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  1. Paraph

    Gackt idk
  2. Paraph

    They're still in the process of sending complete total and shipping out item. Seems to take quite a bit of time tbh haha.
  3. I just listened to some of their stuff for the first time yesterday. Damn.
  4. Paraph

    omg my ears have been blessed this day
  5. Paraph

  6. Paraph

    Anyone know if these littleHEARTS. shirts will be available on the web shop?
  7. Paraph

    SKIN revival
  8. Paraph

  9. Paraph

    i'm excited for it!!
  10. IZA of RAZOR threw his water bottle right at me which has never happened before with anything at a show previous to that. I had it in my hand but the girl in the row in front had a better grip on it so i had to let it go. ;-; One day.
  11. Paraph

    my body is ready
  12. Paraph

    i wish they had more to offer visually, but his voice is great and the guitar work is quite nice
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