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  1. Enki

    Metallica and dir en grey both played at rock am ring 2006, source is toshiyas recent interview
  2. Enki

  3. Enki

    I like mios cleans on the actual recordings but theyre really awful on the live footage that came with the m-card
  4. This became my favourite song of theirs on first listen
  5. That violin part was awesome
  6. Enki

  7. That name triggers me
  8. Enki

    According to their website theyre all japanese except domi who is polish
  9. Track 3 is the first kizu song I dont like, goes for both types
  10. Weird seeing hiro laughing in a suit after what happened
  11. Enki

    Last year was also supposed to have a tour, lets hope it happens
  12. Not what I thought it'd be like but I love it
  13. Enki

    The video looked so much better in the teaser, ruined it with all the filters
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