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  1. Gesu

    If we're talking about REALLY new bands, then I'd have to say SHiSHi and Kirawaremono. Munou Na Lucid also have a lot of potential that I doubt they'll waste.
  2. Gesu

    The time has come yet again! This time, I only have three things to tell you about, but they look good! I can sort of tell just by looking at them that they should be sweeter than last time.
  3. Gesu

    Don't get your garters in a tangle over this, it's just a meme I made in less than twenty minutes. I say this because there are some people who get super pissed when anyone even so much as suggests that a Tanuki rumour is fake. Seriously, look at the language used by the moderators of some of the translation blogs... "fuck you" this, "your opinion doesn't matter" that And on that note, I'm going to bed
  4. A couple years ago, I confessed to someone whom I was deeply in love with, but he rejected me and I still haven't been able to forget about him. I have these off days when I just sit and think about what could have been, why it wasn't, etc. I've had two boyfriends since then, but neither relationship lasted for very long (at all) because they just weren't my type and I ended up feeling uncomfortable and unhappy, so I ended both relationships on good terms. Anyways, I've heard these things saying the difference between loving someone and being in love with them, and they basically said that loving someone is when you want to see them grow/develop, when you want to be there for them, etc, and that being in love with someone is when you're more infatuated with them/get butterflies around them (that's not to say you can't care about them, though). The thing is, I love several people, but I don't want to be with them, because I tend to see those people as more familial kinds of love (even though they're not actually in my family), whereas I've only ever been in love once, and that was with the guy from a couple years back. As I mentioned before, being in love with someone is not to say that you don't actually care about them, because you can have those feelings of infatuation and not take it to unhealthy levels. I feel like nothing will ever make me as happy as I was back then, even if nothing came of it, so is it really that bad if I just want to be in love with someone? As long as I'm honest with them about what I want and how I feel, is it really that bad? People might say "it won't last", but there is the possibility that it could, and even if it doesn't, is there anything really wrong with that? Also, I'm not sure if this is TMI, but there is also the case of me being really frustrated in terms of... well, you know. Begins with an "s" and rhymes with "rex". I've never actually done it, or even kissed someone, and again, I have these off days when I just sit and think about how much I want to "alleviate" my frustration with someone. I'm not sure if it ties into my other off days. Basically, I'm not sure if I want to be in love or if I just want to... you know. Either way, I know that with the guy from before, I didn't just want the latter. I really did care about him, and I'm not sure if I'll ever feel that way again. I remember going to a convention in November, and I felt so, so happy when I was there. I knew I could just be myself there, and I felt really comfortable and at home. Seeing one of the people I love in a familial sort of way there helped too. Of course, that only meant I felt like crap the next day because I realised that I never actually feel like that in my day-to-day life, as I'm sure most other people do. I'm not surrounded by people I feel like I can be my true self around, and that hurt. I hadn't felt that way since I was in love. I'm not depressed or anything, but I am upset. I don't even know why I care so much about this, but I do, and it feels like there's not a damn thing I can do about it. Sorry this was so venty. What do you guys think?
  5. Gesu

    I can deal with the first word, but not the second. I have never cringed so hard saying a single word before in my life.
  6. Gesu

    Okay, but when are they coming to England Naw, but srsly. Good for them
  7. *LONG RANT*

    So I was on the bus earlier and I was listening to a quiet song. I overheard someone near me shouting about how her daughter wasn't allowed to watch Power Rangers for some reason, so I took one earphone out and proceeded to eavesdrop. Then, a loud song that I really like came on, so I thought "nah, I'm not gonna listen to this with just one earphone", so I paused it, skipped back to the start, then kept the one earphone in and looked distant so it looked like I wasn't eavesdropping. Anyways, this is the exchange that I heard:


    Woman (shouting at someone else): My daughter is not allowed to watch Power Rangers! If she sees Power Rangers on TV, she wants to be a Power Ranger! *turns to daughter to shout at her as well* What do you watch on TV?

