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  1. sleepy coffee

    Coffee is the best, so many ways to have it. From quad espresso shots, to cold brew, and blended drinks I can have it basically in any form.
  2. sleepy coffee

    Gleipnir just premiered in Japan and will be on funimation for everyone in like 30 mins. absolutely cant wait to watch this this series the manga is fucking nutty
  3. sleepy coffee

    They're releasing song(s) early I guess to hold people over Song is available on basically every digital platform
  4. sleepy coffee

    3200 yen for 3 songs and 3 live songs lmao literally the last release it was like 5 or 6 live songs. Either way I'm probably copping both types since this is one of the few newish bands that still feel like theyre going strong
  5. sleepy coffee

    Man maybe it really is a Hiro and Taishi reunion lol
  6. sleepy coffee

    Ya same. I guess it was inevitable since Mar is also a old school guy and hes their songwriter. I wonder if one of the 2 members that left were the ones who were pushing the crazy synth sound
  7. sleepy coffee

    Mv spot for a new song will be released tmrw
  8. sleepy coffee

    nothing special, possibly better than anything else thats gonna come out this year
  9. sleepy coffee

    Tbh this kind of reads like sho is all aboard on where Retsu wants to take the band, hiroshi seems more subdued but hes always came off like that.
  10. sleepy coffee

    I've become readdicted to league of legends and probably good timing as well, as riot is now updating one of my favorite characters ever Fiddlesticks and his voice is absolutely insane Dude straight up sounds like hes better at harsh vocals than most vocalists in metal and vk lmao, cant wait to play him in a few weeks.
  11. sleepy coffee

    Fingers crossed Taishi reunites with Hiro lol
  12. sleepy coffee

    Will update this down the road when they most likely announce new music
  13. Ya maybe a hiatus is for the best actually
  14. Someone brought it up in chat box but figured some people dont check that out too often. 


    Akane has locked his Twitter which doesnt really say much when it comes to vk bandmen but I do find his new description interesting, comeback soon?

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    2. 123Sandman321


      Man, dont bring up my hopes like that, fuck

    3. Axius


      Hmmm this will be interesting to see if he actually might possiably maybe almost maybe come back

    4. nekkichi
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