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  1. https://twitter.com/RoyalStageMX these guys have been retweeting everything starwave related and it looks like THE SOUND BEE will be playing in mexico in november, maybe these guys are gonna try to start pushing more starwave bands to perform in mexico and hopefully spread out to the rest of north america 

  2. My ALEVAS package has finally gotten through customs, cant wait for it to get here

  3. This saturday is that dimlim one man and also the final show with Taishi and Ryuya and dimlim have no more shows or anything announced after this. I wonder if theyll continue temporarily as a 3man piece like they did with the silent song, go on hiatus to find new members like dadaroma did or something else 

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    2. SubThatSong


      I'm hopeful, at least! I really wish I could go to the live tomorrow, not to mention God I want to buy that damn 喜怒哀楽. Live limited stuff makes me sad. Just give me the option to buy it on CDJapan when I'm less broke lol, I got to buy 離人 soooo long after the release, but at least I could buy it 😅

    3. Fyrnia4Maya


      They just announced that the 3 members will do a oneman later this year, and they have new classy styles too! It's on their Twitter now

    4. SubThatSong


      Yeah, I saw it on my phone when they posted it, I'm really glad. The picture really surprised me!

  4.  Looks like some sessions band is around with morrigan vocalist, dimlims original bassist, and the drummer that just got kicked out of yumeleep

    1. saiko


      'Not alone'

    2. suji


      really curious about 70 and tomoya being from "cula/scala" ....is this another name they're going by?

    3. helcchi


      Scala is the session band they have with ex.LIM members. I thought they’d already written original songs, so it was surprising to see they had joined cula.

  5. I ended up not caring much for the full album but wasnt deviloof supposed to have a 3rd look and mv 🤔🤔🤔

    1. IGM_Oficial


      Yes, but they couldn't do it

  6. some random ass single from lay about world is available on digital platforms worldwide but their first mini album isnt and i bet their upcoming full length wont be either,. these vk bands or their labels are random af with what they want available or not 

    1. chipathy


      with that being said im probably using a proxy service for the upcoming full length cause that recent music video slaps hard 

  7. anyone who uses an android phone and occasionally purchases music from the playstore, is there a way for that purchased music to show up on other 3rd party music apps cause frankly the official playmusic app sucks donkey nuts 

    1. secret_no_03


      Download to your device via the Google music app and they should show up. I've used black player and currently use pulsar and my SiCX stuff works just fine.

  8. 1374796030634.png the activity feed for the past 12 or so hours 

    1. Enki


      Shooketh by all the kinks

    2. secret_no_03
  9. Shout out to cdjapan who has my money and the cds in stock but cant be bothered to package them and send em out

    1. Paraph


      i think they were relocating warehouses recently. maybe a delay regarding that.

    2. chipathy


      oh fuck ur right, thanks for the headsup 

  10. going through some threads of bands around here and did any band go through a bigger change of perspective and opinion from users around here than The THIRTEEN


    people were absolutely clowning and hating on Pandemic and i think Liar Liar as well but i only see praise and positive stuff from Evil Mad Science and onward

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    2. saishuu


      might not have been as drastic, but dimlim wasn't really well liked before vanitas iirc

    3. chipathy


      hmm i wasnt around so im not sure what dimlim opinions were prior to vanitas but i dont think they got as slammed and as hated on as The THIRTEEN. its just interesting to see band's either drastically improve as is the case with those 2 bands and vice versa 

    4. nekkichi


      pandemic sounds like someone pressing a dental drill in ur skull, their reception obv went uphill once they found a decent mastering engineer.

  11. Still crying over the fact there were new releases from laveil mizeria, crucifixion, and rasen and too broke to get ahold of it 

  12. D_4rCjHWsAIBjGG.png


    my compliments to the chef

  13. Yo am I the only one who thinks 十七 is possibly better than ヒューマンエラー

    Might be the first time I think a b side track is better than the title track in all of Kizu's singles

  14. i know as time goes and they become more popular, people are gonna be even more divided on Kizu than they already are but imo with each release im more and more convinced that this band has the IT factor.

  15. Fuck summer

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    2. YuyoDrift


      Wear a hat.


      No seriously, wear something on your head. Depending on where you live, if the sun can penetrate the atmosphere well enough you have a chance at singeing the hairs off your scalp. Some bald guy here in CO got skin cancer from sun exposure.

    3. psychonnect_rozen


      The heat can kiss my ass

    4. secret_no_03


      I hate this heat, fall needs to hurry up and get here.

  16. I bought Type A so idk if my opinion is gonna change much if I have the whole package but I think Human Error is my new favorite Kizu release

    1. chipathy


      And yes, theyve gone back to pre Heisei production and audio quality 

  17. wait these RAKUxGAKI/amanjaku guys are incredible wtf have i been missing out on 

    1. platy



    2. chipathy


      do these guys just like meme on different vk styles/cliches/tropes, every new look and single is completely different from the last lmao 

  18. new dimlim merch is sick af, i need to definitely cop everything 

  19. Is there any non vk Japanese acts people would recommend (still in the metalish area)


    I basically just listen to anything Katsuya is involved in 

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    2. chipathy


      wait katsuya worked with fucking girugamesh too???? 

    3. helcchi


      Yeah, just the mixing and mastering for their last mini album because Ryo was his Senpai and I guess let him do it so he could get his foot in the door

    4. chipathy



  20. Still blasting album of the year, kyouten by verxina dont @ me

    1. lichtlune


      @chipathy I tried it but got bored after the first listen and never touched it again :(

    2. nekkichi


      yas verxina yas AOTY

  21. Cant this site just go back to sucking kizu and dimlim's dicks 24/7 or something 

    1. suji


      i'd like that too pls

    2. Komorebi


      I strongly encourage you to make a thread named Kizu and Dimlim dick sucking marathon or something.

  22. Kebyo fucks hard,

  23. wtf new kizu single is already next tuesday, time flies 

  24. Kizu having a hologram concert, this has to be a first for visual kei right 

    1. IGM_Oficial


      Munou na lucid did it before it was cool x

  25.  New KEBYO single

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