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  1. Paraph

    BUCK-TICK - sex for you
  2. Paraph

    I love this topic. VELVET EDEN - madame tarantula Da’vid Shito:aL - cookie chair Da’vid Shito:aL - sankaku no tsuki
  3. Paraph

    um i just..
  4. Paraph

    I believe in Canada it's now illegal to lock phones (or you can request unlock right away), or to charge an unlocking fee, thankfully..so I never really felt a need to buy outright.
  5. Paraph

    Canada seems different than the US when it comes to this. There isn't much of an option. buying a phone outright is way too expensive here. I could be wrong, I've never bought a phone outright tbh. Luckily it's only 2 years though.
  6. Paraph

    $0 on a 2 year plan. my previous contract had long ended thankfully.
  7. Paraph

    Update: iPhone X because my 5S died in a downpour. rip.
  8. Paraph

  9. Metis Gretel revival for 2019 thank you bless

    1. suji



  10. Paraph

    Agitated Screams of Maggots probably. I remember when it first came out and thought it sounded so cool (it still does), but then i searched the lyrics and was like o...o no...
  11. Paraph

    i stan kiwamu
  12. I really liked it when it first released but i honestly haven't paid much attention to it since. It's by no means a bad record but I was never a Gossip stan so i don't have that connection to the history of some of the guys in the band. I went back to it the other day though and it kind of rekindled my love for it and I'm looking forward to new stuff.
  13. Paraph

    Ryuya and Issei started the band. I think they mean that.
  14. Paraph

    Some Scarlet Valse merch from the 47 prefecture tour. Shirt, Shian towel and mirror. ❤️
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