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  1. These samples filled me with euphoria
  2. Enki

    Everyone seemed to hate most of the bands i like and started stanning them later
  3. He was the drummer in killaneth ^^
  4. I thought this band would suck but turns out this song is among my favourite releases of 2019 so far
  5. Why is saku not playing the drums now
  6. Enki

    Normally im not a fan of engrish but it really works in Greedの庭
  7. Enki

    CDJapan has not disappointed me yet
  8. Enki

    Raison d’être might be my favourite song now
  9. Enki

    The new mini-album is great
  10. Enki

    Aggy is the one who writes breakin' holiday's awful lyrics just saying lol
  11. MEDIATOR (INFP-T) And 94% turbulent
  12. Enki

    Im creeped out by the koichi clone, but koichi died with mejibray so im fine with this reincarnation lmao
  13. Enki

    He must've mistakened Sho for Kyo
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