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  1. sutululu

    Ok, so which Gazette song's gonna be this time? It's not like I'm mad, I liked them...
  2. sutululu

    Only dvd no bluray?
  3. sutululu

    private video
  4. sutululu

    I wonder how did they last for 10 years
  5. sutululu

    Yo, is this Leda dude sings in some of these songs?
  6. sutululu

    Cheap look, cheap sound
  7. sutululu

    Cool, happy to see him around. Thanks!
  8. sutululu

    Are they connected to them in any way?
  9. sutululu

    It has been months since we got a decent new band and this is still just... okay at best. What's wrong, VK-kun?
  10. sutululu

    I liked the vocalist dude but this name change was just crap
  11. sutululu

    anime tiddies culture man
  12. sutululu

    As big of a hit Call of rescue and Today was this is a big F
  13. sutululu

    Thank God it's over.
  14. THE RUSTY RED DOOR ATTACKS AGAIN btw anybody knows where it is?
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