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  1. Okay, I am FREAKING THE FUCK OUT. Someone hacked my email and sent me an email saying they have access to everything from my computer. To prove they weren't fucking around, they even sent me my password (which I had actually changed before they sent they email as I knew I had been hacked). They told me if I don't send them $900 in bitcoin, they'll publish everything they found to fuck-knows-who. I don't have anything illegal or any nudes of me/anyone I know but I do have some private things on here that I'd rather didn't get shown to everyone and pinned to my name. Now... here's the thing. They might actually leave me alone if I pay them but I think they might do it anyways. I don't know what to do and calling the police would probably be a bit useless because this person wants dollars so they must be in a different country, so the UK police probably can't do much. Wtf do I do? Sorry if this seems a bit... odd, but I'm 100% serious and I'm actually a bit scared.

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    2. colorful人生


      Yea, none of the emails are supposed to be the same, which makes them more convincing. They use a bunch of different boilerplates w/ varying information. 


      Since they came up on haveibeenpwned, start changing your passwords and implement 2FA now. Otherwise, you can pretty much ignore the email, they can't touch your PC. 

    3. nostalgia


      yeah pretty much what colorful said. your PC should be safe. if they had access to your pc, it'd be wiser to encrypt your files and ask you for money to get the decryption key. don't fall for that bc once paid they will ask for more bc you are willing to pay them. change your passwords and implement 2fa if possible. you can use different prefixes/suffixes to make a password unique for different accounts if it's difficult to remember.

    4. Gesu


      Thanks @nostalgia, I've just been changing some of my passwords to something I don't think anyone could ever guess. My old one was admittedly pretty obvious 😕 sorry if I took any time out of your day with this to everyone who replied, I was just worried cuz I've never got anything like this before. I actually copied/pasted a couple sentences from the email I was sent into Google and a lot of other people got the exact same thing and it turned out to be nowt. False alarm, everyone! Sorry again.

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