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  1. raspberrynilla

    Would of loved to get that long sleeve
  2. raspberrynilla

    This sounds great! Really looking forward to seeing more from them. And a film fanatic myself, using The Birds footage in the MV was pretty cool!
  3. Nurié is by far the best new band we’ve seen this year. I wish them nothing but great things next year.

    1. colorful人生


      There's an j-indie "collator/playlist-maker" YT channel that's been around for a few years, and I've followed his main yearly playlists for two of them. Nurié (this latest MV) is the first vk band I've seen show up on that list, to my knowledge. 


      Really impressive stuff. I'll need to catch up w/ their other songs. 

  4. raspberrynilla

  5. The added black nail is sending me fjejfkekfodm
  6. Finally a release I can get behind on! Love it!!
  7. Absolutely in love with this look! 😍
  8. raspberrynilla

    Finally someone else! It's probably my favorite album by theirs haha
  9. raspberrynilla

    Still hoping for the day we get Lemon in one of their Live DVD's setlist.
  10. raspberrynilla

    It’s just okay. The most exciting part were definitely the traditional instruments and the bass. But overall this sounds better than 95% of the stuff they released as A9. If it’ll stay that way we’ll see.
  11. The first MV is really underwhelming. While Nao sounds great, I wish there was a bit more power or emotion behind his singing. He sounded quite monotone throughout the song. The second MV is much better! Really love how they’re already trying to explore with different sounds. Makes me excited to hear the rest of the single!
  12. raspberrynilla

    This was surprisingly good 😳 Really loved the whole aesthetic they have going on in the MV
  13. raspberrynilla

    Loved it!! And I agree with the previous statement that this is more in vibe of Gossip!
  14. raspberrynilla

    I love it!!! 🥰🥰🥰
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