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  1. Paraph

  2. Paraph

    this single slaps
  3. Paraph

    aw...that sucks. i'm glad it's not ruze though, i look forward to his coffee posts
  4. I'm underwhelmed by the cover. Hopefully the music makes up for it.
  5. it could be a tiny nod to the subculture. i think yoshiko/yohane's character seems to be, as well. saint snow and guilty kiss are the best aspects of love live for sure.
  6. I’m a bit worried about GRIMOIRE tbh
  7. Paraph

    too excited for this album i cannot
  8. Paraph

    https://starwave.official.ec/ their new tour merch is now available on the Starwave webshop. overseas shipping available by email.
  9. Paraph

    Jaki was the main reason I loved this band. I definitely am seeing them perform in June then regardless of how far I have to take the damn train D:..damnit
  10. Paraph

    give me versailles over this...
  11. Paraph

    y'all, i'm quaking. dat vocalist. 👌
  12. SHILFEE AND TULIPCOROBOCKLES are the best thing to grace my eardrums in eons amen

  13. Yesss! Please report back. I'll be going in June and would love to hear about the record hunting adventures.
  14. Paraph

    yass come through taste. also nadia = perf.
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