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  1. Happy b-day Ambivalent! ❤️

  2. ambivalentideal

    Just my most recent CDJapan package! Very pleased to finally own devils in bedside and Black rain. 9GOATS BLACK OUT - devils in bedside 9GOATS BLACK OUT - Black rain DIR EN GREY - ARCHE DEVILOOF - 鬼 MEJIBRAY - Emotional 【Karma】
  3. ambivalentideal

    I'm dying at "でもdemoなんです" lol...I wish this was a physical release and not a demo but ok. Hopefully after this they'll release something more typical. I'd probably buy it if it were a regular release. 😕
  4. ambivalentideal

    Latest pickups from my job at a used book/music/movie shop! Got all of this for $12.46 because as employees we get a 50% discount, and our company gives us free gift card money every quarter so I only had to pay for a couple of them. :'D Also the extreme rarity of even getting these items is worth noting. I still can't believe it! We buy stuff that people bring in and apparently this person used to love VK! Well, they have gone to a good home haha. Moi Dix Mois - Dix Infernal 1st Press Ltd Edition Schwarz Stein - New Vogue Children Dir en Grey: Macabre Regular Edition Six Ugly Ltd Edition Kisou Regular Edition Vulgar Ltd Edition Withering to death. Ltd Edition Kimon 列島激震行脚 Final 2003 5 Ugly Kingdom Tour05 It Withers And Withers Ltd Edition Tour04 The Code Of Vulgar[ism] Ltd Edition DIMLIM T-Shirt Just something else I ordered recently with a shopping service! Love this shirt. It's big and comfy.
  5. ambivalentideal

    I'm fucking crying. I almost spat out my tea. Nothing tops the Dir en Grey trash can tho lbr
  6. ambivalentideal

    There's something about the cover of Vulgar that just so perfectly represents what the album is like. It's a very simple cover that still manages to give off such a sinister and evil feeling. Less really is more in this case. My favorite part is the fleshy, purple parts at the top. It's disturbing because you don't quite know what you're looking at - is it gloves? the arms of some twisted creature? both? - to where it adds to the feeling of unease. Setting it against the pure black of the background gives it an even more intense feeling of dread and I absolutely love it.
  7. ambivalentideal

    sjslsfjsfj cute, I'm dying at him being like what is 9 yagi???? not getting that we were talking about 9goats black out
  8. ambivalentideal

    I'm not really sure what they think they're doing in drifting away from VK. I understand that costumes and makeup stylists cost a lot of money but I feel like by not doing it they could lose that bangya revenue and that's crucial. I mean they are probably in a bit of a pinch right now and they're trying to save money where they can. But also, on Retsu's insta story he replied to a question asking why he's growing out his beard with something like "to show the real me" and that's a bit worrying to me. Idk, ultimately I want them to survive. I'm going to be trying to throw as much money at them as I possibly can from here on.
  9. do y'all actually like anything or is that uncool now or something

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    2. spockitty


      yeah that's quite an unusual consensus that they be good

      wonder how long it will last

    3. Paraph
    4. ambivalentideal


      @psychonnect_rozen lmaoaoa nothing happened i was just complaining about everyone complaining all the time don't mind me

  10. I'm not really sure what to make of this band. All three of their PVs so far sound totally different. ._. I keep listening to the three songs trying to make sense of it and I'm still not too sure what to expect from this band, which I'm not sure is a good thing or not. I liked their first PV quite a bit, although it definitely needs some work here and there it showed they have a lot of potential, and I like the vocalist! It has touches of art-kei in there almost, with a majority visual-kei esque sound (?) which is a mix that sounds pretty cool. I was assuming that was going to be their overall sound as a band, but now idk. Their second PV is like...really generic sounding imo and a bit of a disappointment. That third one is weird because it has that brass band trope happening but also a bit of their sound that was present in the first PV so it comes out as a bit of an interesting mix but I don't hate it at all! I think they have a lot of potential for sure, but they may benefit by regrouping and trying to pin down their goals musically a bit more. I love how awkward their guitarist looks tho, he looks like he doesn't want to be there lol. And the vocalist trying so hard to be sexy I cry. I'm gonna keep an eye out for them for sure tho. :')
  11. ambivalentideal

    Right? I used to love aicle so much ;-; their songs are extremely nostalgic for me now. They were honestly underrated imo. I've only listened to Yeti a little bit, but from what I've heard I like it :') The recent song clip they uploaded sounds great! I agree, I'm glad to see he's still doing music and it sounds like he's improved a lot too. Agreed, I love his voice! True, yeah. I started buying VK CDs in 2008 I think, but I was still pretty young so there was only so much I could get. Now I just have to hold myself back from spending too much :'D Oh that's awesome! What bands were you able to see? I was also lucky enough to live in a state with a lot of cons that were bringing some pretty good bands back during that boom of bringing VK bands to cons haha. Yeah, they lost their rhythm guitarist Ryuuya and bassist Taishi. Neither were core songwriters in the band (Taishi wrote 1 song and Ryuuya none afaik) so I'm not too worried about it affecting their sound. Although I'm not sure what they're going to do at their one-man coming up in a few days. I'm guessing they will have some support members playing with them. I'm hoping they'll be able to bring in some great new members soon.
  12. ambivalentideal

    It's ok! Nice choices, I can't help but notice aicle in there! I used to be a huge fan of aicle back in their heyday haha. Necronomicon is still such a bop~ Oh okay wow, that's really impressive. I started out in late 2006 but didn't get into it like crazy until summer 2007. I think I peaked in VK interest in about 2009 and it was still my main interest until about 2011, but after that I kind of waxed and waned for a bit. But honestly same, it's something that has stuck with me throughout the years regardless! Nice! Check out their album CHEDOARA if you haven't, it's incredible.
  13. ambivalentideal

    Hey, welcome! Nice to meet you~ What are some of your favorite bands? Have you been into VK that whole time or did you have some out of the loop periods? Idk how familiar you are with more recent bands, but if you haven't checked them out yet definitely listen to DIMLIM. They made me remember how much I love VK when I got back into it not that long ago. Hope you enjoy your time here on MH!
  14. ambivalentideal

    Oh boy I have SO much to say about this...I'll try to run down my thoughts while watching the PV: -not digging the intro/build up to the chorus, the songwriting seems decent enough but the production feels so? chunky? it's hard to discern anything idk how to describe it -their look is really cool, I like it a lot, but I can't help but hate on the "they have a girl captive" trope, it's so tired -once the chorus hit, I actually really started to like the song. It's a great chorus! -as always, I love Sui's voice :') I'm biased tho, I used to LOVE Megaromania -why is she stripping him -OHHHH RIGHT, I forgot the entire theme of this band is vampires, hence "(Dra)cula." Honestly, I have to give it to them. This is an aesthetic level of vampire-kei I personally haven't seen before lol (idk if this style has been done before or not) but usually vampire-kei is like, Versailles ~roses~ level so this is kind of cool -this is actually pretty legit, the PV seems professional and the editing seems good -lmao nevermind, take a look at those bootleg wings(?) -anyway I would have been obsessed with this in 2009 that's for sure, so it has my stamp of approval. SUI queen slay etc.
  15. I'm so here for this, lol. I really like the otoge-style art they've commissioned, seems like something they spent some money on :'D Honestly I wouldn't even be mad if they didn't even show their faces lmao although I'm sure they will eventually
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