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  1. libertine

    I think he's just spent the last 30 years or so networking in Los Angeles.
  2. libertine

    From what I can tell, it probably is a business for Retsu. He seems to be the one pulling a lot of strings related to running the band and he's struggling to keep it together. I think the main problem is that they don't seem to have the same kind of support from bigger labels as bands like Kizu and gulu gulu have. Why that is, I've no idea. Maybe they're just set on being independent. Maybe they tried and got turned down too many times. Or maybe they do have it and I just don't know about it. Regardless, now they're struggling with 2/3 of a band, stagnant growth and no concrete vision for the future. It's going to be rough going forward. I hope they pull through though.
  3. libertine

  4. libertine

    Thb, they should just flip and start acting like their very serious metal band phase never happened.
  5. libertine

    You don't have to be successful to get opportunities. It helps, but the main thing is the connections and being someone people trust and can work with. Lezard is a FWD/Riostar Records band, so could be that Lime spent a few months working on a unique concept and some demos, and then called up the company to pitch a new band idea.
  6. libertine

    I've only ever heard of Damage in the context of Kizu and there isn't a separate website for them. So likely it's just the company for managing Kizu business. No idea who founded the company. The FWD website suggests some affiliation, but honestly I don't know if there's any way of knowing for sure how exactly they're affiliated. I've tried researching the whole Free-Will sitation in the past and the more I look into it the more confusing it becomes. What even is "Free-Will" these days? People talk about Free-Will, but were even are they? The company named Free-Will might not even exist, as there isn't an official Free-Will website anymore. Instead, most of the things you'd associate with them you actually find from FWD Inc.'s and sun-krad Co., Ltd's websites. Sun-krad, for example, is in my mind the Dir en Grey company. It was started by Tommy in 1998 and seems to manage most of the Dir En Grey, Dir En Grey side-project, Merry and Baroque related activities. They also list Kannivalism, all the Resistar and Riostar bands and Gulu Gulu. FWD Inc. is a company founded in 2007 (a few months before the whole fraud scandal?) and that website also mentions all the sun-krad bands. This time, however, they include Kizu and don't say a word about Gulu Gulu. There are also some straight-up discrepancies like the sun-krad website claiming Baroque is a sun-krad band, while the FWD website and band's own website say FWD. Who knows when the sites have been checked for old information. Anyway, some things seem pretty clear. Most older bands (and Gulu Gulu) are managed more or less by sun-krad. The bigger band's releases are distributed under the FWD managed label Firewall Div which has a distribution deal with Sony. FWD seems to have inherited many of the Free-Will responsibilities like Firewall Div and the animation production side (Baki The Grappler). I think it's basically Firewall Division, but expanded to also directly manage indie bands through the Resistar and Riostar labels. FWD and sun-krad operate from same offices. It seems like both of these companies form what most people would think of as "Free-Will". They're connected, but have their own responsibilities. What does that mean for Kizu? I guess maybe the fact that they're only on the FWD website and also have their own label means that they're "Free-Will", but not quite in the same way as the other bands. They're not on sun-krad's site, so they might not be as closely involved with Tommy. They're also not FWD/Damage like Resistar and Riostar. That almost seems like they're more independent than other FWD and sun-krad bands, but how likely is that when they clearly started out with a lot of money for video production and promotions? So long story short. Damage is prooobably a sub-label, but maybe not of "Free-Will", but of the nearest modern equivalent FWD Inc. Also maybe not.
  7. libertine

    I'm pretty sure they are if not a sub-label then at least strongly affiliated with Free-Will.
  8. libertine

    There seems to be something about 2019 that's super deadly towards live music. Most of the major mid-range/mid-small-ish live houses in my city have quit this year or will in the very near future. It's bizarre. This was the year that venture capital, open office spaces and corporate pandering won.
  9. libertine

    I'm sure they don't think they're using a Japanese symbol. They think they're using a pentagram, but don't know or care enough about the details. For them it's just standard pagan, esoteric and occultist feeling imagery to creep people out. From that perspective hexagram is kind of the same thing as a pentagram, except (and this is key) its easier to draw. Interestingly, Gazette's Dogma has both hexagrams and menorahs.
  10. libertine

    Love both I and II. The second was the one I owned when I was younger and later on got into the first one as well. Sometimes it can be difficult to go back and play older games that you were never nostalgic for, but that was never an issue for me with Dungeon Keeper. It's so tight and familiar. It never bothered me and totally scratched that itch for base-building back in the day. That said, I don't think any of the direct spiritual successors ever did much for me. They just feel like poor imitations of the original Bullfrog formula. I'd rather play a game that is similar, but also different and good in it's own way. Such as the other notable Bullfrog games like Theme Park and Theme Hospital. They feel the same, while being completely different games. Evil Genius is almost the same game, but with a different theme. I'm always open to more games like that. No Dungeon Keeper 3 or This is Totally Not Dungeon Keeper, It's Dungeon Holder though. That path leads to Red Alert 3.
  11. libertine

    Morning routines are very important. They help you get into the mindset of getting things done. On that topic, the first thing I've been doing every morning lately is counting all the dead silverfish (today, only 3) and then cleaning them up. #konmari #mariekondo #sparkjoy #declutter #konmarimethod #minimalism #clutterfree #getorganized #homeorganization #organizing #professionalorganizer #organizingtips #organized #organizedhome #organizedlife #organization #cleartheclutter #organize #minimalist #simplify #tidy #organizedmom #organizationideas #decluttering #organizeyourlife #mykonmari #cleanup #home #homedecor #bhfyp
  12. libertine

    Are they gone yet? Can we finally bring back visual kei?
  13. Didn't they already do that in 2014? Dir En Grey just copied the whole concept from Gazette, as usual.
  14. libertine

    That is dumb. But the problem is easily solved by combining the two songs.
  15. libertine

    DSS Gauze Uroboros Macabre Arche Withering to Death Vulgar Kisou The Marrow of a Bone The Insulated World
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