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  1. Nya_sist

    Did he retire?????? Sorry this is random and not on topic but I was curious.
  2. Nya_sist

    this is apparently where they started dating
  3. Nya_sist

    on the left he is an session guitarist
  4. Nya_sist

    meto had a live with yutori (pentagon) where he speaks plus there is talk about him dating a session guitarist named koyomi
  5. Nya_sist

    This hit way too close to home😂
  6. Nya_sist

    Hi 👋 😁
  7. Nya_sist

    The bassist reminds me of isami (archemi) I don’t know why
  8. Nya_sist

    I just got into them! That hurts!
  9. Yea but sometimes people that were abused and belittle when they were younger will want power over others when are older not all but some
  10. Nya_sist

    someone said tenten can speak English??? I hear things about him being mixed but that doesn’t mean he can english so now I’m curious Definitely did not know this
  11. Nya_sist

    I have also heard pentagon being early 20s but also saw someone say that minpha was in highschool but I don’t think so because he has a tattoo on his arm i feel like Kizu are young but like in their 20s
  12. Nya_sist

    Aren’t the boys from tensai pretty young or is it just tensai??
  13. Nya_sist

    I’ve heard of violence at lives!! I think I saw it on fuckyeahtanuki and the fan said she was stabbed with a pencil because She was getting attention from some fans fave
  14. Nya_sist

    I know the vocalist of gosan dislikes a lot of people but I don’t know why??? Like I understand Mathilda but didn’t he name other groups he disliked like poidol I thought there was groups that “fought” backstage but I don’t know about because can’t remember where I saw it i also know Gackt is hated by a few aswell
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