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  1. You and Yuu from The Sound Bee HD are following me on Twitter! And You replied to my message! Yay! 

    1. Himeaimichu


      Nice! The most I got was Karuna from Gill'e Cadith following me on Instagram. Though he's not really relevant in the Vkei scene anymore other than Kimi wa Surudoku.

      I have some more obscure guys who follow me, like Tsubasa from Teketeke/Narcolepsy, but that's it lol

    2. TheMadameGrotesque


      Dude D.I.D is following me, DADA was one of the first to follow me, Junichi Nakamura, the vocals and bass of this other band whose name I forgot, Miyavi's staff, a bunch of random k-rock bands, a bunch of other VK bands and Crena from Bird As Omen~

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