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  1. chipathy

    they havent announced it on twitter yet but saw it on their website. Typical razor single format, type a will have 2 tracks + 1 dvd of the mv and type b have 3 tracks. Releasing nov 6th.
  2. ive only listened to a few songs here and there but im gonna finally do a deep dive on 

    マルコ discography today, pretty excited 

    1. suji


      good choice! their two best albums, 穴二つ, have their early discog, including their earlier live only singles. sadly I've lost hope on getting the rest of their live limited discog...at least they have a full album too, but their mini album is probably the best!

    2. chipathy


      I'll be sure to check out as much possible, only got to listen to a little before errands distracted me but gonna get back on it later tonight, also am I mistaken in thinking a majority of their stuff is on digital stores everywhere?

    3. suji


      yeah they're on spotify under Marco/Maruko I think :3

  3. where is their music being sold? i cant find anything
  4. any chance someone has heard or access to MaRiA by Kro:nos??? seems like a stretch since i cant find shit, but im mostly interested since it was LiME's band back in 2011

  5. chipathy

    might as well start training one of the guitarists or something to do harsh vocals if this is the case
  6. chipathy

    Good luck my dude
  7. chipathy

  8. chipathy

    i hope we get an actual music video cause this is kind of lame but the song itself is sick,
  9. chipathy

    I fucks with this
  10. damn my diru and rshitei stuff already looks like theyre shipping and that doesnt release til wednesday

  11. chipathy

    thissssss, its especially evident in the vanitas songs but im sure it applies to most other songs post issei era
  12. chipathy

    Fuuuuck ;~;
  13. chipathy

    Looks like an important notice from the band but i cant read it, anyone wanna give a tldr translation? Seems to involve coco so hopefully nothing bad
  14. chipathy

    Supposedly the single released on 9/11, any idea if they delay digital distrubition?
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