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  1. Demivee

    https://kyotakumrau.tumblr.com/post/190271978167/rock-and-read-087-interview-with-kyo-part-23 Interesting (part of an) interview with Kyo. He gives some (hilarious) new insights in the neverending theme of his hate to touring abroad. And what I found very interesting he tackles the theme of dissatisfaction and how it started with leaving his musically boundarys when he founded sukekiyo.
  2. Demivee

    Yeah they should take good care of that laptop with samples.. 🙃
  3. Demivee

    „We‘ve changed.now it‘s your turn next“ - lol wtf Retsu
  4. Demivee

    Dunno if it is correct to post it here but: I have 1 ticket for Dortmund and 1 ticket for Berlin for selling. If anyone is interested in one or both tickets please contact me.
  5. Demivee

    I will attend their Oneman in February. If they are selling the single at the merch-booth I may buy one for you.
  6. Demivee

    Ah now I see clear. Their masterplan was to step away from VK so that they can‘t be crowned for the worst rollout in VK history. 😂
  7. Demivee

    lol @ the first minute being a complete Take this life - In Flames rip off.
  8. Demivee

    If the whole album sounds as brutal as in the snippet it will be a banger
  9. Demivee

    It's out! But sadly this album sounds mediocore at it's best.. Maybe it clicks with me after a few spins. Outstanding tracks for me so far: PHILIA, anagram (what a beauty!) and 宇宙の詩 〜Higher and Higher〜.
  10. Demivee

    Gaika it was. 😮 I feel so sorry for LA recieving fucking STU..
  11. Demivee

    If lord Retsu would have been around 20 years ago he may have cured Kyo from his pain and showed him the ultimate way of expressing feelings on stage.
  12. Demivee

    Interesting thing that they play in two different venues in Berlin. I will try to attend both of them. I love Kowareta... to death and am really looking forward to this tour! 😍
  13. Going to Japan for my very first time in February!
    I'm trying to visit as much concerts as possible. I would be pleased if anyone has suggestions for some must-see-VK-acts . :)

    1. nomemorial


      Congrats - you'll have a blast!! I only got to attend 2 lives during my time in Japan, but there were 8 acts at the second live so I felt like a got at least a solid taste.


      Out of everyone I saw, I would argue the gulu gulu and MAMIRETA are absolute must-sees. Extremely high energy and fun from start to finish.


      I would also include DIMLIM in this sentiment, but I don't know how they've been since losing 2 members so I can't confidently say either way. They were great when I saw them, though - very emotive, raw performance, especially compared to many of the other bands that played.


      Past that, Hueye and MonstlloW impressed me a lot for newer bands so if you happen to catch them at a live you won't be disappointed. 


      Have fun!!!

    2. Demivee


      Wow, thank you so much for your reply! :)

      I will definitely check out the bands you recommended.

      As for DIMLIM I am a huge fan and my fingers are crossed that they will anounce a concert in February. :hyper:


      I hope I will find such an event as you visited. That would be as in my imagination: a small live house and some newcoming bands.


      I will report you my experiences. =)

  14. Demivee

    The whole representation of DIMLIM seems so confusing at the Moment. lol But they wouldn't have bothered to build a whole new website if they've had plans to disband in a few weeks. I'm 100% sure that we will get this album and it will bang!
  15. Demivee

    Here is an old gem from German TV. It is a cringeworthy story about a German girl who is obsessed with Mao from Sadie and runs away from home to find and marry him. This is from a German "reality" show which was broadcasted on a big channel. The broadcast is such obscure as I never ever saw something VK related on German TV. Beware of watching this shit.. you will develop a desire to destroy something afterwards.. XD
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