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  1. libertine

    Travelling is not important, enlightening or transformative. It's just another unstoppable global industry like entertainment and arms that has reached the critical mass necessary to distort reality.
  2. She should put her money where her mouth is and play a gay tree.
  3. libertine

    Watermelon is a garbage fruit. The only good thing to come out of it is melon soda, which probably doesn't even contain any melon.
  4. libertine

    Drug smuggling.
  5. libertine

    DIMLIM > Kizu I think DIMLIM's music has fresher ideas and more emotional punch. They can't really compete with Kizu's appeal or glossy appearance, but I'm still hoping that at the end of the day music beats looks, even if this is visual kei. I think their songs are actually important and they should get the chance to make a lot more of them in the future. Kizu doesn't seem to have that kind of musical potential. All their singles sound the same-ish and I'm pretty sure they don't have a Chedoara in their backpocket either.
  6. libertine

    Interestingly, the normie to VK fan ratio in late 2000s Japanese high school wasn't that much different compared to the high school in my home town back in the day. I would say like 2-4 people out of each year group would have said they're into VK. So it's not even the case that visual kei is that much more popular in Japan. There are just a lot of people in Japan, mostly living in densely packed metropolitan areas, and a small subset of those people spend all their disposable income on their favorite band.
  7. libertine

    I knew a few people who listened to VK bands back in high school, but that was in 2006-2007-ish when the fad peaked. At that point a lot of people were already getting into kpop though. By 2009 it was probably already more kpop than jrock. I don't really talk about visual kei with anyone. I've tried and found out it's a great way to first confuse and then bore people. It's just not something that most people can understand or get into.
  8. libertine

    That's a weird one. Feels very tacked on. I'm guessing that was part of Tommy's efforts to launch Dir en Grey overseas since the licensing of the show to Funanimation lines up with their US debut. The Gazette's Before I Decay was used in the promotion of Fast and Furious 4's Japanese release.
  9. libertine

    I don't know, dude. I think like with a topic like this one you can say almost anything, because it's not based on any kind of data. Just some random impression based on Youtube comments or something. Like, I'm pretty sure Macabre isn't actually hated in the community. Kisou and The Insulated World? Maybe. But I swear the instant you say that, you have ten people telling you that they brush their teeth to The Domestic Fucker Family and fall asleep while listening to Devote My Life. Who knows about people, man.
  10. libertine

    It's not just that Ruki ripped off Dir en Grey, but that he did it so poorly the music doesn't even sound the same. Amateurs. When Dir en Grey chooses to rip off a famous nu metal band well past their prime, they do it right.
  11. libertine

    Still hoping something like Swallowtail on the Death Valley might make an appearance.
  12. libertine

    I think they originally made the song just to have a fist-pumper song in their toolbox. Then they designed a setlist to have a fist-pumper in it.
  13. libertine

    Has a song by anyone else but Ruki ever had a MV?
  14. libertine

    That's just visual kei though. People read the translated lyrics to a song or two, and suddenly they see deep meanings everywhere. To them, all songs end up being either about abortion or suicide, when it's really more like just 75% of all songs.
  15. libertine

    Maybe what they wanted to express was "I missed Hide".
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