4Maya

    You can listen to ideal (new single) on youtube https://youtu.be/Vl4z4Yx2MRw
  15. Fyrnia4Maya

    How did you get to listen to it? Can you get the singles songs on the line app?
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