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  1. Paraph

    I was just introduced to them today. BRILLIANT is great and their look was killer in the PV. Ugh a lot of great bands are going to make me poor this year no doubt.
  2. Paraph

    It's a no from me.
  3. I remember when they came in 2016 there was like an instagram pic of the Toronto airport or flag or something the day of. Nothing mentioned after. Then like tons of NYC pics and messages a day or two after the Toronto show lol. I was like "oh ok.." So it really doesn't surprise me that they messed up the dates tbh haha.
  4. Never forget this absolute gem


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Paraph


      lmao they should have just called it that

    3. RaeDesu


      Ah, I forgot about 9GOATS BLACK OUT. Are they still around?

    4. platy


      @RaeDesu sadly, no.


      Ugh this song is so beautiful... 😭

  5. Paraph

    I'll have to update with more but for now this one stands out to me from Sugar. The guitar was super addictive to me when I first discovered this track. Sugar - あるいは裏切りという名の愛
  6. Paraph

    Rands really rekindled my love for visual kei so they're going to be on my must-watch list for sure. Very interested in GRIMOIRE right now, also. I enjoy their cutesy storybook concept mixed with a lot of their harsher tunes. I really loved the toned down Novel Fantasia recently, too. I'm excited to see what they do next.
  7. May 9 CANADA-Toronto / The Queen Elizabeth Theatre. Ticket booked for the balcony because the other options were pretty pricey. Their show a few years ago at the Danforth Music Hall was pretty good so I'm looking forward to it. (looks like they corrected the Vancouver error thankfully)
  8. I'm not living for the eye makeup trends in VK these days. 

    1. platy


      I wish white eyelashes had caught on 

    2. Paraph


      If I see anymore pink eyeshadow under the eyes I'm going to have a stroke.

  9. Paraph

    I had a bit of an anime nostalgia kick last summer after a long hiatus. I watched almost all of the Ghibli films, which were amazing (besides Tales from Earthsea..dear god) But also watched Kare Kano which I had always wanted to. Watched Lain, Boogiepop Phantom and Noir also. As for newer ones I saw Yuri!!! On Ice, LoveLive! Sunshine and orange. orange stands out as being one of the best anime I have seen in years. I'm really wanting to watch Psycho Pass, Steins;Gate and finish up Fruits Basket.
  10. Rands isn't getting enough love. The minialbum bops hard and it revived my vk soul amen.

    1. RaeDesu


      I have not heard Rands!

    2. Paraph
    3. RaeDesu


      I'm digging this! 

  11. Paraph

    Well shit I completely missed out on this one. I used to (annoyingly I'm sure) email them when I was like 15 or 16 to bring over a vk band.
  12. The rap in 人生ゲーム by bis has been stuck in my head since 2004 tbh.

  13. Listening to NEGA's 'VANITAS' at work is strangely soothing.