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  1. libertine

    According to this interview with Kaoru, he was there to meet someone and just stayed to watch the show. He didn't go backstage after the show, which is why there are no photos.
  2. Something like that, I think. In Japan, the whole honne-tatemae thing is expected and there are often ramifications to not conforming to it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Honne_and_tatemae The book and film Tokage hinted at Tanin No Kao/The Face of Another, where the mask/face transplant changes one's identity, personality and morals, seems to be almost certainly an inspiration. Sounds very much like something Kyo would be into. This is interesting too. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smile_mask_syndrome
  3. libertine

    I've been listening to ASMR stuff for yeeears, but think most of that stuff is kind of nausiating. I don't mean just the totally-not-simulating-a-blowjob videos, but the more general things too like how 99% of the people have those self-satisfied scientologist smiles and act like this hand model. It's creepy af. If I had just found out about ASMR, I might have even thought it was a scientology thing. Like you go to a Scientology Center for a free audit and they ask if you'd like to learn more about LRH. How about scheduling a Purification Rundown and buying this $200 set of books on Dianetics? Oh, and here are our ASMR tapes to help you relax. Learn about your triggers and get on your way up the Bridge to Total Freedom.
  4. Dir En Grey - 20th Century Boys?
  5. libertine

    A one-man tour around Japan and his vocal cords fold. Of course that's never going to happen, so I give him a year or two, depending on how much of his time he dedicates to perfecting his bad techniques.
  6. libertine

    I can see the similarity, but I'm wondering whether this is just about style or if there are actual copied subjects. If there are, then fair enough. However, stylistically it's all literally just stock edgy high schooler art and I don't think this artist has any legal or moral ownership of it. It's not like every shitty hobby photographer credits the inventor of the depressed in a bathtub picture either.
  7. libertine

    My point is that he sounds much better overrall. Even if he overuses some mannerisms and makes mistakes, it's still better than anything he used to do. All songs used to be too much for him live. Whether it was because of problems doesn't matter. He's always had problems. Now he has fewer. As far as I'm concerned, he's been good since 2012. Before that, the last time he did justice to studio versions live was BLITZ 5DAYS.
  8. libertine

    I don't understand why missing a few falsettos live is such a big deal. Between 2005 and 2006 Kyo didn't hit any notes live and people were fine with it.
  9. libertine

    I think I have picks from Kaggra. Shin, ClearVeil Ryuto and Sincrea Tomo. My memory's kind of hazy though and some of them are definitely lost. Also a signed Plastic Tree fan I won from a raffle, if that counts.
  10. I will reserve my judgement until the diss tracks are out. In situations like these, it's always best to see the best rhymes, flow and attitude, before you jump into any conclusions.
  11. libertine

    Personally, I think it's more likely to be the former. The artists remaining in PSC still seem active, the websites are mostly up to date and there doesn't seem to be news of any major changes. What I believe happened is that they were forced to restructure due to their weakened position and Gazette being responsible for most of the revenue. Tomomi spun up a new company for them and renegotated their contracts so that things could continue mostly the same. People who'd worked on managing Gazette moved to Heresy. At the same time, she scaled down PSC to the size of an indie label and sold off unnecessary assets like Alice Nine to cover the costs and pay off debts. Just speculating tho.
  12. This one? Look weird, but I guess that's just Kisaki. I think that might be from the Hide Memorial Summit in 2008. Phantasmagoria and Dir both played sets at that event.
  13. libertine

    You're right. I really need Jesus Christ the hentai adaptation in my life. Tagged: harem, miracle, gender bender.
  14. libertine

    Perhaps unsurprisingly, considering this is a visual kei forum, crossdressing, MTF and futa. That whole sphere of gender bending kinks. Also femdom, lingerie and thick girls.
  15. libertine

    Beer is best sour and salty.
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