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  1. Fyrnia4Maya

    I hope you can picture my jaw piercing the floor from a seventh floor and falling out of control listening to Sho. He is INSANE in the previews
  2. Fyrnia4Maya

    Does anybody know if the album will be on iTunes Tuesday 00:00 exactly? In Japanese time at least. Also how much will it cost in all countries? Are all going to be equivalent to 2000/3000 yen?
  3. Fyrnia4Maya

    Okay, this is great. I will support DIMLIM for being this amazing and the first band I have ever followed since they were "born" (dimlim was born). Please show them support because this isn't bad at all!!!!!
  4. Fyrnia4Maya

    Wow I don't like this... I'm a big DISREIGN fan but I've never had such a bad impression of them before. I think it all crashed when Valentin left the band I hope they prove me wrong though
  5. Fyrnia4Maya

    When you have to spend a minimum of 30€ for a 2 song CD then it's hard not to
  6. Fyrnia4Maya

    They've done good in not giving us any teasers in my opinion, now everyone is curious as to what the album will be
  7. Fyrnia4Maya

    Everyone seems to be so shocked about the new album and direction I just want them to leave y all with your jaws on the floor when it comes out (in a good way)
  8. Fyrnia4Maya

    One thing I really like is how much our lists vary, speaks tons about how good and divisive deg is. Especially I see that dum Spiro spero is either one of your favorites or one of your most hated, that's really cool don't you think?
  9. Fyrnia4Maya

    Personally I was just thinking if someone I admire like Uta is 20 years old then I spent the same amount of life time as him in doing 1/100 less for people
  10. Fyrnia4Maya

    Thank you for your kind impressions. I think you read my thoughts making the song perfectly, so I assume you're a witch The intro was to be even longer, but I made it shorter. It also consumed most of my pcs ram because of the many effects used for the screaming The variations are 100% the intention I had, just variation for the sake of not being repetitive and I never really wondered what I was adding. The parts you say feel disjointed are actually the separate options I wanted to use as the main melody and drum beat for the song when I wanted to do a more hopeful melody. The idea changed but I was too lazy not to use it I only think about the build up because I really don't know how to do anything else in any of my proyects, so the song is basically many long build ups put together, I just don't know how to do anything else Im really happy you enjoy the ending, it's by far the best part of the song for me and the reason why I decided to make it as good as I could, just so I could live up to the ending. The song is not finished though and probably never will be because I'm lazy... What I'm trying to say is that you read my mind with the song, your mind is really great at this. Again thank you for your answer
  11. So I keep trying to figure out if I'm any good at this music making thing, so I make little electronic tracks. I would like to ask what you think about this one I just did https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/900499 Being as critical as possible, also I speak in Spanish so the description does too, thank you
  12. Fyrnia4Maya

    How old is Uta? He said he was 20 on Twitter but I don't know if he was serious
  13. Fyrnia4Maya

    Dont trust me on this too much but if what I got from Google translate is right, Issei said on Twitter that he will keep on making these kinds of songs because it's the brave thing to do https://mobile.twitter.com/nazare_issei/status/1197366155066802176
  14. Fyrnia4Maya

    I honestly think lie. saves the whole single. I don't like INNOCENCE but Lie. could be my favourite nazare song against maybe they don't know about us It's an amazing song, original and with a great atmosphere, also I believe its one of their heaviest songs, it's relentless and I hate the fact that the releases people here consider mediocre or too weird are my favorites, whereas I dislike all songs from IDEAL and the INNOCENCE song
  15. Fyrnia4Maya

    I would like to buy this CD but I don't know if I want to give money to Issei...
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