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  1. Paraph

    i find some of their sound is recycled but i'm not sure about wasted potential...still very much enjoying their material
  2. Paraph

    the two new songs slap.
  3. Paraph

    perfect, it works now and with paypal option.
  4. Paraph

    Sendai BIRDLAND https://sendai-birdland.stores.jp/
  5. Paraph

    same here :/
  6. Paraph

    Rentrer en Soi - wither Rentrer En Soi - PROTOPLASM Vidoll -「現状的に危険なタイトルの為今は公表できません・・・」 DIMLIM - 離人 蘭図 - Solaris honorable mentions: ヴィルシーナ - カルト Siva - 供華絢爛記 Siva - 下の刻
  7. Paraph

    still obsessed.
  8. i found the rest of the mini album more enjoyable than the video sample tbh
  9. cheki reservation for anyone interested https://rands112358.thebase.in/items/16307588
  10. Paraph

    the album is postponed to May 27th
  11. Apart from those mentioned I'd add NAZARE, Deviloof, and RAZOR
  12. -_______________--------
  13. Paraph

    not yet but since Heaven was, it probably will be soon.
  14. Paraph

    Vior gloire (their album is gold) kuroyume, sleep my dear, laputa
  15. Paraph

    i'm double posting but y'all. this has the second half of the concert. buy it before it's gone. https://starwave.official.ec/items/27589474
  16. Paraph

    t a s t e
  17. the 1000y cheki situation is annoying me. it was like that last time, too. i guess it's because it's made to order, but still.. cool designs on the new merch tho~ i was hoping for a bundle like SV's Inferno. alas.
  18. Paraph

    i'll just do this in terms of how many times i think i've played it d'espairsray - reddish (diva ver) malice mizer - gardenia deadman - in media kagrra, - kotodama vidoll - i my ai mai
  19. Paraph

    Kagrra, - [gozen] Rentrer en Soi - Sphire Croid MALICE MIZER - merveilles D'espairsRay - Coll:set Schwarz Stein - new vogue children notable mentions: LAREINE - Never Cage LAREINE - フィエルテの海と共に消ゆ~The Last Of Romance~ Dir en grey - VULGAR
  20. Paraph

    I think it was a way of escaping the dull suburban life I lived as a closeted gay teen. I liked the flamboyance, theatrics and expression. The catchy guitar riffs and pronounced basslines captured my interest sonically, and I liked the way Japanese flowed with the melody of the music. I think being a sensitive and empathetic person by nature I gravitated to the idea of expression through sound, without understanding the words.
  21. Paraph

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