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  1. Do you ever just cling on to an old band way, way too tightly? And I don't mean actually listening to their stuff. I mean just saying you love them when you're actually kinda over them and much prefer someone else. So, for me, that band is DELUHI. Yes, they disbanded before I even knew what visual kei was. Yes, I do still like them. But I keep telling myself they're still my favourite band even though I'm pretty damn sure it's DIAURA.

    1. reminiscing2004


      Deluhi best band forever. Good choice B)

    2. colorful人生


      The two I'm thinking of are v[NEU] and DIV.


      I followed DIV from start-to-end, but they kinda left on a mellow note for me. I always kept an eye on them and was super enthusiastic about each single/mini-/album, but none of their material (imo) got to where NEXX did. Even though I used to wait for their midnight releases on iTunes, I haven't listened to DIV in over a year. Since ACME has dug the knife even deeper, I've just been listening to NEXX.


      v[NEU] was fantastic, but I haven't been inclined to listen to them as of recent. While I also felt pretty involved w/ them, my preferences have shifted to Jun-era NEU and HeaRt. 


    3. God


      Probably Dir en grey, tbh.  I used to be super into them to the point where, as a teenager, I had saved thousands* of pictures of them (both individual members and as a band), as well as taking up way too much space on my pc with their pvs, music, and lives.


      I still listen to their music when they release something new, and sometimes I go back to their old music I used to love so much.  Overall, tho, I think I've moved on.  I probably wouldn't admit that otherwise, and I'll more than likely deny ever saying any of this.  😂


      * I'm probably exaggerating, it was probably more like hundreds but whatever.  

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