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  1. Doesn'tEvenGoHere

    For the love of god, release at least one more album.
  2. Doesn'tEvenGoHere

    That is so cute.
  3. Doesn'tEvenGoHere

    He's having an eventful year.
  4. Doesn'tEvenGoHere

    Not an album (because they have no albums), but Oshimai by Kizu took a second listen for me to like. The music sounded great from the get-go, but Lime's vocals took some getting used to. I've been meaning to listen again to DIMLIM too and see if second time's the charm.
  5. Doesn'tEvenGoHere

    Damn, do they ever stop? Are you okay?
  6. Doesn'tEvenGoHere

    トラウマフラッシュバック has always been one of my favorite songs of theirs. Would have been nice if they had made an actual MV for it. lord knows it's miles better than anything on their last two releases.
  7. Doesn'tEvenGoHere

    Wasn't that shirt sold by Urban Outfitters? I remember it caused a bit of a stir by his fans. Wouldn't surprise me if a few of the weird fans bought it though.
  8. Doesn'tEvenGoHere

    They came for 8P-SB's entire career.
  9. Doesn'tEvenGoHere

    Band: Nightmare Album: Ejaculation by Jakigan Meister Song: Ojamashimasu by Mamireta
  10. Doesn'tEvenGoHere

    The previews sound pretty solid. I'm still kind of hesitant on whether I want to go into this wild purchasing spree just to have all the content again though. Depends on how convincing the material will be I guess.
  11. Doesn'tEvenGoHere

    I was hoping he would come back so bad. He was my favorite member and this just sucks.
  12. Doesn'tEvenGoHere

    I liked this single more than I anticipated. ヒューマンエラー and 十七 are the classic Kizu feel songs, 僕を残して死んでくロックンロール is fun and has a catchy chorus, and 繭 has a really nice summer nostalgia feel to it I can't really describe. Can't help but feel that they really should start to change up their formula soon though. I wonder if Lime or the other Kizu members have considered letting another member contribute to the writing so that Lime's style is balanced out by something else. Also I second the sentiment for the PV. Where is it?
  13. So I just noticed Mirai (Mamireta) deleted his twitter account...

    1. Aferni


      Well he may not be returning unfortunately

  14. Doesn'tEvenGoHere

    Holy shit what is that auto tune? Is that an actual sample or a bad sample with an attempt to hide the vocals?
  15. Doesn'tEvenGoHere

    I hear a lot about shows from Europe where there's reportedly only like 10-20 people in the audience and wonder how the bands/management/promoters do it to justify the cost of bringing them over. I can't imagine they're making any money, so do they at least get their money's worth? How do they make it work?
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