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  1. Joel

    The CD is pretty good! I'll definitely keep an eye out for them
  2. Joel

    Wow its like good cop bad cop
  3. Joel

    I do agree with you, however, how would a cease and desist work in this scenario? Wouldn't someone automatically relinquish the rights to the music if they leave the band and gets replaced?
  4. Joel

    done 👍
  5. Joel

    I'd suck the dude on the right off, no homo
  6. The drumming on the song isn't even that bad. It's just that one fast section which isn't horrible but I've been hearing that same drum pattern since Dum Spiro Spero. How the hell did he even get through the extreme tracks on DSS without becoming a robot that can only play a few simplified drum patterns? You would think he would have learned how to maneuver in sections like that by now but I guess not.
  7. Joel

    It all sounds the same to me its just as shallow as American pop music, I don't see a difference so I will never understand why K-Pop is as popular as it is. It has to have one of the worst fandom's I've ever seen though, I've never seen a music genre with a community as bad as K-Pop's. The only thing I can compare it to are video games like Undertale and FNAF (albeit Undertale was a decent game). K-Pop song: 음경 16 year old white girls: omg this is so deep i relate 2 this....
  8. Joel

    Hes probably months away from ruining his voice if he keeps doing it consistently, he sounds pretty rough from what I've heard. This man needs a vocal coach, I don't want him to lose those beautiful sounds of pigs dying.
  9. Honestly it just sounds like a bunch of the Insulated World tracks mixed together, its not too appealing but if the track is gonna be 10 minutes I cant really judge from 2 minutes of listening. I just hope they don't keep trying to get the Vinushka or Macabre feel again, Zetsuentai was the worse track on the album lol
  10. Joel

    Cant wait for VAGNA
  11. Joel

    Its the curse of Visual Kei 💀
  12. Joel

    Yep, cant believe its 2019 and people are still ripping music under 320kbps
  13. Joel

    I really thought Vanitas -White- and Aizounitsuki -Black- were gonna be fully fleshed out acoustic remakes, that was kind of a bummer.
  14. Joel

    I think I would have enjoyed the album more if I didn't hear the entire first fucking half of the album months before release, the weird ass interludes don't help either. The entire album doesn't seem fresh and feels a bit recycled like they were trying to look desperately for material, in that case, I wish they would remake Nightmare, they remade Ruin and Aishite Kudasai so why not Nightmare? I also wish to GOD that they used a real drum kit when recording the album, it sounds like ass. The instrumentals in general are so bland and uninspired that its the main downfall of the album. One redeeming quality about that album is that I can finally hear the bass now lmfao The album is definitely a bummer but not dreadful, its for sure their worst release so far though.
  15. Joel

    Interesting to say the least, I think the vocals could be somewhat improved though
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