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  1. i can't believe people weren't talking about Sleep My Dear more in the early 2000's. i haven't come across one bad song yet.

    1. WhirlingBlack


      Well, they were disbanded by the early 2000s, so their popularity then compared to now is probably pretty consistent?

    2. Paraph


      I mean in comparison to others that also disbanded around then... I don’t remember anyone really mentioning them when I was getting into vk. ofc, maybe i just wasn't looking in the right places back then..

    3. saishuu


      they were kind of a joke in brazilian circles back then? in 2003/2004 at least. i seriously never understood why because they sound great? both Φ [phi] and MOVE are really good albums. in other places they were probably just overlooked in favor of bigger bands like rouage, maschera and laputa

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