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  1. juuichi

    not so much of a random thought but more so something i need to get off my chest ... walked past kyo a couple days ago.
  2. juuichi

    lol sure they do but sukekiyo has a dude on piano so I feel its more emphasized
  3. juuichi

    from INFINITUM, 2019/5/24 release (tada, mada, watashi is beautiful, but the only thing differentiating it from a deg song is the piano)
  4. juuichi

    I've been back into the vk scene for approx 6 months ... and I'm already bored :9 not enough (good) releases to keep me entertained!!!
  5. juuichi

    he has chuunibyou, like most "edgy" performers do nbd
  6. juuichi

    ~SHUWa SHUWA~ im obsessed
  7. juuichi

    haha my mother used to get id-ed until her late 40s
  8. juuichi

    one of my favorite mucc albums is their cover album lol. great listen start to finish but wine red will forever be close to my heart (the original is also great) ❤️
  9. juuichi

    I knew it ha!!! my post was originally going to say "I don't think its a coincidence that the Novembers 1000yrs sounds exactly like plastic trees ghost" but started doubting my ears now I'm definitely convinced that they were heavily influenced
  10. juuichi

    every time I listen to ^ all I hear is
  11. juuichi

    I support zheani edit: although I'm disgusted with how die antwoord treated this girl, I can't help but feel concerned for yolandi ... if watkins managed to manipulate her who's not to say that yolandi was and is still beeing manipulated by him to this day?
  12. juuichi

    not surprised when I went earlier this year I was the only customer, and there was hardly any cds (1/3 was probably dir en grey/sukekiyo lol) vs. 10+ yrs ago during vkei boom when the shops were packed with cds top to bottom
  13. juuichi

    my greatest regret is throwing out my vkei collection from 12+ yrs ago mucc cds, dvds, posters, etc. panic channel album, signed cheki, etc. vkei magazines et etc etc
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