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  1. Have you ever wanted to do something different with your appearance but you're not quite sure how people will react? I get this strange kind of nervousness about changing my appearance, even if it's nothing too drastic (could just be doing sth different with my hair, or wearing a hat).

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    2. plastic_rainbow


      even just starting to wear jewelry and nail polish had me nervous/conscious lol, simply cuz i had a very mundane appearance with no makeup. biggest change appearance i made was cutting my hair short back in high school tho lol. my parents and family bugged me about it for years but now they don't care. 


      i definitely wanna dye my hair someday, at least once~

    3. IGM_Oficial


      Getting a "MAGA" hat

    4. God


      oof, i feel this.  i want to start dressing how i used to?  but tbh i think at this point my friends might all be like “um wtf😭

  2. Gesu

    People always assume I listen to K-pop the moment they see me. Fun fact: I've never listened to a K-pop song the entire way through besides Gangnam Style and Gentleman by PSY (and that's only because they were pretty much inescapable when they first came out). Not that I have owt against it, I just haven't really listened to it, that's all. I remember showing a VK guy to this guy in my class last year at college and he didn't really think much of him until he put two and two together and realised he was a guy, not a girl. Oh, lordy, I'll never forget the way his face contorted in utter horror and confusion.
  3. ❤️💛💗💜💙 They haven't disappointed me yet and I doubt they ever will
  4. Gesu

    I wouldn't call myself a diehard vocaloid fan, but I do like a fair few songs and this is one of them. Also, that art is gorge. Wish I could draw like that.
  5. Happy birthday, dude! 🎉

    1. chipathy


      Thank u!

  6. Gesu

    I used to be friends with a fellow VK fan and I was gonna go see KAMIJO with her in September last year but we had a huge falling-out and because of that I didn't get to go and I'm still salty about it 🙃
  7. Gesu

    I know, I said a lot do. Not all do, but a lot do.
  8. Gesu

    I don't really mind all the BL fanservice. I don't think it's taking the piss out of homosexuality so much as it is giving the fans a bit of eye candy. Let's be real here, a lot of straight girls (and gay guys for that matter) want to see a couple of hot guys kissing. That's not an opinion, that's just a fact. There's nothing wrong with that at all IMO... of course, there are people who take it to unhealthy extremes, but those people are just nuts and the more "innocent" (for lack of a better word) people who just want to see people kiss and be done with it can't speak for the actions of those who think everyone should do things like that or else they're not as adequate. Guys like seeing girls kiss, girls like seeing guys kiss. Everything is poisonous; it just depends on the dose. That's just the way things is.
  9. Whoever hacked my email can go fuck themselves -_-

    1. YuyoDrift


      Throwaway email at least o wat?

  10. Gesu

    Not so much MH, but the VK fandom in general: One guy in VK: *does a bad thing* Fandom: All of VK is terrible! Oh, well, I still like it. Make up your goddamn mind. 🙄
  11. Gesu

    Welcome to MH! Hope you have fun here~
  12. Gesu

    Horror kei, eh? That's really interesting, and the dark web sure is an intriguing concept. I'm looking forward to seeing/hearing more.
  13. Gesu

    Well, that was better, wasn't it? I actually liked that a lot. Still, it does suffer with sliiiightly the same issue as the first song. Whether that's because I've already associated them with disjointedness and can't unhear it or it really is disjointed, I can't say, but either way, it's a lot more cohesive than the first. I still can't quite shake the feeling that you could probably pull an actually pretty decent mini-album out of one song and be done with it, but they seem to have improved with this one so my hopes are quite high.
  14. Gesu

    My friend, looking at houses: That one looks quite nice. Me, slouching in a spinny chair: If that house was a guy, it'd be so hot.
  15. I'm honestly so happy right now. This place opened in my city a few months back and it's basically just dedicated to allowing people to break shit. You book an appointment with them and they let you into a room filled with furniture, TVs, etc and you just go apeshite on it with a soundtrack of your choice in the background. I told someone about all the resentment I've been feeling lately and he told me I might find it cathartic, so I emailed them and provided they're available, I should be there on Wednesday. Might be a nice opportunity to meet some other bitter people like me. Oh, and they recycle all the smithereens! I'll let you all know how it goes.

