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  1. Paraph

    Paradise Lost & Paradise Regained by Milton
  2. Paraph

  3. triggered edit: their twitter seems ok on my end? https://twitter.com/grim_oire
  4. kare kano anime. i've wanted to watch it for years and when i finally did last year in a fit of nostalgia i realized it was dreadfully boring near its end...actually the majority of the second half really. it started so well but fell very flat, unfortunately. i know it was never fully concluded but it was a shame. also anything after Silent Hill 4 😭
  5. Paraph

    finished The Dark Dark by Samantha Hunt today. it's a bunch of short stories. it was a pretty unique read i found. i really enjoyed it. the last story was very hard to put down. inspired by her writing actually and look forward to checking out some of her other works. next up: Franny and Zooey by J.D. Salinger
  6. infj in da haus, but not for long cuz anxiety. bless.
  7. listen to Leetspeak monsters. that is all.

  8. Paraph

    Scarlet's gone? RPDR is cancelled. Seriously though I haven't been following but just watched the lip sync and they both deserved to stay. Rupauls words seemed cryptic so maybe she'll come back....hopefully?...maybe..?
  9. Paraph


    consistent queens.
  10. felt the same, a definite throwback. my soul.
  11. this album is everything rn 投与 is my damn jam
  12. Paraph

    Finished Dead Souls. Now reading The Dark Dark by Samantha Hunt.
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