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  1. lmao why didn’t i just search the Japanese name to begin with smh. ugh missing them more already.
  2. was it ever said how to order their digital singles?
  3. this look is their best and now they're leaving fml
  4. Paraph

    lame. give me the makeup fantasy i crave.
  5. the vocalist has great range. he did an a capella song with kakeru of scarlet valse at a gig in yamagata and i was kind of blown away tbh
  6. Paraph

    it is haha, it should have been on the back and a graphic of some kind on the front at least
  7. Paraph

    haha i know! they used to be only for their birthday live events but for their latest oneman they did release all 5. Ryoga and IZA are my favs so it's a bit easier for me but i hear ya. i think they made one without though, in case of this dilemma lmao.
  8. Paraph

    gonna have to check these guys out asap
  9. Paraph

    the joke is they're all sluts. but srsly they give me pashya vibes with this lewk.
  10. unfortunate because they seemed like a fun group of guys from their twitter videos and stuff...but can't say i didn't see it coming.
  11. shit...i'm a bit worried that a best of is dropping soon after their full-length, and ofc with jaki leaving too... it's purple so maybe NAZUKI will start to compose going forward? trying to remain optimistic, but the fact that the release is so close to their tour final i'm not so sure.
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