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  1. Joel

    The second track's riff on the second single sounds way too similar to the riff in ARCHEMI's 崇拝
  2. Joel

    Mine is on the 31st so I'm hoping for a good early birthday gift as well
  3. Joel

    I'm scared
  4. Joel

    I only expected them to do one because they teased a music video and they did a teaser for their last EP. I am not impatient though as the album is only 2-3 weeks away, I just don't like being blueballed especially with only a 1 second clip
  5. Joel

    Better late than never
  6. Joel

    Lol the album is supposed to be out this month and all we have heard was a 1 second sample, there's no way that they haven't finished recording the album yet. I assume they're far behind on the release date and they would rather focus on finishing the album rather than make a lyric video or a music video or something.
  7. Joel

    Its pretty good for a first song, I absolutely hate the synthesizers though 😑
  8. Joel

    I'd purchase it in a heartbeat, you don't see VK bands do vinyl pressings very often
  9. The way the orchestra blends in with the song all the way through is just amazing, especially during the breakdown.
  10. Joel

    For demos these tracks are pretty good, I'll be looking forward to them!

    1. sleepy coffee

      sleepy coffee

      They're excellent 

    2. platy


      Quality vk 👌🏼

    3. Jigsaw9


      I was feeling the same a few months ago too, heh. :D Surprisingly fun/decent band!

  12. I've been subscribed to Nero for a while and I'm glad he's in a band now but the guy only does Dir En Grey covers which is kind of worrying. I hope he's not a Kyo clone when it comes to performing original material.
  13. Joel

    I think they just don't know what to do. Ever since they realized that they were in this position they probably started to rely on Retsu to pull all the strings more than usual and he probably is just as lost as them in this situation. All of the decisions they're making are so sporadic, like when they dropped their visuals it just seemed like some sort of desperate last effort attempt at trying to appeal towards western fans or something. All they have to do is focus on getting new members and then take some time with the album. It's a slow yet sure and unfortunate decline that I don't see them recovering from.
  14. Joel

    Damn they really shouldn't have promised an album in this situation, all I can see happening is the album constantly being delayed. I feel like Retsu sees the band more as a business.
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