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  1. Enki

    Gonna miss them
  2. Enki

    That song is so fucking amazing
  3. Enki

    We need those
  4. Enki

    Can someone translate the whole thing
  5. Enki

    They were good
  6. Enki

    Rather that than those wild party stories tbh
  7. Enki

    Seeing dimlim fall is sad
  8. Enki

    Rijin is one of my favourite releases ever but this killed my vibe, I think retsu is a lost cause and sho should leave for better projects
  9. Enki

    They stole this idea from r-shitei visual is dead
  10. Enki

    Is this a fever dream
  11. Enki

    Was worried this project was over
  12. Setlist would be appreciated
  13. I need schwein no isu they played it during the japanese leg
  14. Audio mix of the live footage sounds really flat
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