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  1. slvts

    Where did you find the info about Dreambox? Would love to see the individual credits on DSS if possible.
  2. slvts

    Sorry I was meant to say proggier, I quite enjoy these 4/5min songs that still manage to be quite a journey. Just very curious to hear what Sukekiyo would do with a 7-10 min track.
  3. slvts

    Had a couple of half-listens, being at work. For the most part I'm enjoying it, tracks 7, 12, and 13 are really interesting. I actually love 'dorothy' suprisingly, haha! Would've really liked to see them tackle a prog song (how would Sukekiyo's Vinushka/Diabolos sound?). CD 2 I haven't gotten to, but I'm honestly just not interested in Kyo-and-friends karaoke. Some demos, b-sides (Rongai na Ikimono Toshite is possibly better than everything on this album, apart from being demo quality) and maybe some scoustic versions!? Tada Mada with an acoustic guitar, piano, light percussion and acoustic bass anyone? With Kyo rerecorded specifically for the track (no Diru 'unplugged' versions haha).
  4. slvts

    I regularly use CDJ so I had a lot of points to cash in
  5. slvts

    Let's just say I'm 29347690270.846534676 yen down...
  6. slvts

    Anyone else go through CDJapan? They still haven't sent my copy out, how long did it take to get to you?
  7. slvts

    Howdy folks - does anyone know where the first places to hear the album will be? Got my hard copy on pre-order, but want to listen ASAS!
  8. slvts

    @jerk I live in Australia have used CD Japan a handful of times. Takes between a week and a month to reach me.
  9. slvts

    If you go onto their website it's the featured video that comes up automatically. They haven't made a 'news' update so I figured they accidentally uploaded it early.
  10. Hey I noticed someone posted the individual writer credits for TIW. Where can I find them for other albums (eould love to see them for Uroboros, DSS, and Arche). Enjoying TIW so far, though after four years and following up the last three albums, it's quite underwhelming. Feel like they didn't expand enough on songs and ideas.
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