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  1. chipathy

    I've eaten like 2 of my obis and just toss the others to the side
  2. chipathy

    The m word
  3. i cant believe i ended up liking the full version of 僕を残して死んでくロックンロール. 繭 isnt anything too special but its a pleasant and calm listen. ヒューマンエラー and 十七 on the other hand are classic kizu hype and energetic tracks so those are the best of the bunch
  4. Yo am I the only one who thinks 十七 is possibly better than ヒューマンエラー

    Might be the first time I think a b side track is better than the title track in all of Kizu's singles

  5. chipathy

    Fuck my ass
  6. chipathy

    I follow some random drummer who I have 0 clue who he is but he ended up being drums for this band and I think he posted clips of it
  7. chipathy

    wow this sucks shit
  8. chipathy

    wow nice of them to post a trailer now
  9. i know as time goes and they become more popular, people are gonna be even more divided on Kizu than they already are but imo with each release im more and more convinced that this band has the IT factor.

  10. chipathy

    From my bit of research in the last 10 hours yes
  11. chipathy

    Tbh I dont blame people who cant listen to or support a band if it has shitty people in it but for the most part I personally dont really care.
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