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  1. Sai is back? How many thousands of years have I slept?
  2. asagaos

  3. asagaos

    that was fast
  4. asagaos

    yesssssss bring me more
  5. apparently they and Asty were involved in a fight on twitter lol does anyone know more details?
  6. @plastic_rainbow do you still plan to do the translation?
  7. I'm glad they got new members! Btw is the bass that IT guy from the tv show?
  8. asagaos

    Although sad, the announcement doesn't surprise me. I really enjoyed the latest releases, but somehow I felt the disband was close. I wonder if Chizuru will continue to devote himself to musicals.
  9. hello, i'm looking for the kanji if someone can help, thanks in advance
  10. Apparently they went to Arashi's Nino program in search of new members and one of the candidates was Mikage.
  11. I wish I could be there! I hope some video is available in the depths of twitter.
  12. asagaos

    I went to follow them on twitter and it appeared that I was already following the vocal and the bass. Ok, now I got curious.
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