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  1. raspberrynilla

    Album is available on Spotify!
  2. Patiently waiting on Rakugaki’s new album 😭🙏

  3. raspberrynilla

    I really hope the issue with the vocals isn’t in the final mixing of the single. That would be tragic as hell because they sound promising.
  4. Holy shit, this is good! This is such a great improvement, hope they continue going down this route!
  5. I honestly think if Dir en Grey did finally decide to disband, I wouldn't be upset as long a Kyo remains with Sukekiyo. This past year I came to really love Kyo's voice and appreciate his talent as a versatile musician. 

    1. seys


      His voice is way more versatile and talented in Diru though

    2. raspberrynilla


      @seys You’re right, but that could be because they have a larger catalogue and are more prone to experiment with their sound. Recently I’ve enjoyed him in Sukekiyo more that’s all.

  6. raspberrynilla

    I'm dying to hear Kisses live.
  7. raspberrynilla

    I LIKE THEM. Definitely looking forward to more of their stuff.
  8. raspberrynilla

    YES. Most of their songs for me are a bit too much, even though I do enjoy Mahiro's voice. This was toned down from their usual sound which is great haha. I honestly think if his voice wasn't so recognizable he could definitely pass off for just another VK vocalist.
  9. raspberrynilla

    Would of loved to get that long sleeve
  10. raspberrynilla

    This sounds great! Really looking forward to seeing more from them. And a film fanatic myself, using The Birds footage in the MV was pretty cool!
  11. Nurié is by far the best new band we’ve seen this year. I wish them nothing but great things next year.

    1. colorful人生


      There's an j-indie "collator/playlist-maker" YT channel that's been around for a few years, and I've followed his main yearly playlists for two of them. Nurié (this latest MV) is the first vk band I've seen show up on that list, to my knowledge. 


      Really impressive stuff. I'll need to catch up w/ their other songs. 

  12. raspberrynilla

  13. The added black nail is sending me fjejfkekfodm
  14. Finally a release I can get behind on! Love it!!
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