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  1. norse_hell_wolf

    x japan as a tamburin player.
  2. norse_hell_wolf

    i have been thinking i should check this band out for some time. most of their diskografi is on spotify but ther are so many albums, what album is best to start with?
  3. the new Cosmic Atrophy is pretty darn sweet
  4. norse_hell_wolf

    Gonna be the best thing since
  5. norse_hell_wolf

    definitely worth the wait.
  6. norse_hell_wolf

    probably some kind of hybrid kit. i have seen drumers have this pad thing on der kit. no idea what he du live.
  7. norse_hell_wolf

    has anyone leaked the new song ?
  8. norse_hell_wolf

    good to see he is working hard on the new album,
  9. norse_hell_wolf

    Enslaved - Frost Sigh - Imaginary Sonicscape (already have it on cd but the new repressing was to nice looking to pass on) Skepticism - Stormcrowfleet Demilich - Nespithe ( already have 20th Adversary of Emptiness cd nice to have a copy with the orginal art)
  10. norse_hell_wolf

    did the european tour have a decent attendance?
  11. norse_hell_wolf

    midi sound effects from the early 00's isn't the greatest sounding thing in the world.
  12. norse_hell_wolf

    Virus - Materials
  13. norse_hell_wolf

    that's an ............ interesting collection of songs. can someone get him in a retro heavy metal band this is a wasted of his voce.
  14. nice to see that Gara is is prepared for the winter.
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