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  1. Aw, congrats to him! Here's wishing them a wonderful family life ❤️
  2. Gesu

    That's awful. I hope he makes a full recovery
  3. Okay, I am FREAKING THE FUCK OUT. Someone hacked my email and sent me an email saying they have access to everything from my computer. To prove they weren't fucking around, they even sent me my password (which I had actually changed before they sent they email as I knew I had been hacked). They told me if I don't send them $900 in bitcoin, they'll publish everything they found to fuck-knows-who. I don't have anything illegal or any nudes of me/anyone I know but I do have some private things on here that I'd rather didn't get shown to everyone and pinned to my name. Now... here's the thing. They might actually leave me alone if I pay them but I think they might do it anyways. I don't know what to do and calling the police would probably be a bit useless because this person wants dollars so they must be in a different country, so the UK police probably can't do much. Wtf do I do? Sorry if this seems a bit... odd, but I'm 100% serious and I'm actually a bit scared.

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    2. Zeus


      I agree with everyone. Change your passwords, activate 2fa, tell the hacker to fuck off after you've done a scan on your pc and made sure he has no malware on your system. Dont pay.

    3. nostalgia


      it's totally ok. you can ask your mh fellows for help when needed. one more thing tho, don't use public WiFi bc your online activity can be monitored/sniffed. and don't install any cracked software, and no one can harm your PC.

    4. nostalgia


      one thing to ensure that they don't have your important files is they didn't show you any of your files as a proof of having access to your pc bc they don't have any to begin with.

  4. @spockitty You could write a book out of that! Amazing! I had two dreams last night. In the first one, I saw what I'd look like with a stronger jaw and it made me want to get plastic surgery. 😕 In the second one, I found my brother on a dating site and it said he was only looking for hook-ups @_@
  5. Damn. I knew they'd be quirky, I didn't know they'd actually be good. Like, really good. I'm impressed.
  6. Gesu

    The literal BTS Army.
  7. Gesu

    So I just looked them up and found this: Not unusual, my arse. As an autistic person, I'm offended. How could you even say something like that in front of your child? "This school doesn't meet the standards I set for my child's education so I'll murder her". Appalling.
  8. Gesu

    If you'd believe, a fair amount of bandmen go on to become traders. I was actually trying to find out what one in particular was doing these days because he hadn't been in any bands for a while and I wanted to see if he was doing anything solo, but he'd actually been a trader for a while so I'd guess he's probably quite rich if he's good at it. That can be a pretty lucrative business, after all. The website I found him on said quite a few former VK guys do that. I won't give out his name in case he'd rather it remained a lesser-known fact among fans but I just thought that was interesting.
  9. Gesu

    Isn't this just stuff people do when they're at home? You can't spend time with friends/family all the time (especially if you're introverted) and you need to occupy your alone time with something. The things you just listed aren't necessarily escapism so much as they are just hobbies and things people do. I know that it's entirely possible to become addicted to the things you mentioned that I quoted, as with anything - after all, everything is poisonous; it just depends on the dose - but they're decidedly less harmful than drugs/alcohol. I can sit at home with no plans other than to play a video game all day but I know that I can walk away from it at any time to do things like talk to people, cook dinner, etc if I need to. Getting drunk or high, though? You can't just snap out of that so easily as it alters your behaviour/perspective at that point. Don't get me wrong, I understand that people sometimes feel the need to turn to things like that to escape their problems and I wouldn't label them as bad people (and actually, if you read through what Secret said, he never said they were bad people either), but you can't deny that running away from your problems and literally poisoning yourself in the process is extremely unhealthy and we shouldn't be encouraging it. We should be supporting people who have fallen into vulnerable situations to find better ways to deal with their problems. I would never want someone to feel undeservedly unhappy and I especially wouldn't want them to turn to something so destructive.
  10. Gesu

    Nice look but what is that band name
  11. Gesu

    It depends on whether or not the hardcover in question has a sleeve. As much as I love the professional look/feel of them, I hate it when they have a sleeve because it always shifts about and annoys me, so if it does I'd go for a paperback.
  12. Gesu

    About two years ago, I told myself I wasn't gonna have any extra salt on my dinner if I could help it because overly salty/greasy food had been giving me chest pains. To this day, that rule actually just became a background part of my life and I have never - and I mean never - had extra salt on my dinner since then; no exceptions. I don't even recognise the difference and it really doesn't feel like two years.
  13. Gesu

    Well, it's gonna happen. I'm gonna have to buy a Switch next year. Finally, I'll fucking do it, if only for this. https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/animal-crossing-new-horizons-switch/
  14. Gesu

    It looks good. I've never actually played the Fire Emblem games for 3DS because they always did that fucking annoying thing of releasing two versions of the same story in separate games which really turned me off because I never knew which one to go for. They finally release a game on its own aaaand it's for the Switch, which I don't have 🙃 I'll probably get one next year, though. A new Animal Crossing game is coming out on March 20th, 2020 and IIII NEEEEED IIIIT
  15. It didn't work, I might add.
  16. Gesu

    According to what I learnt in my psychology class, they're socialised differently. They tend to be separated from their mothers far less often and, as a result, they also tend to be clingier. I guess their collectivist, family-oriented culture would add to that. As for annoying/unruly/loud/problematic in general, I'm not too sure.
  17. Happy birthday, friendo! Hope you have a fantastic day 🎉

    1. -Tetsu-


      Thank you!! Sadly we had to cancel all of our plans because it was raining heavily all day long but it still was a great day :)

  18. Reminds me of when I was out for a walk and saw a guy shredding on a sitar. He was great, I sat and watched him for a full hour and a guy sat next to me tried to get me to go on a date with him right after telling me I had tiny feet. And that wasn't even a dream! I did, however, have a weird (yet relatively mundane) dream last night. I'm going to a convention today and I dreamt that I was living with my grandma and she kept giving me weird useless things to pack that were mostly food. I remember her giving me a lunchbox full of milk chocolate and white chocolate buttons and a bag of kale. Y'know, in case I started craving kale. This is the best way I could sum it all up: Here's hoping I won't need my angry eyes.
  19. Gesu

    None, I was just commenting on how funny the Bat Ladder was. It was just a plain old rope ladder with a sign on it.
  20. Gesu

    Batman had a Bat Ladder and it was the greatest, most superheroic invention ever. Look it up.
  21. Gesu

    Agreed, what Superman needed was a Bat Ladder. Not even joking.
  22. Gesu

    What doesn't cause cancer these days? 🤷‍♀️
  23. Gesu

    Maybe she enjoyed his company? I don't condone sexual assault (or any kind of assault) in any way, shape or form and if this guy really did assault her, that's awful. I don't know if he really did or if she was overblowing the situation because I wasn't there but the "they had it coming" mentality is a bit victim-blaming. Consent not only means you agree to it; it also means you can stop at any time. If she decided she wasn't comfortable with him touching her, even if it wasn't full-blown assault I could still understand why she would get pissed if he continued. I agree with you that is it up to them to take their safety into their own hands and that we should teach people to avoid dangerous situations instead of teaching people not to be dangerous (because really, it's a bit useless to tell a potential assaulter not to assault someone) but you can still spend time with someone who's sexually interested in you and expect them to not pounce on you. Like I said, I have no way of knowing if he really did it, the full context, exactly how far they went, what she did and didn't consent to and yada yada, but still.
  24. Gesu

    I agree that it's ridiculous for someone to think people finding them attractive is sexual harassment but it's not very nice to call them whores, or at least to say they're dressing/acting like whores just because they wear short skirts or whatever.
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