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  1. sleepy coffee

    LA show was sick af, biggest surprise was merciless cult
  2. sleepy coffee

    It could be very tiny venues as far as I know but it seems like a huge chunk of their shows sell out
  3. sleepy coffee

    Alevas will have a free one man Thursday night where it seems like theyll be allowing people to take photos and record it throughout its entirety (gulu also did this recently, is vk finally taking its head out of its ass?) And it seems like theyll also have some sort of release at the show too that I imagine we'll probably never get to hear lol
  4. sleepy coffee

    Wow this is very different from anything theyve done so far but I fucking love it, I cant tell tho have they clarified whether this is a live limited release or for the moment is it just a mv
  5. sleepy coffee

  6. sleepy coffee

    Despite really liking 12012 last 4 or 5 releases, I will concede that shudder was not only peak 12012 but peak vk
  7. I'm really loving these samples, definitely getting my hands on this
  8. i dont listen enough to this band to give a fair opinion but i feel like the vocalist is what makes them different and unique. whether or not someone likes it or if its good or bad
  9. sleepy coffee

    i cant tell if its a coincidence or something but dimlim's oneman in september was also called proof of existence lmao
  10. sleepy coffee

    the audacity of calling this avant garde, im howling
  11. sleepy coffee

    A tease of what's to come and also revealing more on 12/8
  12. sleepy coffee

    Holy fuck I've watched this nero guy since he first started out YouTube so this is actually really awesome to see
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