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  1. Doesn'tEvenGoHere

    Holy shit what is that auto tune? Is that an actual sample or a bad sample with an attempt to hide the vocals?
  2. Doesn'tEvenGoHere

    I hear a lot about shows from Europe where there's reportedly only like 10-20 people in the audience and wonder how the bands/management/promoters do it to justify the cost of bringing them over. I can't imagine they're making any money, so do they at least get their money's worth? How do they make it work?
  3. Doesn'tEvenGoHere

    The samples sound fun and in general I get a very "unfiltered" mood from them. I like it. But wouldn't be surprised if they don't last.
  4. Doesn'tEvenGoHere

    That sucks. I was looking forward to them. Still this must be a new record.
  5. Doesn'tEvenGoHere

    I've seen the Malice Mizer ones, Onegai versailles (I think that's what it was called), Oresama (I own that shit on dvd. don't judge me I was like 15), Moon Child, and a few others I can't recall too well. My favorite is Golden Bomber's "Sorinokoshita Summer" simply because it knows it's a badly-acted cheesy movie and doesn't take itself seriously.
  6. Doesn'tEvenGoHere

    It was Meto and Hitsugi from Nightmare. This was basically confirmed when Nightmare fans were given a notice like the very next day that Hitsugi had gotten hurt in a small accident and had thrown out his back (or something along those lines). No rumors about it being during a fight though. More like they were goofing off while drunk.
  7. Doesn'tEvenGoHere

    Band members I'd like to fight: Mana, Kamijo, Issei, Maria cross, Yoshiki, All of Gosan , R-shite's vocalist, Jojo , Mia. I could probably win against: Maria cross I think there's a lot of underestimating for the shorter guys going on here though. Being short doesn't mean they're weak. You have to take muscle mass and any kind of self defense skills they might have into consideration. I mean, unless you're a much bigger guy, I don't think Kyo would be easy to fight. And even Yomi from Nightmare had an era where he looked fit af.
  8. Doesn'tEvenGoHere

    I've tried several times to get into DIMLIM, it's not happening. Their songs are all over the place imo and they just end up sounding like noise to me. Kizu on the other hand are very well put together. Their songs are either really energetic or have just the right amount of emotion driving them. I have like maybe one Kizu song I don't care for. So it's easily going to be Kizu for me.
  9. Doesn'tEvenGoHere

    I'm 99% convinced I was the only kid in my high school who listened to VK. My dream back then was to find at least one other girl who also listened to VK who would be my bestie and who would fangirl together with me, so I made my interest pretty obvious (not obnoxious, just obvious). It never happened. The people who would approach me about it listened to regular Jrock bands, but not VK. Even when I would bring up VK bands, they'd just shrug it off and go back to talking about One Ok Rock or something. I guess I'm glad I could make new friends either way, but it didn't fill the void of having another VK fan to share joys and sorrows with irl. And there was no way in heck I could fathom having my main group of friends listen to VK. They were normies in every sense of the word (didn't like anime, geek culture, or anything along those lines). I was the geeky best friend who listened to weird looking japanese bands. We could talk to each other about almost anything, but when it came to VK, I was on my own. I DID turn to making friends online and feel I met some wonderful people. I have one online friend who I met thanks to VK who I love as much as my irl friends, but yeah, like other stories here, they eventually stopped caring about it too. I've met one guy irl who also liked VK and would talk to me about it, but apart from our interest in VK, he had a terrible personality and I cut him off. Now in university my luck hasn't gotten any better and I've basically had a parallel experience to others here about how even the crowd who's into japanese culture don't like VK. It's disheartening.
  10. Doesn'tEvenGoHere

    Isn't Natsuki an avocado farmer now or something? ↓ https://matome.naver.jp/odai/2154365998669574901?fbclid=IwAR03nLZfRJmh-5knPhp9kjB8Ur2zLJ_gN8vUo9RfE7lxCIeLIypMsrNYm84
  11. Doesn'tEvenGoHere

    I figure the goal for protective fans is to have their band have a following that's just large enough to keep activities going without having them become too popular.
  12. Doesn'tEvenGoHere

    And what's up with their obsession with Atsushi Sakurai? Nothing against Buck Tick, but Latin American fans seem to think he's god's gift to women.
  13. Doesn'tEvenGoHere

    Pretty much agree with everything that's been said here. The word stan really has become detached from the original meaning in Eminem's song and now I take it as meaning more "super devoted fan" than "stalker fan." I think so long as you're stanning a band for innocent fun, it's okay. It turns not okay when you start directly bringing other people into your obsession with methods such as cyber bullying or straight up stalking the artist, etc. But yeah, I use the word stan on myself all the time and I think it's okay for others to use it too. It's cute to see how much we get into our fandom. I also don't think I have any first-hand experiences with aggressively obsessive fans. I've seen screenshots of some pretty delusional shit, but never anything I was personally involved with. And even then, the behavior we see as psycho in the foreign base is mostly something minor like somebody getting mad at others for being mean to Ruki on twitter or writing poems to Kyo or some shit. Very meaningless, petty stuff. But maybe I've just been very lucky and haven't been exposed to the right levels of crazy. And no, I don't let stan behavior or fandom wars get in my way of enjoying VK. I just don't care enough to let it. I personally love our fandom, even with the crazy it comes with. It's much better than having no fandom at all. My main VK fandom has always been Nightmare and we're currently almost next to dead. I envy the lively fuckery other band fandoms have.
  14. Doesn'tEvenGoHere

    Same here. They give me a nice early 00's kind of feel. I like how all the previews on this sound. Though Lime's vocals do sound a little off.
  15. Doesn'tEvenGoHere

    I'm hyped. Undo was really nice and I was kind of worried this wouldn't sound as good since they've had a roller coaster thing going on in the past, but I'm glad this sounds as promising. Also Ryoga's hair in the mv reminds me of dragon beard candy.
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