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  1. Demivee

    From his official statement (Google translate): "As a member, as an artist, I am not qualified to stand on the stage with a feeling that I am half-hearted, and I offered to withdraw from the thought that it would cause excessive inconvenience to the members and customers who are supporting me. " And as @Duwangstated it seems that he had 0 motiviation to play in this band anymore.
  2. Demivee

    Oh wow, that came out of nowhere. I'm quite shocked.. The official statement offers that Taishi leaves due to illness issues and Ryuya seems to be literally done with DIMLIM. As I'm pretty sure that DIMLIM will continue after their Oneman I'm quite worried if they can sustain their actual sound. They created such an individual and perfect sound until now that I'm not sure if a replacement will work out.
  3. Demivee

    Omg that came out of nowhere. I never ever would have thougt that he will do a comeback. Cautiosly omptimisic that NUL will turn in something good. ...and of course hoping for a Despa comeback in a near future😆
  4. Demivee

    Missa - Garden Gauze - Cage Macabre - ザクロ Kisou - embryo six Ugly - umbrella Vulgar - The IIID Empire Withering to death - 孤独に死す、故に孤独。 The Marrow of a Bone - The Pledge Uroboros - 冷血なりせば Dum Spiro Spero - Decayed Crow The Unraveling - Macabre Arche - Behind a Vacant Image The Insulated World - Followers
  5. Demivee

    It seems like L changed the whole Linup of the band. Very surprising to see a new relaese as the website is not available anymore and the old YouTube account was deleted. Thougt they were dead, too. Seems like he reboots this whole Meme Project.
  6. Yeah especially during moments like the Minerva part in Rinkaku. It's so embarassing..
  7. Demivee

    I did. Well I have to say the songs are pretty good! This band definitely has potential and I hope they will stay for a while. Don't scare back from this ridiculous bad band Name and give them a try.
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