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  1. Daddyroma

    Royz, Dir en grey and Mejibray (I only like the song Emily by them),
  2. *pretends to be shocked*
  3. Daddyroma

    Kizu, Dadaroma, Arlequin, Reign, Dimlim, Jiluka
  4. Daddyroma

    Yeah I view dimlim as a new band, I really like vanitas, thats my favorite song currently. I like xaa xaa but their best song to me will always be yuki tokei their other stuff is decent like I dont hate it.
  5. Daddyroma

    I like a few leetspeak monster songs, I think they have some cool music 😊
  6. Daddyroma

    I like Sena from Jiluka's solo in omelas and hellraiser, probably gonna come off as a dumbass but I am not an old vkei/jrock fan haha https://youtu.be/XLLPjf6tZe0 https://youtu.be/2YG9uu7Yhsk
  7. Daddyroma

    I have only heard one song by the Thirteen but I thought it was really good, dimlim, kizu, and grimoire are really good although i really only follow kizu because I like most of their music, where as the other 2 i only listen to a few songs. Another good new group to me is gozenreiji, they only have one song out but theyre pretty good
  8. Daddyroma

    Yeah I agree, I have only been a vkei fan for like a year so most the bands that pop up all sound the same or dont have any charisma. I really like kizu, dimlim, xaa xaa, razor, gozenreiji, grimoire but other then that I find myself uninterested
  9. Daddyroma

    I tried listening to 8P-SB but I am not used to harujuku sounding music asdggjkllldld I am used to mejibray so its so hard for me to get used to koichi and genkis new style
  10. Daddyroma

    I guess a newer band to me is a group the has only been out like 3 years or less. I agree dimlim and grimoire are definitely interesting. I only really like a few dimlim songs like vanitas and the silent song, I think sho has a very unique voice though and I hope to be able to get into them more soon.
  11. Daddyroma

    Grimoire is really cool i love their concepts! 😊 I agree, I have liked kizu's last 3 singles, I think they have a lot of potential! I haven't heard any of Asty's music but I will definitely check them out now.
  12. Daddyroma

    Yeah I understand, a lot of the times I find many groups that sound the EXACT same I don't mind if there are parts that sound the same but when the whole song sounds like another I find it untasteful. I verxina and Dimlim., I think both of their voices are cool 😀
  13. I have noticed a lot of people talk about how all the new vk groups sound the same or are copying older groups, but no one ever talks about the unique or more interesting sounding new vk groups. What are your fav new vk groups? And I mean new as in they have only been around a couple years or less lol 😜 My favorite newer group is probably kizu, I think their concepts are interesting and I find them over all intriguing
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