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  1. Joel

    I feel like the vocalist is trying too hard, its all over the place (which sometimes can be a good thing) but in this case its just sloppy in my opinion. Definitely not gonna put them aside though, they have potential.
  2. Joel

    I've always been told the song is about abortion and after looking at the lyrics I could see why people say that, especially after watching the music video. Looking back on it now the only lines that stuck out to me in terms of talking about abortion are "The arguing and the intimacy of the assembled" "Starving for euthanasia" and "What is so pure about pushing them around?". Other than that, after seeing @nekkichi's post I have realized that I am most likely wrong.
  3. Joel

    I believe "Different Sense" is another one about abortion
  4. Joel

    I just got into Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas recently as well and I never thought I would like an electronicore band so much. To give you an answer though, could the band be "We Butter the Bread with Butter"?
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