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  1. sleepy coffee

    boring games out of the way that havent changed for awhile now is League of Legends and Valorant. anyone who's a league player should have an idea of how miserable that game is, Valorant on the other hand is cool but at the end of the day its cs:go clone for shitters. now for the more exciting games. Dishonored 2 & Dishonored: Death of the Outsider: I played the every living fuck out of the first game and loved every second of it, easily a top 3 contender for favorite game of all time. with that being said i played Dishonored 2 awhile ago and it just didnt grip me. Recent i gave it another playthrough, this time playing as Corvo (the character you play as in the first game, in Dishonored 2 you have the choice of playing between Corvo or his daughter Emily). and went wit a stealth/low chaos (low chaos meaning you kill very few people, it impacts the ending of the game) and found it very rewarding and fun this time around. the game is fucking solid and probably objectively is a superior game to the first one. Now a game i have yet to play from the franchise is the only other one there is, Death of the Outsider. Now as far as i understand it, originally it was supposed to be a DLC/Expansion to Dishonored 2 but i dont know, something happened and they turned it into its own standalone game, although its a much smaller/shorter game, which is reflected in the price (half the cost of the mainline games). For anyone whos aware of the Dishonored universe, theyre aware of who the Outsider is and how impactful he is to the story so it is a bit strange the title of the game spoils a big part of it, but it actually didnt ruin the experience for me at all. if anything this game felt very solid from a narrative pov moreso than the other games, although was far weaker when it came to gameplay/powers you had. Before I keep going on and on and on if youve never played any of the Dishonored game you owe yourself to play at least the first one and see how you like it. Other games ive played but not completed: Spongebob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom - Rehydrated: I guess this is some remaster/remake of some old ass spongebob game that had a niche but very passionate fanbase? its relaxing and fun enough but i havent gotten far enough and so far it just feels like youre going around and collecting, well collectibles lol. ULTRAKILL: I dont even know how to explain this game. New Blood is the company tha publishes/develops this game and their entire schtick is making games that are basically spiritual successors to classic games, primaril first person shooters. basically anything from quake, doom, mad max, and so on. So far ULTRAKILL only has a demo out but its still worth checking out and honestly all their games is. me explaining it is doing them a disservice so instead heres a trailer they made with all their games basically lol Games i barely played but maybe will get one day around to: Blasphemous: Metroidvania but with a fucking gnarly hardcore aesthetic, the buzzword to throw around is basically dark souls but i dont know how else to describe it Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+: i love the style and how it plays but man with how rng it is some runs can just be really unfun so i cant play it for long
  2. sleepy coffee

    Revisited the Dishonored franchise recently, now that ive had the chance to replay Dishonored 2 and finally get around to playing Death of the Outsider i can confidently say this is my favorite video game franchise of all time, but on the subject of music holy fucking hell does it have some excellent pieces. dont want to spam this thread up with so many memorable tracks from the ost but its definitely worth checking out
  3. man idk since i dont pour them out of the can but any of the monster drinks if they happen to be transparent works for me lol
  4. sleepy coffee

    I just looked through Twitter and I cant find anything about this so where are you hearing it from? The only thing I noticed different is Retsu's display name on Twitter now is just 02 (I think before it was dimlim Retsu or something) but his @ still has dimlim in it
  5. sleepy coffee

    Holy fucking clever sleazoid is hype af, I cant wait to see what they do with that song
  6. sleepy coffee

    so whos your source
  7. Wataru coming back is very good but how about akane next 

  8. sleepy coffee

    If its anything like their decida of silence-XII era stuff I'm fine with it
  9. sleepy coffee

    Am I being pranked or is this actually happening
  10. Hopefully their relationship and connections with Katsuya leads to this happening, maybe gives them a chance to pivot back to a better path
  11. sleepy coffee

    I know it's a joke thread but while on the subject I always wondered if something happened behind the scenes for Kizu when they first revealed 0 cause they all had black face as their promo image and then weeks later they all removed it (besides kyonosuke but even his was more toned down). I doubt they got much backlash that forced them to change it but just found it strange. In case anyone forgot here it is To a couple weeks later
  12. sleepy coffee

    @Seelentau by a fucking long shot
  13. They're one of those bands better live than in studio so I'm hyped for this
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