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  1. Gesu

    I bought a new top on my last day of college (so, July 5th). I hadn't bought any new clothes in aaaages because I rarely treat myself to stuff like that, but I was with a friend and he told me I should go for it. Besides, I deserve it for getting through my boring-as-fuck media class my first year of A-levels, righ? I hope I do. Depends on how well I did. 😕 https://www.rockcollection.co.uk/spiral-crow-moon-lace-layered-cap-sleeve-top
  2. Gesu

    I have never understood the appeal to those boxy, loose-ish trousers a lot of girls wear that stop just above the ankle. Idk if they have a proper name, but I just never really liked them.
  3. Ayyyyy, thanks for the follow~! :D

  4. I am so fucking glad you made this topic. And people wonder why I get defensive over people (often celebrities) in these kinds of situations... I don't have time to watch the second vid you posted because it's 4am (lol whoops) but I watched the first one and it pretty much summed it up. Thank you.
  5. Gesu

    I've always been the creative type but I have 3742384624362842342 ideas and I can never decide which one I want to pursue. There are one or two that really stick out to me, but I can never decide where I want to take them. It's like not being able to put the pieces of a jigsaw together. I put a few together, then I realise I was wrong and take them out and try some new pieces, but even that doesn't work and I have no idea what I'm doing. I've found that my best ideas tend to come from mixing two or three old ones together, but even if the concept is nice, I just can't finish it or decide how it should end. I get a beginning and a middle, but no end. I feel so burnt out.
  6. Gesu

    Carrot cake is grody. I like carrots, I like cake, but fuck me if I'll ever eat a carrot cake. It's like putting fruit in chocolate bars. I like fruit and I like chocolate but please, just let me eat unhealthily for a bit.
  7. Gesu

    What's with all this hate towards people (like me) with weak chins? In fact, here's an unpopular opinion: people with weak chins can be beautiful. T_T
  8. Gesu

    Not bad. The singer's voice is very cute, but I feel like there's something about it he could improve. Idk if it's just me, but maybe he sounds a bit forced when he tries to hit a very high note? Either way, this wasn't bad.
  9. Gesu

    Is this one even unpopular anymore?
  10. Gesu

    The "it's Wednesday, my dudes" meme was fucking shite and so is the "nobody" meme. Funny at first, but then they just got so overused so quickly. Thank fuck both have pretty much died (I think the "nobody" meme is dead, anyways).
  11. Wow, I hope they feel better soon. That's gotta be terrifying!
  12. Gesu

    After listening to almost nowt but Jikkendai Marmot for two days straight, somehow I end up here.
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