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  1. chipathy

    day by day was definitely the best song on this release
  2. chipathy

    I think d.i.d. and ligro are completely different scenarios from dimlim considering both vocalists were well yeah lol
  3. chipathy

    That's fine to me, I'll buy it twice if I have to lol
  4. chipathy

    New album postponed to January. http://dimlim.jp/ They also have a new revamped website where theyve removed everything in the discography section prior to chedoara. Also I cant understand completely the apology and delayed announcement but apparently the new album will be mostly distributed through digital means but therell still be ways to buy it physical for overseas? Idk
  5. chipathy

    Also saw everything and literally all those people I saw on that side of vk twt are people i never wanna interact with anyways. Literally missing brains.
  6. chipathy

  7. the front side has the link i posted and thats the message im greeted with. the front of the card also has a serial number or something so i guess thats how we'll eventually be able to access the video but i cant tell if i dont have access in the first place because im like outside of japan or if its just not ready
  8. https://www.gulugulu-official.com/nozoki1/ any idea what this is? my order came with these card things that directed me to this site but nothing shows up. this is the back of the card if anyone wants to take a go at translating for us.
  9. chipathy

    i kind of always suspected this from the beginning with the way their flyers are stylized and stuff but i guess they really are a part of starwave records? or at the very least affiliated/funded by them
  10. chipathy

  11. chipathy

    if their prior releases are available i imagine this one will be too
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