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  1. sleepy coffee

    well its something at least for now
  2. Well it's better than some notable bandmen who left their edgy vk bands to make poppier music lol
  3. sleepy coffee

    FUUUUUCK this song slaps so fucking hard I fucking love it. I need this single in my hands rn
  4. The artist thread is closed for some reason so posting this here
  5. sleepy coffee

  6. sleepy coffee

    Another pic with the vinyl but no information on that part of it.
  7. sleepy coffee

    Went to double check because he never stated on social media if he worked on kidoairaku, but then I checked out my own copy and hes credited on that as well. And since dimlim has basically transitioned from vk to jmetal like Katsuya I reckon he should still be around the band helping them out
  8. sleepy coffee

    Hopefully Katsuya is around again to help out with the album. Idk how much impact he has but usually everything he helps out with on the mixing and mastering side of things turns out golden
  9. sleepy coffee

    Welp here we go
  10. sleepy coffee

    I wonder what platform theyll be distributing it from since I've never seen that price for a digital release. Also I assume the vinyl thing is either not happening or later down the road considering the physical version doesnt have a release date yet
  11. sleepy coffee

    Not to sound like a hipster but i usually associate with stuff becoming more popular also becoming more bland and boring (with rare exceptions) so I'm kind of happy with this being as niche and small as it is. Last thing I'd really wanna draw in is crowds that act like kpop or ariana grande fans lol
  12. sleepy coffee

    Ya that part of it is really dumb unless he had planned to release it for everyone eventually or put some of the tracks on the upcoming album but neither one happened so lol
  13. sleepy coffee

    1/28 gonna be a busy day of music (for me). Also got the thirteen and labaiser to look forward to on top of this, fingers crossed everything turns out great lol
  14. sleepy coffee

    Welcome! Also just out of curiosity what is lolicore lol
  15. sleepy coffee

    Tbf piracy is a digital thing and you can buy their stuff digitally. Not being able to buy a copy physically sucks but it shouldn't be a reason you resort to pirating (doesnt apply to their live limited stuff)
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