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  1. Enki

    All songs are great but butchered in the production
  2. "AKASAKA FUCK YOU" I guess the dvd was okay but its def the worst live dvd I own currently lol, they didn't play my favourite song and their version of "Ride with the rockers" was painfully long.
  3. Enki

    This is how the beginning of an end always starts
  4. Enki

    Disband incoming
  5. These songs seem like they would be killer live
  6. Enki

    That clip is amazing
  7. The return of Adidas-kei
  8. Enki

    Could be akane, he atleast matches the delusional part no hate lol
  9. Enki

    At first I was okay with TIW but now I really hate it and never listen to it anymore, cutting songs down to 3 minutes in length and simplifying them isn't really Dir en grey to me. Arche was amazing
  10. - Kyo becomes an opera singer - Yumeleep goes br00tal-kei - Nazare has a release that isn't live limited
  11. Awful production compared to 1st single, what happened lol
  12. Enki

    Dobe Dierry Call Missa OGYAA MEME Stating some that are brand new and haven't been mentioned but are definitely worth it
  13. Enki

    I hope Hajime continues, this sucks.
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