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  1. chipathy

    im a dude so take whatever opinions i have of parenthood with a grain of salt but after seeing how much of a fucker i was growing up, how much of a couple fuckers my brothers were growing up, and being exposed to bratty and shitty middle school and high school kids at work the last thing id ever want is a child. what an absolute nightmare to think about
  2. While everyone waits for god knows when the heisei music video drops heres my rankings for their main tracks 



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    2. chipathy


      Yeah it still feels pretty odd to me nothing is out yet since I'm pretty sure stores in japan are open now and the single is basically available, oh well hopefully the wait is worth it since given their trajectory this can be another incredible single 

    3. 123Sandman321


      It's fucking 9 AM, in the Ramen-land, I hope the PV is there when I wake up.

    4. chipathy


      i still have about 5 or 6 hours of being awake before i gotta get some sleep for work so hopefully i get to see it before that lol 

  3. Tbh I fuck with all of Hiro's projects from visage to verxina but I feel like I'm the only one who actually digs verxina the most for the exact reason some people dislike it. I just love how messy and over the top it sounds sometimes, it feels more unique and different in that regard

    1. chipathy


      Ofc I'm not staring it's his most impressive or objectively best project, it just has the most appealing sound to me 

    2. saishuu


      gossip is my favorite because it could be emo as fuck sometimes and I fuck with that kind of music the most, but Verxina being messy is over the top is exactly what draws me to them as well. to each their own

  4. Holy hell, a 3rd and most likely final season for oregairu (that teen romantic comedy snafu anime) has been announced, I'm so happy and excited 

  5. chipathy

    Ya whatever they're doing its surely working since theyve seemed to be the hot thing for nearly 2 years now, I just think every other release had a trailer a week or so beforehand
  6. chipathy

    Definitely cant be the best way of promoting your new release and maximizing sales but oh well
  7. chipathy

    I can dig it, granted with how the instrumentals sound I feel like some harsh vocals would be incorporated but otherwise all good
  8. chipathy

    Bl means boys love
  9. his screams were never good be it the recent releases or the first couple tbf
  10. chipathy

    if the band aint dark/edgy/screaming theres a 99% i wont even give them a chance
  11. chipathy

    the absolute mildest of takes ever but i still dont see the appeal of basically any shounen ever, maybe something like hxh is ok but for the most part everything just seems to be just run of the mill action and power of friendship bullshit. id honestly find more entertainment from some tasteless ecchi/borderline hentai borefest where basically every mc is just some guy constantly horny but never gets to fuck
  12. chipathy

    the new green monster cans called Ultra Paradise are fucking amazing and ive had like 12 cans within the past 2 weeks or so, the best part if they work with my keto diet
  13. chipathy

    dw it doesnt matter,
  14. maybe im just biased towards alot of recent bands or something and also just really hate others but it does seem like these last few years into current day weve had some of the most exciting vk bands come up and also some of the absolute most dogshit garbage ass earfuck abominations ever

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    2. monkeybanana4


      Haha, five stars for your perfect description of the VK genre. There's great gems, and then there's questionable ones where you're wondering where the hell they even came from, lol.


      Also like @Gesu said, I think it's nice to be able to express your opinions on MH and not get completely flamed or be treated like utter trash for it (Thinking of places like YouTube...)  

    3. Gesu


      @monkeybanana4 I'm getting Vietnam flashbacks to a YT comment war on MEJIBRAY's Eiki PV that started when someone said she hated VK because it's "gay and the bois look like gurls". When people told her she was being ridiculous, she said and I quote "What if I said that I HATE visual kei?" and I think she got disappointed when everyone said they wouldn't really give a shit. Ahh, memories.

    4. Komorebi


      God, yes, I agree. So many both great and shitty bands coming and going. And I love the forum because you can just say x band sucks ass and you won't get 20+ butthurt fangirls demanding you get banned from the group lol

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