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  1. Enki

    ALICE IN MENSWEAR dishes are scheming
  2. Enki

    I really want this band to last
  3. Enki

    Good song but the harsh vocals could be better
  4. Enki

    Victim is fucking amazing
  5. I like their use of the vocal backing track, unlike many other bands it actually improves the performance
  6. Enki

    Jins vocals are always a hit or miss for me
  7. Actually a good song will definitely keep an eye out for this
  8. Previous release had me hooked but these songs are REALLY boring and killed my interest
  9. Enki

    - Akane returns with new band - Yuuki returns with new band - Deviloof cancels europe tour - Next kizu release is a full album possibly featuring previous live only tracks - Seiya (ex Deviloof) will release solo music
  10. Enki

    Vkei band names are evolving to the likes of xavlegbmaofffassssitimiwoamndutroabcwapwaeiippohfffx soon
  11. I really prefer the first 2 songs over these 2
  12. Enki

    2019 will bless us with more of these amazing band names
  13. Enki

    Thats how he says it when he introduces himself 🤔
  14. Enki

    Ah such a long wait how cruel
  15. The live dvd is amazing, the limited edition 3rd oneman digest has 1 of the 2 videos posted on youtube but not the other one for some reason, perhaps future limited edition release 😐