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  1. raspberrynilla

    Seems like someone on YouTube has already translated the lyric video for 東京!
  2. I’m really liking this! The MV looks like fun 😁
  3. raspberrynilla

    The song isn’t bad. Just not really what I was expecting. Just like @chipathy said, hopefully the main title track is solid.
  4. raspberrynilla

    The wait is killing me. I wonder why they didn’t release any previews 😕
  5. raspberrynilla

    virge really delivered omg kings
  6. raspberrynilla

    Can’t deny the song is disappointing 😕 Hopefully the rest of the album is better.
  7. Already watched 40 movies this past two months. Hopefully I reach my goal of 120 by June!

    1. xriko


      Sometimes ago when I had time left, I was looking 1/2 movies a days. With this time I had watch lot of top 20/30 movies per year (prolly 2011 to 2017, top maded by reviews users)

  8. raspberrynilla

    This album is going to slap!
  9. raspberrynilla

    I really enjoyed the song much better within the MV spot than with the single preview.
  10. I’m absolutely going to love this album omg
  11. Still crying over 9GOATS BLACK OUT disbanding 🥺

  12. Just found out that Azu from Dhalis is still active with a new band, ZON, and what surprised me the most is how much he has improved as a vocalist 😳

    1. helcchi


      Mike as well, he goes by Mii now

  13. Lemon by Alice Nine is by far one of their best songs. A shame they never play it live anymore.

  14. raspberrynilla

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