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  1. chipathy

    Miztavla, avelcain, crucifixion, laveil mizeria, nocturnal bloodlust,
  2. chipathy

    MISSA- Garden Gauze- Raison Detre Macabre-taiyou no so Kisou-that keloidmilk track Six ugly-umbrella Vulgar-Asunaki Koufuku, Koenaki Asu Withering to death- kodou The marrow of a bone- clever sleazoid Uroboros- red soil 12012- Suicide Dum spiro spero-diabolos The unraveling- macabre The black diamonds- Rosario Madrigal de Maria- Madara Arche- revelations if mankind The insulated world-Zetsuentai
  3. chipathy

    In the middle
  4. chipathy

    Signal, unsraw, sadie, 12012
  5. chipathy

    Any of the live limited stuff from laveil mizeria, crucifixion, glamscure, rasen etc It's probably not super hard to get ahold of but I'm too lazy and broke atm
  6. chipathy

    Regular cheaper edition is next month
  7. chipathy

    Looks ok and it's New York so that's never in the.middle of nowhere
  8. I really like the look and this band but all these free lives and now non physical releases of songs is making me feel a bit anxious were nearing an end
  9. chipathy

    An actual serious answer is probably cause western fans pirate up the ass (not judging fwiw) and it's rare for vk fans in japan to be the source of piracy afaik
  10. Do yall ever just drop a hobby or interest you've had basically all your life out of the blue and start wondering what to do with all the extra free time lol

  11. chipathy

    UnsraW-Spiral Circle Sadie-Master of Romance Dimlim-CHEDOARA Dir en grey-Kisou Kuroyuri to Kage-Hiniku na Tane no Hikutsu na me In no particular order
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