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  1. raspberrynilla

    Shou from A9. During his time in Givuss and the indie days of A9, his voice was much deeper. Now he sounds high pitched most of the time and tries too hard to reach those high notes, and in my opinion, just sounds awful 😕
  2. raspberrynilla

    Really love the atmosphere the song is giving!
  3. While I love the new song compositions from A9's 15th Anniversary Best Albums, Shou's voice has just gotten jarring to listen to.  It makes it really hard to me to listen to a majority of the songs lol

  4. ah finally the buck-tick i fell in love with is back!!
  5. raspberrynilla

    The clean vocals are actually pretty nice
  6. raspberrynilla

    That look is so sick. I love it.
  7. raspberrynilla

    As long as I get Chizuru I will be satisfied.
  8. raspberrynilla

    Well then.
  9. The instrumentation is perfect but Karma’s voice ain’t it. It sounds very forced. His style is one of those that you have to write the music around or else it clashes, but that’s just my opinion lol
  10. I actually really love the vocals, really compliments the style of the song. Really excited to listen to the mini-album.
  11. raspberrynilla

    I actually tried listening to the single with my Dolby Atmos sound bar with surround system and it sounds much better. You can actually hear the sound traveling from one point to another. However, the guitars still suffer a lot, and I had to play with the bass as to not become too overpowering.
  12. raspberrynilla

    The production is...interesting. It definitely takes away from giving power to the tracks. After a few listens I kinda got used to it but I still feel like something is missing. Heisei and Stalkers are complete bangers tho 👌
  13. raspberrynilla

    Seems like someone on YouTube has already translated the lyric video for 東京!
  14. I’m really liking this! The MV looks like fun 😁
  15. raspberrynilla

    The song isn’t bad. Just not really what I was expecting. Just like @chipathy said, hopefully the main title track is solid.
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