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  1. juuichi

    my grandmother wants me to go to university (keio of all places, lol). I'm 26, haven't studied since I dropped out of first year of uni, and don't know what I would even study. however I do see the benefits of having at least an undergraduate degree. needless to say I'm stressed.
  2. juuichi

    excited for the collaborations!
  3. juuichi

    ooo exciting thread😏 I regularly lurk tanuki and judge everyone
  4. juuichi

    anyone thinking of going to their live on 4/7? tickets are now on sale~
  5. album was sold out at tower records in Shibuya. mucc Is very lucky to have such dedicated fans
  6. juuichi

    oldest vk video or just filmed w a potato?
  7. juuichi

    best of Soundcloud rappers tbh
  8. juuichi

    unf yukke from mucc, only because of his slap bass. if anyone knows any other (vk) bassists who do slapping please let me know codomo dragon has some videos of men-men teaching bass in their songs. these have some slapping
  9. juuichi

    off or on-duty vkei? http://www.warp03.com is basically Tokyo-fashion atm, a mix of rock and street style. they carry a lot of non-japanese brands so you can probably find them in the us as well!
  10. juuichi

    thank yoU!
  11. juuichi

    the god and Death Stars it isn't a singles cover is beautiful
  12. juuichi

    possibly his terrible rapping? vocals definitely sound slurred. I've also noticed that Kyo has a slight lisp, don't know if its a recent development or if he's always had it
  13. juuichi

    same!! I can't listen to tiw without skipping a majority of the songs. personally, tiw sounds like their most calculated/chart-friendly album thus far. nothing wrong with that, but from dir en grey I always expect more, like that "skin crawling" effect their music usually has. was considering seeing their live in march, but decided against it because they'll probably mostly play songs from tiw.
  14. juuichi

    if vkei bandmen are going to baito then I have no excuse and should find a baito
  15. some of my favorites during middle school