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    I wish people would pick a better place/time than directly outside where I live at night to shout like idiots. Why is it always here? Why can't they go be obnoxious somewhere else? I know it's right in the city centre so there are a lot of drunk people but this is just pissing me off. I would go outside and tell them to shut the fuck up but I live in a flat so it's not just my property and I don't want to make a scene. If it was just me living here, it'd be different and I'd be able to get some bloody peace and quiet.
  2. Gesu

    They're colour-coded! I love that. Hopefully their music is as cool as their hair.
  3. Gesu

    I bought a Snapple today and whoever wrote this clearly doesn't have a brainis Lorge image so am putting in a cut
  4. That cover art is the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen 🌹
  5. Gesu

    Does Ibuki Mioda fron Danganronpa 2 count? I think she counts.
  6. Gesu

    There's a character in an otome visual novel called Collar X Malice who's the singer of a fictional VK band. Tbh, Collar X Malice actually sounds like a VK band name.
  7. I don't know what I'll do until Animal Crossing: New Horizons comes out. I've known about it for a while now but the excitement only really set in yesterday and I'm way too hyped. 🍃


    Someone actually made this site and I'm so glad they did.


  8. Awesome look! Here's hoping they sound good.
  9. Gesu

    I'm so glad they came back~!
  10. Gesu

    What's so childish/immature about deciding you don't need shite like this in your life? If I were you, I'd just go with the latter option and be done with it. However, if you want to keep trying with her, go for it and I hope it works out well if that's what you choose to do.
  11. Gesu

    I had a job centre appointment yesterday and I know it was supposed to be informative/encouraging but all it did was teach me what a load of fucking arseholes the majority of employers are and how much I need to lie on my CV if I'm to ever get a job. Most soul-crushing ninety minutes of my life.
  12. Gesu

    I find it odd how music can make me feel even when I don't understand half the lyrics. It's true what they say; music is a universal language.
  13. Can't help but feel that makeup colour names are getting less and less creative. They're usually just something boring and flirty like "Hot Date" or "Cute Boy" or "Nice Ass" or whatever but sometimes it's just ridiculous. I was looking at an eye shadow palette in Superdrug today and the pink one was just called "Colour". Also, let's not forget the nude brown lipstick I saw called "Gordon Brown". Oh, well, at least that one was funny as fuck.


  14. Gesu

    Me again, this time featuring a hat. Images may be somewhat mahoosive as they're the first ones I've uploaded here that were taken with my fancy-ass camera, so I put them in a cut.
  15. Gesu

    I Love You, Colonel Sanders I have @psychonnect_rozen to thank for this
  16. Gesu

    I like backgrounds where the subject is on the right because all my stuff's on the left.
  17. Gesu

    I never said he wasn't entitled to his opinion. I was just making a point. Of course he's entitled to think there's been an objective decline in quality, but I am entitled to disagree with him. Not every statement I make has to be either emblematic of an "inferiority complex" of which you speak or some huge manifesto about some band I like, so stop putting words in my mouth.
  18. Gesu

    Just cuz they weren't around for it when it came out doesn't mean they never actually listened to it. Everyone's entitled to their opinions.
  19. Gesu

    Sure thing, I'll let you know! You're right that the art is nice, as is to be expected from Otomate the plot is also really interesting as you mentioned. Without giving away any spoilers (and tbh I kinda can't atm because I'm not far into it), it's somewhat similar to Amnesia: Memories but it's more intriguing and the guys are nicer, lol. They kinda look similar but they act a bit more... tolerable. Dgmw, I liked Amnesia, but some of the routes were a bit... 👀
  20. Gesu

    I bought Psychedelica Of The Black Butterfly yesterday and it's soooo goooood so far. I think Kagiha is best boi, followed by Karasuba. God, why do I always go for the one with the green colour scheme? I swear, no exceptions, I always go for the green guy, and if there isn't a green guy, then the yellow guy (see my current profile pic; liable to change to Kagiha once I finish the game). Maybe it's because I like the kind, gentle types and green is often seen as a kind, gentle colour? 🤔
  21. Gesu

    The perfect video doesn't exi-
  22. I just got hugged by a couple of people offering free hugs. :hug:

    1. IGM_Oficial


      Thanks God I never met people like these

  23. I said he was best boi a while back I regret nothing
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