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  1. raspberrynilla

    Still hoping for the day we get Lemon in one of their Live DVD's setlist.
  2. raspberrynilla

    It’s just okay. The most exciting part were definitely the traditional instruments and the bass. But overall this sounds better than 95% of the stuff they released as A9. If it’ll stay that way we’ll see.
  3. The first MV is really underwhelming. While Nao sounds great, I wish there was a bit more power or emotion behind his singing. He sounded quite monotone throughout the song. The second MV is much better! Really love how they’re already trying to explore with different sounds. Makes me excited to hear the rest of the single!
  4. raspberrynilla

    This was surprisingly good 😳 Really loved the whole aesthetic they have going on in the MV
  5. raspberrynilla

    Loved it!! And I agree with the previous statement that this is more in vibe of Gossip!
  6. raspberrynilla

    I love it!!! 🥰🥰🥰
  7. Seems like L’Arc~en~Ciel will be making an announcement soon. Hoping for some album release 🤞 

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    2. saishuu


      so it's a 12-stop tour early next year. shocked they're gonna be able to spend all this time touring together lmao at least japanese fans get to see them outside of their big stadium reunion concerts i guess

    3. raspberrynilla


      @saishuu oh well 😪 that’s not something to hype up about really lol but yeah, at least japanese fans will get to see them for this tour.

    4. IGM_Oficial


      Gotta love these glasses



  8. raspberrynilla

    I would have liked this if his voice wasn’t so high pitched and nasally. Bummer 😕
  9. raspberrynilla

    I agree that it is admirable to see them release so much throughout the year. We rarely get that with any artist, from the East or West. What I mean by “getting tired” is that since we aren’t given enough time to really enjoy one single, and with the high frequency of releases, at the end they start sounding the same, to me at least 😕 So in a way it’s like if I was listening to the same song on repeat and then getting tired of it after a month or two lol
  10. raspberrynilla

    Sigh. I wish they will give us more time between releases to be able to digest them properly. Kinda getting a bit tired of them, tbh 😕
  11. raspberrynilla

    This is the first time seeing Sho with very minimal makeup 😳
  12. raspberrynilla

    So looking forward to this!! They have been on fire with their recent releases 🤩
  13. Woah. This is such a pleasant surprise. Considering their...marketing strategies I wasn’t expecting them to be this good. Edit: After giving it a few more listens, they really give me ACME vibes. But I’m not complaining!
  14. raspberrynilla

    Hmmm while none of the tracks sound exciting to me, I do love hearing Hizumi’s voice again. But if I had to chose out of the two, I liked Another Face best!
  15. FINALLY. I haven’t seen them since 2016 so I’ll definitely be there!!
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