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  1. So who here is planning on going to see dimlim in Mexico? If I end up going I'm probably gonna only make it a 3-4 day trip but be cool to meetup with some people there (my spanish fortunately is decent)

  2. The biggest glowup in vk so far for 2020 is RAKUGAKI dropping the "x" from their name

    1. Himeaimichu


      It should be RakuLGaki, because they took an L when they signed to Ains. 


      I died inside making this shitty pun

  3. cdjapan published their top 100 cd's of 2019 and dir en grey was the only metal/vk-ish band to make it on there lol 

    1. nekkichi


      I literally CAN'T @ madonnas washed out ass outselling our entire beloved scene

  4. I'd be surprised if it actually led to anything but it's still fun to speculate, hiro from nocturnal bloodlust has been hanging out with Z from rshitei who just recently went on hiatus 🤔

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    2. sleepy coffee

      sleepy coffee

      Ya I probably have the semi unpopular opinion where I actually really like rshitei but I think in a new environment they all have more to show off, if that doesnt happen to be the case then well hopefully they comeback soon lol

    3. sleepy coffee

      sleepy coffee

      Chipathy or just chip idr

    4. Disposable


      I realised this as I was writing the question lol

  5. ex. DIMLIM bassist Taishi and some Canival members have a sessions band going on for anyone who cares

  6. fucking hell Otogi also composed everything in Awoi? what a fucking shame hes retired/vanished 

    1. xriko


      I agree it's a shame that he "left" the scene.

      On 90 songs, he have the lyric credit for 86 track alone, 1 is a duo with shou and the 2 others track are credited for shou. So about +96% are his lyrics. About the sound composing he has credit for 54 track alone + 1 duo with shou. avg 60,5%

      He was the real spirit of awoi until 2011.


      real math boi

  7. Looks like the band that came before rakuxgaki, amanjaku is having some sort of "revival" show

  8. doing a deep dive on larc-en-ciel beyond just theme songs theyve done for anime lol after i peep all of this is there any hyde solo stuff would people recommend or should i just check all of it out 

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    2. saishuu


      you can skip anything after faith tbh

      also this is an absolute bop



    3. saishuu


      also don't forget to check out laruku's best song



    4. IGM_Oficial


      ~"Blurry eyes" starts playing in the background~

  9. gonna need that new MV from The THIRTEEN asap considering how stunning their new look is 

  10. just found out 『正義』崇拝教團JUSTICE KING and 前田愛郎 releases were on itunes. havent used itunes since i was like 10 years old lmao but its worth using again just for this

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    2. nekkichi


      is it the justice king re-release album released by starwave or did they upload their noname label releases over there?..

    3. sleepy coffee
    4. sleepy coffee

      sleepy coffee

      I posted a YouTube playlist to all the songs on it in a UFJ thread

  11. Idk who here follows sports balls but over the last two days, two baseball players just signed contracts worth 7 years/$245 million and  9 years/$324 million and I'm just like, holy fuck

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    2. 123Sandman321


      That's even more than some of the biggest names in football, damn. It always suprises me just how much money there is in baseball.


      The only league I follow closely, nowadays is NHL and the biggest contract is Connor McDavid's 15 mil/year for 8 years (not accounting for Ovechkin's deal, he's had 10 mil for 13 years, but that runs out next year, I think). Marner and Matthews have a million more in bonuses, but their contracts are shorter.

    3. sleepy coffee

      sleepy coffee

      Ya baseball in general just seems insane how much money is involved 

    4. saishuu


      lmao this is insane. I only follow volleyball and top of the crop players only get between $1-3 million a season, which is already high for the sport.

  12. Tbh I think experiencing the entire album live has made me think very highly of the insulated world

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    2. Enki


      World of mercy is amazing though

    3. zombieparadise


      I liked the album at first, didn't love it, but after seeing it live I have to agree. It is very much a live album and has a lot of personality that doesn't come out in a non-live setting.

