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    I think I can relate to you here. I'm pretty blunt and assertive to pretty much everyone. Not harsh, just... forthright. Not everyone likes that, but as you said, you can't beat around the bush in these situations. It makes me sad how passive a lot of other people are because I always worry that they're not going to be able to stand up for themselves when they really need to. What makes me even sadder is that I learnt the hard way that I can't do it for them, or else they'll just end up depending on me and regressing even further into this state of being someone else's person. I just wonder where it all came from, and why some people are more resilient than others. Honestly, I should probably be dead by now given all the shite that's been flung my way, but for some reason I'm not and I guess that's why I felt that I had to stick up for everyone until I realised I couldn't. Everyone else thought I could, so I thought I should. I wonder if not being able to deal with that makes me stronger or weaker? Sorry, think I went on a bit of a tangent there. 😕
  2. Gesu

    So how come you started this topic? I don't mean that in an insulting way, I'm just curious.
  3. Gesu

    I know when most people are in the shower, they have really deep, philosophical thoughts but all I could think of when I was in the shower earlier was how much I love the word "gripe".
  4. Gesu

    I was gonna say this but I wasn't sure how unpopular it'd be here. They just look like negative space unibrows.
  5. This statement reminds me of something a friend told me not so long ago. He said that the reason technology seems to advance so gradually instead of all at once is because no-one thinks we're ready for such quick advancements, but I'm not entirely sure that's true. There have actually been cases of people being assassinated for their inventions because they thought the public "weren't ready for them". I don't know if storming Area 51 is a good idea or not (by which I mean it's almost definitely not), but I've never liked that "we don't deserve to know because we're not capable of understanding it" mentality. We probably are, considering there are people capable of understanding what might be hidden from us to the point where they may have hyped it up so much that they might be somewhat disappointed if they ever actually saw it. Of course there are some things that should never be invented/released to the public (e.g. time travel), but this is different. This isn't going to mess with the space-time continuum and sure, it'll take some adapting to, but I don't believe in hiding things to deliberately hinder our knowledge/opportunities just because they don't think we're ready. Now, don't misunderstand me. I'm not in support of people trespassing on property owned privately by the government. I just think that if they are hiding something this significant, there should be better reasons to hide it.
  6. Gesu

    D'you know what, that's a dang good point. Why is no-one talking about the unpopular things they do like? For example, squid tentacles are some of the most delicious things you could ever hope to eat on planet Earth and whoever complains they're "too chewy" (which is near enough everyone I've told this to) just hasn't had a well-cooked squid. They have the most perfect bite to them!
  7. Gesu

    Alcohol is gross. It tastes like gasoline at best and piss at worst and the idea of getting drunk is one of the least appealing things in the world to me. The most positive thing I've heard about the taste of it is that it's an "acquired taste", which is another way of saying "you get used to it", which is another way of saying "it sucks but shut up and deal so you fit in". There are two ways to hold hands: interlocking fingers and the other way that's basically just wrapping your hands around each other's. The first way is uncomfortable and it hurts your fingers if you squeeze too tightly and I don't get why everyone does it that way and not the other way. Guacamole is disgusting. It's my least favourite food and makes me feel like I'm about to vomit each time I eat it (which is never, since I already tried it once).
  8. Gesu

    Seconded ❤️ I already posted these in the sexiest VK outfits thread, but I really love these two (Hitomi and Lay). I also really like the adorable hat Chisa wore in the Taste Of Life PV... and this hat Yuuki wore. don'tlookatthethighsdon'tlookatthethighsdon'tlookatthethighsjustthinkofthebiblegesu
  9. Just went to a jazz gig and had a great time. I had to leave about halfway through cuz it's kinda late and I've got shite to do tomorrow, but it was nice. :)

    1. monkeybanana4


      Nice! I love hearing jazz music live. Feels super relaxing and smooth. Hopefully, you can stay longer next time ^^

  10. Gesu

    The placement of those two buttons at the bottom tho
  11. Ayyyyy, thanks for the follow! :D

    1. -Tetsu-


      thanks for following me first haha

  12. Gesu

    A lot of Lycaon's songs, but Eros sticks out (no pun intended), especially with that video... hot damn. Also, Barairo No Jigoku by Moran if you're looking for something on the more romantic/sultry side as opposed to the raw lust a lot of other sex songs exude. Same goes for a lot of Sugar's songs, actually (particularly Biyaku… not sure what the lyrics are but the title translates to "aphrodisiac" and that song sounds cool as all hell). Even Versailles had a sex song or two. I remember they had a song called Libido.
  13. He deleted his entire Twitter? Why not just the tweets? Odd...
  14. Gesu

    I bought a new top on my last day of college (so, July 5th). I hadn't bought any new clothes in aaaages because I rarely treat myself to stuff like that, but I was with a friend and he told me I should go for it. Besides, I deserve it for getting through my boring-as-fuck media class my first year of A-levels, righ? I hope I do. Depends on how well I did. 😕 https://www.rockcollection.co.uk/spiral-crow-moon-lace-layered-cap-sleeve-top
  15. Gesu

    I have never understood the appeal to those boxy, loose-ish trousers a lot of girls wear that stop just above the ankle. Idk if they have a proper name, but I just never really liked them.
  16. Ayyyyy, thanks for the follow~! :D

  17. I am so fucking glad you made this topic. And people wonder why I get defensive over people (often celebrities) in these kinds of situations... I don't have time to watch the second vid you posted because it's 4am (lol whoops) but I watched the first one and it pretty much summed it up. Thank you.
  18. Gesu

    I've always been the creative type but I have 3742384624362842342 ideas and I can never decide which one I want to pursue. There are one or two that really stick out to me, but I can never decide where I want to take them. It's like not being able to put the pieces of a jigsaw together. I put a few together, then I realise I was wrong and take them out and try some new pieces, but even that doesn't work and I have no idea what I'm doing. I've found that my best ideas tend to come from mixing two or three old ones together, but even if the concept is nice, I just can't finish it or decide how it should end. I get a beginning and a middle, but no end. I feel so burnt out.
  19. Gesu

    Carrot cake is grody. I like carrots, I like cake, but fuck me if I'll ever eat a carrot cake. It's like putting fruit in chocolate bars. I like fruit and I like chocolate but please, just let me eat unhealthily for a bit.
  20. Gesu

    What's with all this hate towards people (like me) with weak chins? In fact, here's an unpopular opinion: people with weak chins can be beautiful. T_T
  21. Gesu

    Not bad. The singer's voice is very cute, but I feel like there's something about it he could improve. Idk if it's just me, but maybe he sounds a bit forced when he tries to hit a very high note? Either way, this wasn't bad.
  22. Gesu

    Is this one even unpopular anymore?
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