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  1. the new Cosmic Atrophy is pretty darn sweet
  2. norse_hell_wolf

    Gonna be the best thing since
  3. norse_hell_wolf

    definitely worth the wait.
  4. norse_hell_wolf

    probably some kind of hybrid kit. i have seen drumers have this pad thing on der kit. no idea what he du live.
  5. norse_hell_wolf

    has anyone leaked the new song ?
  6. norse_hell_wolf

    good to see he is working hard on the new album,
  7. norse_hell_wolf

    Enslaved - Frost Sigh - Imaginary Sonicscape (already have it on cd but the new repressing was to nice looking to pass on) Skepticism - Stormcrowfleet Demilich - Nespithe ( already have 20th Adversary of Emptiness cd nice to have a copy with the orginal art)
  8. norse_hell_wolf

    did the european tour have a decent attendance?
  9. norse_hell_wolf

    midi sound effects from the early 00's isn't the greatest sounding thing in the world.
  10. norse_hell_wolf

    Virus - Materials
  11. norse_hell_wolf

    that's an ............ interesting collection of songs. can someone get him in a retro heavy metal band this is a wasted of his voce.
  12. nice to see that Gara is is prepared for the winter.
  13. norse_hell_wolf

    Bigger transparent plastic exsist (a3, a2) maybe ask in a office supply store. There are also Art Portfolio Folders most disent art or photography stores probably have theme.
  14. norse_hell_wolf

    how do he afford to tour europe? traveling is not cheap and i can't imagine being a noname artist playing for under 100 people pay well.
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