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  1. Paraph

    que jui's enka career i am here for it.
  2. Paraph

  3. Paraph

  4. Paraph

    amber gris/Sioux Sugar ヴィドール LAREINE IZABEL VAROSA D'espairsRay MALICE MIZER D'AIR Madeth gray'll
  5. Paraph

    i bought HIZAKI's 'Princess Stairs' at the time and it legit smelled like rubbing alcohol. also, i would like this:
  6. Paraph

    malice mizer’s beast of blood in 2002 from seeing an avatar of mana on an old anime forum
  7. Paraph

  8. Paraph

    i liked it.
  9. Paraph

    D - BIRTH ❤️❤️❤️
  10. Paraph

    not sure how obscure they are in comparison but Sleep My Dear seem to be heavily overlooked tbh
  11. Paraph

  12. Paraph

  13. Paraph

    any time a guy is trying to convince you he's a good person. he is most definitely not a good person.
  14. Toronto setlist 99.999 Falling NINTH ODD SMELL GUSH Vortex URAGIRU BERO SONO KOE WA MOROKU BABYLON'S TABOO UNDYING Agony UGLY ABHOR GOD Filth in the Beauty UNFINISHED Encore: INSIDE BEAST Headache Man Tomorrow Never Dies Agony was a definite highlight for me since I played STACKED RUBBISH to death in my jr college days. URAGIRU BERO was a NINTH fav so happy i could hear it live. venue was more empty in the back than i anticipated, tho. also, moar DIM. but was fantastic~ uruha is majestic
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