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  1. I always take the stairs unless I have a ridiculously long way to go, I'm going with other people who want to take the lift or I have too much to carry. Otherwise, I actually try not to exercise any more than I need to. I have a super fast metabolism and if I move about too much, I end up burning off too many calories. I learnt that the hard way from when I used to take long evening walks. It was calming, sure, but the hunger and fatigue weren't fun and it completely fucked up my sleep patterns.
  2. For me, it's gotta be Sprite. Right? I was wondering if it was just me but whenever I drink sparkling water, I feel like I'm choking. It's almost as if the bubbles trick my body into thinking it should be ingesting something sweet but it doesn't detect any hint of sweetness (or anything, really) so I just end up choking. It's all substance and no flavour.
  3. Gesu

    Had this absolute banger recommended to me not so long ago πŸ‘Œ
  4. Gesu

  5. In my (admittedly limited) experience, jealousy is actually very unnatural for me in relationships, contrary to what a lot of others have said. What comes more naturally to me is being completely open and honest with people depending on how much I trust them and it makes sense that, if I'm that close to someone, I'm going to trust them a lot. I tend to be quite careful about what I do and don't say to certain people after some negative experiences (i.e. people using information about me to hurt/embarrass me) but when I feel I can say pretty much anything to them and I have feelings for them, I don't see how jealousy or anything akin to that could possibly worm its way into what me and the other person have. The only time I would ever feel anything close to that in this kind of situation is if I was with a friend/partner/whatever and suddenly, they invited loads of other people to hang out with us but that's less jealousy and more introversion. Granted, this may just be because I'm quite romantically unaffectionate but I guess that's just the way it goes for me. Same as what's already been said above, jealousy is absolutely a deal-breaker for me and if anyone thinks my life has to stop for them for whatever reason (unless it's serious, like they're in hospital or sth), then I'm just going to see them as either too insecure/mentally unwell to be worrying about other people/relationships or an egomaniac.
  6. Gesu

  7. Gesu

    I'm the sort of person who's gotta get right to the bottom of it all. If I feel sad, I have to proactively do what I can to address the source of the problem. That may just be because I tend to get angry before I get sad but whatever. Failing that, I talk to someone who can help me or, if there's really nothing anyone can do, I comfort myself with video games, rest and food (which is pretty much what I do in my spare time anyways).
  8. Gesu

    The Ace Attorney trilogy's on sale for Switch right now so I thought why not. Never did get the chance to play it as a kid so I was pretty excited to get it!
  9. Gesu

    So we all agree it sounds like a shitty advert song
  10. Gesu

    Man, I remember when my brother and I were kids and we played this game for the first time, we both agreed this song was so peaceful and we had to stay in Kalm for a while just to listen to the music. Good times.
  11. Gesu

    Teru (Versailles/Jupiter) in one of my favourite pics of him
  12. Gesu

    @Komorebi @cvltic Speaking of PMs, take this argument there if you're gonna continue it.
  13. Gesu

    Glad to see so many night showerers here~ when I clicked on this topic I thought it'd be the other way around because that's what I've heard more of based on previous conversations. If I was a morning person with very short hair then I think I could see the appeal to a morning shower but neither of those things are even remotely true for me so I take evening showers. I don't have to get up/go to bed at a different time for an evening shower so it's the least disruptive to my routine.
  14. Gesu

    That reminds me; Genesis Rhapsodos from FF7CC was based on/voiced by Gackt. Also, his song Redemption was in FF7DOC.
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