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  1. Paraph

    eroguro has always been my favourite. early vidoll captured my heart instantly, and early merry was great also.
  2. Paraph

  3. Paraph

    dis a good one right here
  4. i'm here for amphitheatres and croissants
  5. Yui from umbrella seems really nice. Grabbing a drink with him would be pretty cool.
  6. i can't believe people weren't talking about Sleep My Dear more in the early 2000's. i haven't come across one bad song yet.

    1. WhirlingBlack


      Well, they were disbanded by the early 2000s, so their popularity then compared to now is probably pretty consistent?

    2. Paraph


      I mean in comparison to others that also disbanded around then... I don’t remember anyone really mentioning them when I was getting into vk. ofc, maybe i just wasn't looking in the right places back then..

    3. saishuu


      they were kind of a joke in brazilian circles back then? in 2003/2004 at least. i seriously never understood why because they sound great? both Φ [phi] and MOVE are really good albums. in other places they were probably just overlooked in favor of bigger bands like rouage, maschera and laputa

  7. Paraph

    no idea about now, but when it was released it was very ill-received (at least in online western communities) i remember people saying it was boring. it feels like a refreshing gem when listening today and blows a lot of the current scene out of the water.
  8. Paraph

    Kagrra, - 京
  9. I thought so, too. Aren't there separate visa's for athletes, artists and entertainers? If not it would completely fuck up the Olympics and other worldwide events in the US. I'm sure it must be different.
  10. Paraph

    Jeniva, IZABEL VAROSA, SyvaR..., Arege
  11. Paraph

    the entirety of Gackt's「Love Letter」album
  12. Paraph

    Yui looks stunning as usual
  13. Paraph

  14. Paraph

    digging it for sure. sukekiyo world tour i am r e a d y 4 IT
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