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  1. Gesu

    I gotta disagree with you here. Maybe this is one for the unpopular opinion thread but I think you have every right to tell someone how to raise their children. The argument I often hear against this is "raising children is hard" but the way I see it, if it's hard, you should be taking every piece of advice in your stride and even if you're not following it, you should at least give it a chance. His daughter is eighteen years old, he is no longer legally responsible for her and her virginity is none of his business. I'm not saying he can't be there for her when she needs him, nor am I saying that sex trafficking/STDs/single-motherhood isn't a problem, but just because someone is having sex that doesn't mean they're in danger and it sounds to me like he's demonising sex when he could just be having a civil conversation about it with her. This whole "daddy's little princess" mentality is so backwards and all it does is regress young women instead of encouraging security, freedom and healthy father-daughter relationships. It may seem all very well and good now but how's she gonna fare when she has to be completely independent? Is she gonna have any idea what to do when she's faced with an adult issue or is she just gonna turn to her father to bail her out of every situation? To clarify, I don't mean to sound hostile nor do I mean to attack you personally. In fact, I agree with your last few paragraphs... but if the generation before us can't take a bit of criticism when it comes to the way they parent, why should we take any criticism from them? This is why children don't listen to their parents, because many parents unfortunately feel like they can do whatever and get away with it because "how dare you question my parenting style". There's no such thing as a parenting style. Either you parent or you don't but how you interact with them on a personal level is dependent on you and I can't separate the way someone raises their kids from the way they are as a person.
  2. Happy birthday, dude! Hope you have an awesome day~ 🎂

  3. Gesu

    I don't think many people would want to be in a band with a guy like that. It brings bad publicity and it's generally just shitty behaviour that'd be enough to cause a falling-out between friends/band members.
  4. Gesu

  5. Gesu

    I've been trying to save my money lately because a) it's Christmas next month and b) there are things I want to save up for next year but it looks like I need to buy some warmer clothes soon or else I'm probably going to get hypothermia (no joke, it's really fucking cold here). As crappy as I feel about not being frugal, like my grandma said, there's no point in saving up for anything if I'm too ill to do anything with it. I know she's right but it makes me feel crappy for some reason. 🥶
  6. His name is Shiina Mio... or at least, it was. It's now Lusty Librarian. Thanks, now I can never unsee that.
  7. I taught a 65-year-old man how to dab today.

    1. CAT5


      Doing the lord's work I see.

    2. lichtlune


      Did you say "ok boomer" afterwards? 

  8. Ayyyyy, thanks for the follow~! ^_^

  9. Gesu

    One who instantly comes to mind is Sizna from Sugar/Moran. His cat (who is extremely cute, btw) actually has their (I'm not sure if it's a boy or a girl) own Instagram account. I know Hizaki and Masashi from Versailles also have cats (Hizaki's is called Sonia and Masashi's is called Piisuke). Yuuki from Lycaon/Initial'L also had a couple named Kurocchi and Chashiro but I think Chashiro unfortunately passed away.
  10. Other than the fact that the chorus sounds kinda like it could've been in a different song, I actually really liked this! Definitely gonna have to watch these guys.
  11. Happy spoop day~ 🎃

    1. Bear


      Happy poop day.

  12. Gesu

    If he's being violent/abusive and you feel threatened by him (and your partner's mother), I think the best idea would be to call the police. I know it might seem a bit drastic but if you're this worried for this reason, it's better to do it sooner than later. I understand if you don't want to because I know there's a fear of being hurt if you're found out for having called them and I would probably actually talk to someone in person about calling the police so you can get some support if you think that may happen, but I think the police know how to properly deal with this kind of situation. If not that, at the very least, I would try to sit everyone down and tell them all how you feel. Either way, I don't think it'd be healthy to let this go on for much longer. If you want to DM me about anything, you can. All the best ❤️
  13. Gesu

    They look spoopy 🎃 sample is okay. I feel like they might be able to pleasantly surprise me when I can hear more.
  14. Gesu

    Spoopy 🎃
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