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  1. ライカエジソンの運営主体であった株式会社ライカロリーポップについて、本日午前10時に破産手続が開始されました。 株式会社ライカロリーポップ破産管財人である柴田義人弁護士は、破産手続の開始直後に、原宿店を除く株式会社ライカロリーポップの事業を株式会社フォーラムに譲渡したので、ライカエジソンの運営は、今後、株式会社フォーラムにおいて続けていくことになりました。残念ではございますが、原宿店については本日をもって閉鎖されました。長らくご愛顧いただいたお客様には心からお詫び申し上げます。 今後、原宿店で予定されていたイベント等については追ってご報告します。また、債権の届出等、破産手続については、破産管財人の事務所にお問い合わせください(03-6864-3007 info on Twitter. Apparently closed today due to bankruptcy filing? Unsure if permanent or not. Not understanding full translation.
  2. Paraph

    a video rental store nearby is closing so they had a big sale over the weekend. i bought 'the blair witch project'/'blair witch' (1999 and 2016). both were good fun suspense/horror films but really enjoyed the 1999 one. also bought the old japanese horror film 'freeze me' and it was good but disturbing as fuck. i remember being curious about it after coming across the cover of it time and time again most likely because of the old malice mizer unreleased song of the same name lol.
  3. Paraph

    Was the cancelled IZABEL VAROSA full length album 'Original Think' mentioned? Because i'm still bitter about it.
  4. it's upsetting given his talent on the guitar, but quite admirable on his part. hopefully he'll pop back into the scene again at some point.
  5. bless this band. also don't mind the cover, i keep staring at it and looking for different things so it's a pass.
  6. Paraph

    probably the best vk news of the year tbh
  7. Paraph

  8. Paraph

    this single slaps
  9. Paraph

    aw...that sucks. i'm glad it's not ruze though, i look forward to his coffee posts
  10. I'm underwhelmed by the cover. Hopefully the music makes up for it.
  11. it could be a tiny nod to the subculture. i think yoshiko/yohane's character seems to be, as well. saint snow and guilty kiss are the best aspects of love live for sure.
  12. I’m a bit worried about GRIMOIRE tbh
  13. Paraph

    too excited for this album i cannot
  14. Paraph

    https://starwave.official.ec/ their new tour merch is now available on the Starwave webshop. overseas shipping available by email.
  15. Paraph

    Jaki was the main reason I loved this band. I definitely am seeing them perform in June then regardless of how far I have to take the damn train D:..damnit
  16. Paraph

    give me versailles over this...
  17. Paraph

    y'all, i'm quaking. dat vocalist. 👌
  18. SHILFEE AND TULIPCOROBOCKLES are the best thing to grace my eardrums in eons amen

  19. Yesss! Please report back. I'll be going in June and would love to hear about the record hunting adventures.
  20. Paraph

    yass come through taste. also nadia = perf.
  21. Paraph

    Tracklist and cover: 1.硝煙 2.UNTITLED -the Muzzle Edition- 3.Damned 4.カルキュレーター 5.Purgatory 6.DNA 7.星の降る夜 -the Muzzle Edition-
  22. Paraph

    it reminds me of the scarf-hand-thing from the game Stretch Panic looks like it's back. that minimalist look must have been for White Day? or some other event. tbh i'm glad? kinda missed the insanity and trademark.
  23. most are just excited because they're one of the better vk bands around today, at least in my case. also releasing their full-length relatively quickly into their career is a nice treat.
  24. Paraph

    i like this look so much better than the hand hair tomfoolery
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