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  1. Joel

    Hello everyone I'm currently interested in the following items Anything Vice†risk Anything DIMLIM pre-MISC. Anything NAZARE Anything The Piass La'miss†fairy - Virgin VII-Sense ‎– Silent Assassin Not VK and also super rare but if anyone happens to own "Assert, Everything Will Be Nothing" by Tomato Steal, please contact me. If anyone is willing to part ways with any of these items please notify me! I'll always be willing to purchase as long as its in my price range
  2. Joel

    I didn't see the tweet until now but holy shit am I excited for this single, the second track goes even harder than purge
  3. Woah, didn't expect someone I know from the lolicore/noise/grind/whatever the fuck communities to show up on a website like this. Thanks for buying my cassette btw

  4. Joel

    Wish I could hear hunger re-recorded, but I guess I shouldn't complain with the 33 total tracks 😅
  5. Wtf are they doing? I liked Gerbera and Another Universe sounds good but its hard for me to recognize them as a real band. Right now it just seems like a studio only duo project with Hiroto seemingly being uninvolved at this point. But oh well, if they keep putting out good music then all my confusion is set aside. Just wish I knew what they are trying to go for
  6. Joel

    Here's all the art that connect so far I'm not 100% sure if 人と傲慢 and「想う」故に暴力 connect to them yet, I tried it and some parts do connect but certain areas looked too odd I'm very curious on seeing how the full thing will turn out
  7. Definitely am going to get this, I hope it lives up to the price.
  8. Joel

    I don't know who programmed the drums on Oni but damn they are a mess. I feel like there was no attempt at making them sound remotely real, nearly killed the vibe of the album for me.
  9. I seriously did not expect Uta to sound like that
  10. Does anyone know where to get the two latest Doku singles? They aren't listed on the website for me

    1. Joel


      Nevermind they just added them 🙃

  11. Joel

  12. Joel

    He definitely sounds egotistical but I don't understand why they didn't just translate it from Japanese to English? He is obviously reading from a script that he didn't write and sounds like he started learning English when he realized how his band could appeal to a western audience. I understand that they're trying to appeal to western fans but surely someone thought "maybe its better to properly translate this"?
  13. I wonder if the album will be as generic as the cover art
  14. Joel

    if I read this correctly Inori is taking time off due to family circumstances
  15. Here is the video fully loaded https://video.twimg.com/ext_tw_video/1221811503189282816/pu/vid/1280x720/SMycsfuVL6exxFxA.mp4?tag=10
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