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  1. :tw_pensive: Someday I'll get my hands on Renny Amy's the Puberty shit

  2. I think its still hard to gauge but I'm really excited. I missed BukBuk alot. That said, i'd still encourage something different too. Also excited to see Omochi in something too lmao I'm biased though since I've drawn him.
  3. tenor.gif?itemid=5637398
    My reaction when I noticed Kisaki staring at me.

  4. unknown.png
    Still like this doodle I did of me. Lmao

  5. Befafes

    yellow fried chickenz Gouhou Loli☆Punk Dreaming Disco DragonWAPPPPPPER Justy-nasty nuts gang sons of all pussy's that's all I can think off besides the few that have been mentioned here. NonVkei/Jrock but Pornogrind/Goregrind/Grindcore band names are pretty wild. My favorites include: Spermswamp and Meatshits.
  6. Befafes

    Really love Jonathan Bree's work and have for awhile now.
  7. Befafes

  8. Befafes

    Welcome to MH! You have a pretty nice spread of bands! If you'd ever like band recommendations I'm happy to give some! I stick to the heavier bands, but my tastes for vkei is kind of all over the place.
  9. I wish someone would pop up selling 6 Ryo cheki from My Bacteria Heat island. Lmao its all I ask. It's wild he left the scene to become a Pub-g twitch streamer. 

    1. Aferni


      Pub g? Rip MBHI

    2. Befafes


      @Aferni Yeah lol He does Youtube + Twitch. Sometimes he posts a cover but not often. 

    3. Aferni


      The last cover I saw that he did was Osen Kuiki 

  10. I really wish they'd drop something brutal. Its kind of a shame that they make mostly ballads. They're nice but a lot of them sound the same.
  11. Befafes

    IM SO GLAD IM ABLE TO PUT A FACE TO YOUR ART??? I've seen the Takashi x Tomo piece floating around and I've always wondered who that was. God I love your art so much. I sent a follow on Deviantart!! Also I'd be interested in the link to the game too. It looks really cool.
  12. Befafes

    Update: Just received the package! Everything was well packed and secured down.
  13. Befafes

    Newest piece !!
  14. Befafes

    GOD YES THANK YOU. eyes are LITERALLY my favorite thing to draw. Muscles too. Theres something so calming about drawing eyes. Hair and noses too are probably my second and third favorite things to draw.!! Thank you so much for enjoying my work.
  15. Befafes

    yeah! https://twitter.com/milk_in_dope and one of their friends were the original creators. I'll try to do more than 8 pieces this year LOL
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