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  1. My wallet please, theres now like 4 or 5 releases I want next month
  2. chipathy

    After hearing the mv spot I was expecting more out of this but still decent enough
  3. I honestly cant say why but I also love it lol
  4. chipathy

  5. Cant read but I assume this is something about the drummer leaving the band, sad news
  6. Those 3 are actually the most standout tracks for me lol
  7. Oh man I loved every track besides the second so far and I still liked it enough, this release is 😫👌
  8. chipathy

    Basing of the 2 songs some dude uploaded on the tubes this shit sounds hella good
  9. December is gonna be a BUSY BUSY BUSY MONTH
  10. jesus these are gonna be their 6th and 7th releases this year, talk about the hustle
  11. kizu and dimlim have been an absolute blessing 

  12. Have they announced the details of what's going to be on the 2nd disc of the live DVD for the limited edition version
  13. chipathy

    just preordered the new mini albums from razor and dadaroma and also munou na lucid's debut single all to arrive this month, ecstatic as hell to get them, my first purchases since getting back into vk in the past few months