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  1. Paraph

  2. Paraph

    well fuck
  3. kinda thankful they have a webshop now at least, makes it somewhat accessible. interested in the live version of 真昼の蜃気楼 😍
  4. Paraph

    There was a japanese vk database called Grass Thread that was similar to vk gy back in the day. Pretty sure it's no longer around. visunavi was and still is a popular source it seems.
  5. Paraph

    livejournal was a great source back in the day for vk related scans and such. scape forum and batsu forum were popular spots for discussion. glamjapan and jrocknyc were popular blog-related sites for vk-related content, too.
  6. ! I didn't know that. I regretted not buying it at La'veils merch table...waaaahh
  7. so far you can purchase the minialbum here: https://crosscat.shop-pro.jp/?pid=149462508&view=smartphone they don't ship overseas but can use shopping service glad his solo stuff will be somewhat attainable now outside lives
  8. preorder for the new single here: https://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/SWLA-8?s_ssid=e334955e6bc68443f1
  9. Paraph

  10. i kind of like their rouage/luna sea old school vk vibes
  11. Paraph

    you hate to see it
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