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    2. reminiscing2004


      amazing lmao


    3. plastic_rainbow


      came across such places when i needed to break things but unfortunately there aren't any where i live..... :(  i was tempted to just buy my own things to break but didn't want to clean up the mess so i refrained myself lmao

    4. platy


      That's sounds great, I hope I can find some near where I live

  16. Gesu

    Brexit's a weird issue for me (as it is for everyone, I guess). I wasn't old enough to vote when it was all happening, but if I was, I woulda voted to remain, only... well, we voted to leave, so why don't we just leave already? Dgmw, that's not particularly what I want for the UK, but it's what we voted for and this "best of three" mentality is just childish. We live in a democracy, so we should value people's votes instead of having them overturned just because some people suddenly decided they didn't like it. I don't like it either, but if they were qualified to vote and didn't, that's their fault.
  17. Gesu

    Detachable tail fishing will become the new P-Balloon
  18. Gesu

    I'm really resentful all the time. I can control it really well but it's always there. It doesn't actually affect me in any way other than it's just... there. I'm assertive, I can stand up for myself, I say what I believe in, I'm always honest and I'm never out to hurt anyone, and I don't think most people can even tell I have these resentments, but they're always there and their presence is just so internally dominant. I wish I could say everything I want to say to everyone who hurt me, but I'll never see them again and it's for the best if I don't. I can't forgive them because forgiveness is an emotion, not an action, and it has to be felt before it's dealt, and I know that if I ever said I forgave those people, I'd just be lying to myself and letting them back into my life only so they could betray my trust again. If not them, I'd be letting others do it in the future and not learning from the past. If I forgive people all the time, they just depend on me and get me down. If I don't and just never speak to them ever again, this happens. I'm holding at least four grudges, and I've had to stop loving people whom many would argue I should love "unconditionally" (I don't even believe in unconditional love). It doesn't affect the way I behave in front of others, and I don't even have depression because of it, but it's admittedly very tiring having imaginary conversations with people I don't even like. I would speak to a professional but I know they'd just offer me ways to control it when I can already do that. This is more to do with my heart and how it reacts to all this. Thank fuck I can let my head rule my heart and not go off on anyone because of this because if I couldn't, then I'd probably get arrested. Sorry about this. This isn't the first time I've vented like this lately and I feel bad for it because I don't usually like it when people vent all the time to me (I'm okay with every now and again, but not if it becomes habitual), so I really am sorry. I just needed to get this out somehow because it's been on my mind for about a year or so. This is hopefully the last time I'll do this here, or at least the last time for a long time.
  19. Just when I thought I couldn't possibly love them any more, they're now colour-coded!? AAAAAAAAAH~ ❤️💛💗💜💙 Now all I gotta do is resist the urge to paint my nails in those colours... no, Gesu. Your nails are already pink. That's Ohana's colour. That's perfect as is. Anyways, that song was awesome! I don't know how they pull it off, but they always have this perfect mix of typical oshare bubble-gum pop and totally original/out-there. Also, did Reno say "yami usagi" at 3:15? My Japanese ain't that great so I can't be too sure, but if so... I UNDERSTOOD THAT REFERENCE!
  20. Gesu

    The ending of this song is so hammy, but I think when you're this good, you're allowed to show off.
  21. Gesu

    Welcome to MH! Hope you have fun here~
  22. Gesu

    I love tanbi/beauty kei the most. I like it because I think it looks so cool yet so sophisticated, and while I guess Malice Mizer and Versailles would be the poster children for it, I've seen some really interesting takes on it. Moran progressively got more and more tanbi as time went by, but they looked so much more different to any other band I've seen before. They were like something out of a fairy tale (they even had a song called Fairy Tale ). I like anything that looks very original, really. SHiSHi have a great style; oshare kei (I love it too ) but really... out there.
  23. Gesu

  24. Gesu

    Like I said, just because you can do something doesn't mean you should. If they're not worth mediating - that is to say, if they're so low that they're not even worth helping - why are they worth talking about? It won't do anything and there are more important things to be doing and more important conversations to be had; like this one, for instance. I know I probably sound like an old fart, but that's my two cents. Right, but that doesn't explain why we deserve to pry into innocent people's private lives when they haven't actually done anything wrong. I know more stories that may or may not be true about people doing whatever than I care to purely from overhearing what people near me have said, but I don't know any sex offenders in my area.
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