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  1. Paraph

    離人 forever slaps tho m i rite
  2. Paraph

    very nice, favourite song of theirs so far.
  3. Paraph

    please regroup as 'Slut' and let me l i v e this day
  4. Paraph

    Umi suddenly left roze
  5. Paraph

    looking forward to it!
  6. Paraph

    blessed be, this album slaps
  7. Paraph

    ReNA is leaving roze as of 12/16
  8. Paraph

    i think i'd like them more if they brought a female guitarist on tbh
  9. Paraph

    my heart. my soul.
  10. Paraph

    Fanboys lived for Jun's solo's live when I saw them, hope it doesn't affect them too much.
  11. Paraph

    Starwave Records
  12. Paraph

    i'm curious to hear the next era, hopefully some samples soon.
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