    Daughter: Power Rangers.

    Woman (still bloody shouting as if the entire bus couldn't already hear her): No, you do not, you watch CBeebies! *turns back to other person* And that's all she watches. Either that, or horses, because she rides horses.


    Oh. My. KAMI-SAMA.


    This girl was, like, four or five years old and she's not even allowed to watch Power Rangers because her bitchy mother doesn't want her having an active imagination! I'm eighteen and I wouldn't mind being a fucking Power Ranger. Controlling parenting is my ultimate berserk button; I hope that little girl gives her mother hell when she grows up. I had to stop myself from getting involved. I think one of the only reasons I didn't was because I was nearly at my stop.

  8. Do you ever just cling on to an old band way, way too tightly? And I don't mean actually listening to their stuff. I mean just saying you love them when you're actually kinda over them and much prefer someone else. So, for me, that band is DELUHI. Yes, they disbanded before I even knew what visual kei was. Yes, I do still like them. But I keep telling myself they're still my favourite band even though I'm pretty damn sure it's DIAURA.

    1. reminiscing2004


      Deluhi best band forever. Good choice B)

    2. colorfuljinsei


      The two I'm thinking of are v[NEU] and DIV.


      I followed DIV from start-to-end, but they kinda left on a mellow note for me. I always kept an eye on them and was super enthusiastic about each single/mini-/album, but none of their material (imo) got to where NEXX did. Even though I used to wait for their midnight releases on iTunes, I haven't listened to DIV in over a year. Since ACME has dug the knife even deeper, I've just been listening to NEXX.


      v[NEU] was fantastic, but I haven't been inclined to listen to them as of recent. While I also felt pretty involved w/ them, my preferences have shifted to Jun-era NEU and HeaRt. 


    3. God


      Probably Dir en grey, tbh.  I used to be super into them to the point where, as a teenager, I had saved thousands* of pictures of them (both individual members and as a band), as well as taking up way too much space on my pc with their pvs, music, and lives.


      I still listen to their music when they release something new, and sometimes I go back to their old music I used to love so much.  Overall, tho, I think I've moved on.  I probably wouldn't admit that otherwise, and I'll more than likely deny ever saying any of this.  😂


      * I'm probably exaggerating, it was probably more like hundreds but whatever.  

  9. Gesu

    Just remembered that three of the members of JILUKA go by Ricko, Boogie and Zyean (pronounced "Jane", I believe, but I thought it was "zye-EEN" for the longest time). Ricko, I can sort of get past. Boogie is just strange. Zyean…? Just... why? They're a good band and all, but why those names!? Sena's the only one with a normal name!
  10. I love my psychology class but it's so weird. Today, we learned how to manipulate people into being nice to us at their own expense. Tbh, I'm surprised my ex-friends didn't take psychology.

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    2. Gesu


      I would never :) still, it's strange how we learn how to do it all, and when we do, it feels so easy and obvious. It's a fascinating subject.

    3. platy


      I remember that when I studied it, I started looking at people like animals lol it's eye opening. 

    4. monkeybanana4


      It's one reason I love psychology. It's a unique subject with lots of angles to study. One of my favorite parts was learning about the psychology of children. Anyway, sounds like a cool class you're taking ^^

  11. Gesu

    I hope so. One of the reasons I couldn't get that into Nazare was because of Issei. Most of the songwriting's terrible anyways, but nothing puts me off a band more than when there are dickheads in the line-up.
  12. I haggled that bandit who tries to make you pay a 200 gold road toll in Skyrim down to 50 gold without killing her/looting it back and now my brother thinks I'm pathetic

  13. Gesu

    Sweet look but I still just remember them as the band that "passed" Gas
  14. Well, back to college tomorrow. It's not gonna be fun getting up at the ungodly hour of 7:30am tomorrow, but I gotta do it :(