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  1. Paraph

    i totally forgot i saw these guys live last june at Sendai BIRDLAND but i didn't know them at the time. i was there for La'veil MizeriA and Scarlet Valse. they had quite a few fans! just getting into their digital releases now. i like!
  2. Paraph

    there’s a bunch of merch up on zoisite now, in limited quantities, for anyone interested: https://zoisite.shop-pro.jp/?mode=cate&cbid=771584&csid=5
  3. Paraph

    i agree about Tick Tak. i really enjoyed that one. i don’t miss the growls at all tbh, just the vk aesthetics. whatever, it’s still solid regardless. the experimentation is nice and refreshing. i enjoyed the play-through.
  4. Paraph

    praise be
  5. Paraph

    deep[SLAY] me KINGS
  6. Paraph

    his twitter: https://twitter.com/makotonotabi
  7. New guitarist Makoto joins La’veil MizeriA and new group shot released.
  8. Paraph

    i’d say they did something right to spark this controversy, so i do give them that. they got people talking. i hope for the best with the album. i wish they kept the vk style but i’m willing to see where they take things. preordered.
  9. Paraph

    New live DVD (3.25) and 2nd full album (5.6) announcement.
  10. JILUKA merch (ships within Japan only, have to use shopping service): http://shinko-music-shop.com/?mode=srh&keyword=jiluka misc. merch and cheki: https://www.chaotic-harmony.net/ ザアザア Village/Vanguard collab merch (shopping service needed if not in Japan): https://vvstore.jp/feature/detail/13296/ https://zoisite.shop-pro.jp/
  11. Paraph

    Marvelous Cruelty join a record label and have more consistent releases
  12. Paraph

    yass Cula save vk
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