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  1. Have you ever wanted to do something different with your appearance but you're not quite sure how people will react? I get this strange kind of nervousness about changing my appearance, even if it's nothing too drastic (could just be doing sth different with my hair, or wearing a hat).

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    2. plastic_rainbow


      even just starting to wear jewelry and nail polish had me nervous/conscious lol, simply cuz i had a very mundane appearance with no makeup. biggest change appearance i made was cutting my hair short back in high school tho lol. my parents and family bugged me about it for years but now they don't care. 


      i definitely wanna dye my hair someday, at least once~

    3. IGM_Oficial


      Getting a "MAGA" hat

    4. God


      oof, i feel this.  i want to start dressing how i used to?  but tbh i think at this point my friends might all be like “um wtf😭

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