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  1. sleepy coffee

    Hmmmm this seems interesting, I've only ever heard one song from this band, like sunrise or something idr this was a decade ago.
  2. sleepy coffee

    I definitely recommend her service btw, I've purchased several orders from them over the past year and they all went smoothly with no problems.
  3. If only this was a real vs. battle and the oboreru sakana era dadaroma can eliminate whatever the hell is going on nowadays
  4. sleepy coffee

    Volume 6 of Gleipnir came out today and wow this newest volume was a rollercoaster of emotions and boy did it end on a high/hype note. I doubt the upcoming anime will cover this far unless it's a 24+ep season but nevertheless it's been fantastic so far and if anyone needs something new that's edgy and over the top but overall fun definitely give it a shot.
  5. I kind of wished certain bands would stop overcharging for mini albums at 3000+ yen because I've come to terms with it probably being my preferred length/format when it comes to vk releases. Singles are just too short in general and when a band is really good 2-3 songs just doesnt cut it and idk I just dont think theres alot of bands out there capable of keeping my interest for 45+mins/10+ tracks.

  6. sleepy coffee

    Jesus didn't know even gazette struggles these days. But then again I did see alot of empty seats at their los angeles show
  7. sleepy coffee

    It's been A few days but im currently on chapter 130ish of one piece. Kind of amusing to think this would have been something I'd 100% gush over and be obsessed with as a kid/teen but here I am barely experiencing it for the first time in my mid 20s and I still think it's been fantastic so far.
  8. sleepy coffee

    Tbh I'm still gonna forever support for as long as they keep going but fucking thank god I decided to not go to this show and spend like 400 bucks on a plane ticket
  9. sleepy coffee

    I feel like people exaggerate the last single being bad because kuroi ame was a ballad and black rain was a mistake. As far as typical good kizu tracks go 銃声 and 息のできる死骸 are right up there.
  10. sleepy coffee

    I feel like I have a different opinion on the album on every listen I've had so far (which is around 15ish listens so far). I think my final stance on this album is that it's still enjoyable and fine for me but theres just 5 songs that I'd consider top.
  11. sleepy coffee

    Setlist for their recent oneman final. basically only new song they played was the very last track and its an acoustic one (possible bside on the upcoming single?)
  12. sleepy coffee

    Definitely copping it then if pops up on cdj or somewhere convenient
  13. sleepy coffee

    Is this not a live limited release then
  14. sleepy coffee

    I never understood why care so much about a band ripping off diru when diru never sounds the same from album to album. Might as well let someone else copy a sound they're obviously never going back to.
  15. sleepy coffee

    I will say because I just noticed, there was a season in 2017 that I guess was supposed to be a faithful adaptation/continuation covering that kyoto/impure king arc so maybe it's worth watching that but ya otherwise the anime is actually surprisingly really good rn and I'm kind of surprised it's not really talked much about.
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