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  1. Paraph

    i dig it
  2. Paraph

    Damn, at least he seems on the mend. also not super into this new lewk, but I’m sure the music will be A+ as usual so no complaints here
  3. Paraph

    bring back the bondage straps
  4. Paraph

    kind of a completest with this sadly. something feels off if i get a used cd and the obi is missing. i too keep all of them and usually lay them flat up against the booklet in the case.
  5. Paraph

    I love it!
  6. the single was way better than their previous effort. classic D, i stan.
  7. Paraph

    edit: nvm it's prob a vulgar album reference
  8. Paraph

    BUCK-TICK - sex for you
  9. Paraph

    I love this topic. VELVET EDEN - madame tarantula Da’vid Shito:aL - cookie chair Da’vid Shito:aL - sankaku no tsuki
  10. Paraph

    um i just..
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