    4. nomemorial


      I think the production on the album doesn't do it any favors. Feels really flat, guitars lack any significant punch, etc. I think I'd like it overall a lot more if it were produced differently, so I'm not surprised to hear it translates better live.

  13. To whoever it may concern, yuuki (ex. UnsraW) is posting instagram stories with instruments and recording tech and it looks like hes putting down some vocals right now. you guys reckon something will actually come out of this or more false hope 

    1. Elazmus


      I was also seeing it and didn't want to bring it up for the same reason, I hope though!!

  14. Everytime I see yuuki post a new instagram story or post in general I get the smallest bit excited but so far no actual music career updates lol

  15. listened to the new articlear release and i thought it was alright but i assume this jin dude was much better in the past, so what are some recommended nega and black swan releases  

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    2. Takadanobabaalien


      Nega - the faded film of a Japanese sadness

    3. Ada Suilen

      Ada Suilen

      I'd suggest you to check Grave of the Sacrifice and Vanitas by Nega, even if I like all their stuff... about TBS I'd say Ousia too and mostly all their singles, in particular Kagune and Shitsuai to izon, sono kanshoku (Ushinai is beautiful!)


      P.S: Didn't know that Jin had a new band... I will tell my opinion about Articlear when I listened to them, too many releases to catch up with from other bands xD

    4. Aferni


      @sleepy coffee Articlear is alright, its just a bunch of TBS unused  material 

  16. kind of a random question to possibly ask, but where u guys buy ur piercings from? 

    1. sleepy coffee

      sleepy coffee

      this can also broaden to in general any sort of jewelry/accessory 

    2. platy


      A local piercing shop or bodyjewelleryshop.com



  17. super early prediction but i think NICOLAS is gonna be my favorite band of 2020 (assuming they actually make stuff available to purchase for us) 

  18.  yuuki from unsraw really needs to come back 

  19. Thinking about how idom@ster had one of their loli idols cover x japan for their game. I love japan.

  20. Dir en grey 1 month from now wew

  21. Bought both types of the new kizu and gulu gulu singles cause I'm bad with money, also copping new scapegoat. Sadly gonna have to pass on new razor mostly cause I gotta set some limits + that mv spot was underwhelming 

  22. Looks like that jack+mw is disbanding

  23. Maybe people dislike him because hes very outspoken or over the top edgy but i personally really fuck with madmans esprit music, especially that new Seoul single 

    1. Bear


      I'm pretty sure most people dislike him because he makes some of the absolutely worst music ever created by man.

    2. Enki


      Madmans esprit and ms isohp romatem are both great

  24. Anyone got any recs for some more catchy/electronic dancey vk stuff akin to stuff like dorothy by sukekiyo or  baptisma by glamscure


    I assume velvet eden is a good place to start anything else?

    1. cheesy_VK_Freak


      I guess you already know them, but just in case: Aural vampire.

      I like their track ‚preservative woman‘ a lot.

    2. Paraph


      秘密結社コドモA (a bit different than the bands mentioned, but fun electronic stuff), older Schwarz Stein, D'AIR, XA-VAT, Soft Ballet, Pride of Mind, マカロニ



  25. Labaiser is selling special cheki for halloween and saya is gonna dress up as a vampire and i need this more than anything else, pls kiwamu answer ur emails  

    1. sleepy coffee

      sleepy coffee

      if youre interested heres what the members are gonna dress up as 

      紗弥 : ヴァンパイア
      凪斗 : ガイコツ
      聖薇 : 特攻服
      大和 : 警官


      (google translate gave me wonky answers so ill let u guys figure out what it is) 

    2. crucifiction


      Kiwamu would rather throw a chair instead.

    3. violetchain


      My pop-up dictionary says the other costumes are:
      Tokkofuku jacket (the long ones worn by bousouzoku gang members)
      Police officer

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