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  1. That violin part was awesome
  2. Enki

  3. Enki

    That name triggers me
  4. Enki

    According to their website theyre all japanese except domi who is polish
  5. Track 3 is the first kizu song I dont like, goes for both types
  6. Weird seeing hiro laughing in a suit after what happened
  7. Enki

    Last year was also supposed to have a tour, lets hope it happens
  8. Not what I thought it'd be like but I love it
  9. Enki

    The video looked so much better in the teaser, ruined it with all the filters
  10. Enki

    He was, he also does cleans in the songs return of the curse and destination.
  11. These samples filled me with euphoria
  12. Enki

    Everyone seemed to hate most of the bands i like and started stanning them later
  13. He was the drummer in killaneth ^^
  14. I thought this band would suck but turns out this song is among my favourite releases of 2019 so far
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