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  1. libertine

    Has a song by anyone else but Ruki ever had a MV?
  2. libertine

    That's just visual kei though. People read the translated lyrics to a song or two, and suddenly they see deep meanings everywhere. To them, all songs end up being either about abortion or suicide, when it's really more like just 75% of all songs.
  3. libertine

    Maybe what they wanted to express was "I missed Hide".
  4. libertine

    You can pretty much tell when there's new music coming by keeping an eye on Ruki's Instagram. There'll be no new music if Ruki hasn't been writing demos. If his latest pics are just fashion, expect nothing. If in between the fashion there's also a pic or two of Logic Pro X, expect something new in 6-ish months.
  5. libertine

    People in 2019 have careers?
  6. libertine

    I only listen to visual kei bands that say they don't think of themselves as a visual kei band, despite looking like one, sounding like one, being signed to a visual kei label and only providing interviews to visual kei magazines. When asked about who their influences are and bands they might have influenced, they answer that they don't have influences and don't know anything about other bands. They do like X-Japan though.
  7. libertine

    TIW has three kinds of songs: songs that are like being stuck in a bus with a crying baby, songs that feel like spending the day in wet socks and songs that are Ranunculus.
  8. libertine

    I believe that I don't need to support any artists today, because I spent so much of my parents' money in Japan in 2009.
  9. libertine

    It better. Otherwise people who've bought a ticket for June 14 show are going to be pretty disappointed.
  10. libertine

    I checked their Facebook from 2016 and it seems like some of the North American shows like NY may have actually been sold out. Which would make sense, since I think that was their first NA tour. All the pictures for European stops had that "some tickets are still available at the door" message underneath. Which also makes sense, since the novelty of VK has definitely worn off after the 2006-2010-ish craziness. They must have played well over dozen shows in Germany alone, some at venues larger than most of their Japanese shows. Helsinki, probably didn't sell out in 2013 either, because I remember eyeing those tickets for a very long time. On the other hand, part of that sudden drop from selling out in under 30 minutes to not selling out at all might just be an illusion. The Circus is clearly a bigger venue than Tavastia and I haven't seen a Japanese artist at Tavastia in ages. I don't know if Tavastia's reported capacity of 700 and The Circus' 1500 are for the main hall or the whole venue, but the difference is significant enough that you can easily go from selling out one show to playing for a half empty room. Last year Dir en Grey sold out one show: Le Trianon in Paris. It must have been the only one, because they made a separate post about it. Would they have sold out if they'd went with Bataclan instead. Probably not. Obviously there's been a huge decrease in excitement over VK in Europe. The bubble burst so long ago, it's not even news anymore. But it is worth noting that these bands also aren't playing at smaller venues or lowering prices to compensate for lower demand. They're kind of doing the opposite. And personally I think that's as much a reason for not selling out as many shows as losing fans is.
  11. libertine

    VK is dead. Rock is dead. Electric guitars are dead. It's 2019. What we have in place of all those things is Fortnite.
  12. libertine

    Did they? I thought the sales for Division and Dogma were already quite slow. They certainly didn't sell out everywhere for Dogma.
  13. I guess TV stations are slowly getting out of biz and leaving it to the venue companies. There's still at least Shibuya O-East and Liquidroom around that 1k capacity. Seems like most of the action is happening at those smaller places and then at the 2k+ venues like Studio Coast, Zepp Tokyo + DiverHall, Toyosu Pit and so on. Koukaidou is going to reopen soon too?
  14. libertine

    The thing is though, none of this matters, because Kyo's voice was replaced with a Vocaloid in 2012 when his vocal cords got scrambled. That's why he suddenly started "singing" high. That's why it was such a big deal when they "lost their tracks" mid-live. That's why it takes so long to make these records. Prove me wrong.
  15. libertine

    The artists left in PSC depart from the label - sign with Heresy Inc.
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