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  1. raspberrynilla

    This was too short. It ended before I even realized it.
  2. I really miss Jey’s vocals (ex-FIXER). Hopefully we see him in a new band soon.

    1. monkeybanana4


      Same here~ He's got an amazing voice! I'd love to hear him sing again.

    2. xriko


      I loved a lot his work on RievieR so I went to Fixer live at their debut. Was pretty cool. But I didn't followed the others releases from them.

  3. raspberrynilla

    Well this is absolutely disappointing and upsetting since it came out of nowhere. I've always been a bigger fan of Retsu and Ryuuya so as along as the composition and quality of the music remains the same, I'm okay. I really hope they can get new members that will really enhance the new sound they are going for. Hoping this doesn't mean a foreseeable disbandment in the future.
  4. DIV’s cover of Mousou Nikki is still such a banger. Sometimes I enjoy even more than the original lol

  5. Sounds solid Really excited to hear from these guys.
  6. LOVE THE SONG. The MV...not so much lol
  7. raspberrynilla

    They all sound like tracks you’ll hear as anime OP/ED. Oh well. They were bound to release an “anime” single sooner or later.
  8. raspberrynilla

    Welcome!! It’s always awesome to have more fellow veteran fans come to this forum! 😁
  9. raspberrynilla

    While in high school, I did get some of my friends to listen to some VK songs and they still listen to them to this day! I only knew one person from my high school who also knew about VK (without me introducing them to it) and we became friends. She and I went to our first VK concert together.
  10. raspberrynilla

    I really like the vocalist’s voice. The song overall is a bit generic.
  11. raspberrynilla

    I agree with everyone that has mentioned that the song seems disjointed, but nonetheless, they seem promising! I'll be keeping an eye on them.
  12. raspberrynilla

    I feel a little disappointed with the track 😕 It feels like they tried to fit too many different things into one song and the transitions sound abrupt and unpleasant. Really enjoy the guitar at the very beginning and the chorus tho. Hopefully with a few more listens I’ll come to enjoy it.
  13. While I might not like the newer stuff from A9, I can’t deny that both Hiroto and Tora have become exceptional guitarists. They’re the main reason I still come back to listen to A9’s releases lol

  14. I’m still on cloud nine over the news of Hizumi coming back.

  15. raspberrynilla

    I’m honestly so happy!! Hizumi has one of my favorite voices in VK 😭 I did read that he is still under treatment so I hope he’ll be okay starting band activities again.
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