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    Region locked
  2. Enki

  3. Enki

    Vo. Ryu ex MoNoLith Gt. Amane ex IGGY(lyuca) Gt. Minato ex HOLYCLOCK(takuya) Ba. Tetsuya ex XENON Dr. Lana ex A&D(KENZy)
  4. Enki

    Mentioning some newer ones D.I.D - Paranoid Personality キズ - 蛙-Kawazu- 悪者 - はじまりはじまり。 NAZARE - INNOCENCE ヴィルシーナ - サヨナラ
  5. Wait the back tattoo is actually real? Lmao
  6. Im shocked kaoru didnt pull sustain the untruth
  7. Theyre ok but i cant believe theyve been teasing this shit music video for 3 months lmao
  8. How did you get your copy so fast?
  9. Enki

    Thats just gross
  10. Enki

    This is the one on the back of the album
  11. Was expecting a full live dvd from the tour final
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