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  1. Gesu

    Just picked up Octopath Traveler so I'll be playing that a lot when not on ACNH. It's been on my list of Switch games I want and it's currently going for 50% off until April 2nd so I thought why not? From what I've played so far, it's really good! I chose Cyrus as my first traveler.
  2. Thanks for the follow~ ^_^

    1. Total Saikou

      Total Saikou

      No probs, thanks for upvoting my posts earlier. And thank you so much for becoming my first ever follower on here ❤️ 

  3. Gesu

    Man, a former friend of mine made an entire YT playlist dedicated to church PVs. I won't link it directly because I don't want to give away her YT account, nor will I include links to all the videos because this would be one loooong-ass post (even with a spoiler cut I think it might be a bit excessive) but excluding ones that have already been mentioned, they are as follows: MEJIBRAY - アヴァロン The THIRTEEN - アリア-Aria- Jupiter - LAST MOMENT Femme Fatale - JUDGEMENT-the die has been cast- Abingdon Boys School - Innocent Sorrow MALICE MIZER - Bel Air MALICE MIZER - 白い肌に狂う愛と哀しみの輪舞 MALICE MIZER - Mayonaka Ni Kawashita Yakusoku DARIAN MARIAN - Poison R-Shitei - -ZANGE- Kagerou - XII DIZZY GALNERYUS - ANGEL OF SALVATION Versailles - Arisocrat's Symphony DELUHI - Two Hurt the GazettE - Reila KAMIJO - Nosferatu
  4. Gesu

    I actually really liked that. Got strong More vibes.
  5. Gesu

    ACNH is 👌 also the passport titles are the funniest thing ever. I went from Pocket Mama to Freshly Delivered Egg to this.
  6. Gesu

    My aunt just called and said she's having to work from home for the next twelve weeks. I know it's quite a while but honestly, twelve weeks isn't as long as I had expected. Maybe things will get better sooner than I thought... I hope so, anyways.
  7. Gesu

    You've heard of elf on the shelf, now get ready for bitch on the Switch Switch code is SW-6195-1087-3810
  8. Gesu

    Happy birthday, dude! Have an awesome day~ 🎂

    1. CAT5


      Thank you, sis! :D

  9. Gesu

    Uta No Prince-Sama: Shining Live is pretty great. Reiji is best boi fite me
  10. Last night, I dreamt about Lupin from Code: Realize. It was a really strange dream; we were in this cafeteria on a spy mission (the cafeteria was in this really horrible brainwashing institute) and there was this brainwashed girl sat opposite us. Anyways, we were all eating a meal, just trying to play it cool and act natural. We were worried about seeming suspicious but everyone just ended up praising me because I finished my meal way before Lupin and the brainwashed girl and if they knew we were spies, they didn't care by the end of it. Anyways, Lupin and I left with everyone else applauding me (for some reason... like I know me finishing my dinner before other ppl is unusual but idk if it's worthy of applause o.O) and I kept hugging him from behind on the way out. He's not my favourite in CR but that dream definitely sent him up in my estimation even tho he literally did fuck all but sit next to me and eat slower than me.
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