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  1. 吸血鬼 ~Kyūketsuki~

    So, I'm doing a count of all the original X Japan songs that have not been put on an original record yet (compilations aren't proper records if you ask me). Please tell me if there are any I missed; I was just skimming Wikipedia and Metal Archives, and I'd like to be thorough with this to prove my point/keep it intact. I.V. Scarlet Love Song Jade Born to Be Free La Venus (Acoustic version, which is the only version at this point, so...) Standing Sex The Last Song Without You (Unplugged, but again it's the only version) Art of Life 3rd Movement (only a new track by technicality since it's an isolated part of the original song) So, yeah, since X Japan/Yoshiki loves his long records, nine songs is pretty much the sweet spot for them. (especially for me since I love my long, progressive track and less is often times more, but I digress). I'd say we have enough material for a full album. It's not going to be 13-14 tracks or however many Yoshiki has been promising, but it's an album nonetheless. Then again, I suppose it would be a glorified compilation since so many tracks would be rereleased. However, who gives a fuck about the specifics/technicalities when all X needs to do is drop this damn record so we can proceed to completely forget about them (well, at least Yoshiki, but then again maybe the rest of the band should be deemed guilty by association)?
  2. 吸血鬼 ~Kyūketsuki~

    Not only has Zin released two more singles in the past, he's also released like ten covers on his Youtube channel, including one of One More Light (which I personally prefer to Linkin Park's version) and Wake Me Up When September Ends. Regardless, I have to love how we've circled back to not giving a shit about Zin now that he's done screwing around with Hizaki. But, that's his own fault for leaving Jupiter instead of enjoying the good life.
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