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    I'm not familiar with too many of those, but I listened to some of them and I really like a crowd of rebelion's stuff now after listening to a few songs. NoisyCell are also real cool. Interlock - Skinless Patrick Doyle - Foreign Visitors Arrive Akira Yamaoka - Breeze すずきP - 流浪の民 Two Steps From Hell - Carmageddon Carnage OutKast - Last Call Paul Clark - Little Money Avenue Fujifabric - ポラリス ラッコ - 溝鼠讃歌 Jacob Shea & Jasha Klebe - Snow Leopards 水谷広実 - ぼーっとハーモニカ Really depends on my mood at the time, but Snow Leopards probably give me the best time out of those, although the LACK-CO. song is the easiest one to listen to casually/frequently, and is one of my favorite songs by them.
  2. They are available on CIVARIZE overseas store (Rhydeal) Here's a link
  3. I would really appreciate that actually. I would have loved for it to be recorded, especially if they played zouka.
  4. All 9 of the other new songs are on YouTube now. The others are all really good imo, there's even a serious ballad like some people were asking for earlier. The other title track ( 粉砕するぞ!) is amazing and couldn't possibly be further in style from the other one.
  5. ZERO -零-

    Does this discord still exist or was it too niche? The link has expired.
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