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  1. benzaiten._

    So much better than the first single, but still... nothing to be surprised. The only thing that keeps me coming back to check these guys is that i loved Seiya in Deviloof but something here is lacking
  2. benzaiten._

    I think that they re-recorded all those songs because even if they were released not that long ago the production quality is absolute trash, i like most of the songs but they sound so bad that i can't stand them for too much so i'm stoked for the re-recordings tbh!
  3. benzaiten._

    Mangtanshi is a hell of a song, love the vibe that gives (and the basslines are soooooooo cool!) Btw, i didn't catch their livestream
  4. benzaiten._

    Wow, the artwork looks amazing tho
  5. benzaiten._

    The title track is fantastic, loving it since the first listen!
  6. benzaiten._

    Omg a total 33 songs on the 'Extra' edition?!?! that's sick!! (Oh yes, on the Red one also hehe)
  7. benzaiten._

    yoshiki counts as his son?
  8. benzaiten._

    before and after reading the super ultra BIG announcement.........what was i even expecting from yoshiki? lol
  9. benzaiten._

    Welcome! Hope you have some fun here
  10. benzaiten._

    The japaneses have a very odd use of music tags and genre calling so i don't expect the song to literally be a speed metal one haha but sounds interesting tho! i'm hyped
  11. no thanks that would be even worse than the covid-19 pandemic
  12. my favorite Die so far ooffff
  13. Idk i'm all on the hype with that Clever Sleazoid remake, the deeper vileness one they did for TIW was savage af so i'm expecting the same for this
  14. benzaiten._

  15. benzaiten._

    aaaaaaaaaaand it's sujk!!! ajhjaskljfkjaskhjkajsdklklkj i'm dead
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