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  1. Nightmare's "Criminal baby" is still a solid bop.

    1. RaeDesu


      It really is!!

    2. Doesn'tEvenGoHere
  2. Currently having a...


    1. RaeDesu


      I enjoyed this song! 

  3. Paraph

    Maybe I’m missing something, but I really don’t like GOTCHAROCKA.
  4. Paraph

    This looks great, definitely looking into it further. Thank you!!
  5. I've been really loving these guys recently. Everything I've heard has been pretty solid so far, and the new music video is great. Hoping to see them live this year if I can.
  6. Aquarius, and usually pretty spot on whenever I've read anything on the zodiac.
  7. Paraph

    I’ll most likely be going sometime this year, also. I just wondered if anyone could recommend anywhere to stay in Tokyo? (probably staying for around 2 weeks)
  8. Paraph

    I only recognize Nakigahara above as a song I've definitely heard, but I've been wanting to check out DIAURA for some time. Tom Waits - Ice Cream Man Rands - Phalaenopsis chariots - marvel Dalle - casualty for requiem "sarabande" kiryu - 情ノ華 マーブルヘッド -『 デス知育 』¥1980 GRIMOIRE - リバイバルジャーニー ヴァージュ - 未練雪 hurts - 玩具芸事ロータリィ chariots - Re:Automata This was hard between Phalaenopsis and Ice Cream Man, but since I've been a Tom Waits fan for much longer I had to go with him. Love the entirety of Closing Time.
  9. Paraph

    Got my ticket for Toronto. Pretty excited, they always put on a good show.
  10. Paraph

    Falling in love all over again.
  11. Paraph

    Stephen King - Doctor Sleep
  12. Forever two of my favourites:





  13. There's a severe lack of the finger-pointing-to-mouth pose in vk member photos nowadays.


    1. RaeDesu


      I find it more in anime now, then vk! Haha

    2. reminiscing2004


      mikage did good things

  14. Paraph

    ^Definitely JUST ONE MORE KISS, SEX FOR YOU and FEAST OF DEMORALIZATION. Wow I'm older than this album. 😑
  15. Paraph

    ^ Totally. I took a look at their discography recently and was shocked haha.
  16. Paraph

    I'm loving this band. They give me serious Da'vid shito:aL vibes with their concept (though more aggressive music most of the time) and I stan for days....weeks...possibly years.
  17. Paraph

    I remember buying 0605231830 for a shockingly low 3900 yen at Closet Child like 4ish years ago. To this day one of my favourite concerts.
  18. Paraph

    Give me that Juka nostalgia. Keeping an eye on these guys for sure.
  19. Paraph

    Best anime series. ❤️