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  1. When you see translation of SCREW lyrics and you just have to clutch your heart and whimper a little cuz it's that fucking good -cries- gawd, I can't wait for KHRYST+ now csdbfjbewjfhj ❤️

    1. monkeybanana4


      Byou writes some awesomely good lyrics. Never realized he could be so philosophical either XD

    2. riyusama


      I haven't got the chance to properly read The Moon's translation of Biran but gawd, I read deep six and I am in love and fucking hell shit Byou who the fuck hurt you because same boi sdfahebfja ❤️ 

    3. monkeybanana4


      Haha, right? Like the Ancient Rain song ;w; Like Byou - how do you write such sad effing songs? 

  2. riyusama

    Hiya guys, so my thread title seems weird and idk if this is an alright topic but lol do you guys listen to bands and wherein you sometimes use them when you're doing specific things? Like for example: UNSRAW - listen to them when I sleep or sometimes study Juliadoll - for daydreaming LM.C - when doing chores The GazettE - Songs are divided, I listen to some when I'm sad and others when I'm angry SCREW - all around band, I listen to them on any occasion though not recently since their disband since I cry whenever I listen to them lol ViViD - for when I'm in need of inspiration Satsuki - for studying, sometimes daydreaming (from his first songs up to Horizon only) So far, that's what I have for now. What about you guys? Are there specific bands that you listen to when you're doing specific things? I'd especially love some recommendations if you guys also listen to other VK bands whilst studying lol
  3. Yeah! Like, the photobook has a hella lotta of pictures cuz like, they have more than 20 songs in their album right? Each picture from the photobook corresponds to a song in their album. So for example, if there's like 25 songs, we have 25 pictures of them there, some are solos others are group pics~ I'll try to scan them and post them here on MH ouo altho, idk where to post it here lol I'll prob try to make a new SCREW thread here if possible? I'll ask the admins about it to make sure so I can share the SCREW love ❤️ I hope Iru knows how to do double bass! It would be awesome to see a bassist play the double bass again ❤️ Rui and Yuuto are both different and with them, SCREW had shifted from different styles but yes, they're both very talented! Altho, I have more love for Rui in a way ;w; ❤️ idk, prob because when I first got into Visual Kei and I was so in love with SCREW, that was the year Yuuto announced that he was leaving the band so I got super pissed off at him like how dare you leave the band lol I was an immature child back then, so I hated him a lot and ended up loving Rui way too much XD but Rui still hurt us the same e.e meh, they're adults and since I'm an adult now too I understand the changes in life lol About the updates of each member, I'll just message you there on DW about Manabu and Rui lol some of the news I got are from Tanuki whilst some are from translation from others from their instagrams and twitter. Idk if I should be posting information here on MH, cuz some of them are rumours and I'm not sure if the admins will take kindly to them XD altho I want to post them, just so if these news/rumours aren't know by other fans I'd want them to read about it too ;w; like news of how the band members are doing~ idk, I should also ask the admins about that too if making a thread of the well-being of the members are allowed even tho some of them aren't in the scene anymore ouo THEIR MAKING OF WAILING WALL IS DEF MY MOST FAVE MAKING OFF VIDEO OF ALL TIME buiaendqejdbqjn I'm so glad I have it saved or else idk what the fuck I'd do lolololol Jin is so adorable there and seriously, I wish he would wear short shorts again cuz I miss looking at those luscious thighs yum yum sdgbcihsbfjwgehgfbjkw gurl, don't stop being a perverted fan, nobody here is judging you for getting the lewds for them cutie bandomen dsfjkedbnfjk ❤️❤️❤️ I think if you try to listen to almost all of SCREW's songs it'd take you at least half a day to finish them all. Yaaaaassss, my bby Jin is good fucking talented and he's awesome shit dsbfijdsjk and yeah, he and Byou did say that before. Actually, Jin was planning on quitting the VK scene before, even though a lot of people were asking him to join their bands, Byou was the only exception because he was pushy as hell lol and apparently, that was all Jin needed to come back to the music scene XD (and thank fucking god for that omgeh, can ya'll imagine if Jin isn't here in the scene wtf, we'd be missing out on so many things and the whole fucking world-well my world at least- would be in fucking chaos sbfjnwkfmn) One of the people who asked him to be their drummer was Ryoga (Razor, ex. BORN), and seriously they're cute dsnfjknl dawsd I'm still mad at myself for losing that old smut fanfic I made of him and Jin lol fucking wild, i hate past me XD Oh dude! Don't worry! You don't pale in comparison! I bet you're just as talented as they are! All you lack is some practice is all~ just remember, practice makes perfect! To be a good writer, you gotta practice and practice and practice some fucking more. Don't bring yourself down like that dude! I believe in you and your skills! ouo Oh! Don't worry dude! Sweetlolixo still writes and updates their fanfics! They only update through AO3 now tho ouo and I don't really read much of their fics anymore cuz they make Kai out to be a bad guy so much and no matter how much I like seme Uruha with uke Aoi, I will not stand for the fucked up way they writes Kai lol I still love them though and idolize them and they're one of my inspirations for being an amazing writer but fuck no, I don't wanna read anymore cuz Kai is my bby and I don't want him like that XD I aim to be as good as them! they wrote a fanfic that has a word count of 300k like holy shit, I've only gone as far as 50k as of now dsbucbsdjknc I am gonna do my best to be a good fucking writer like them dsucfnajksedfjkewk Also dude, I keep forgetting, do you have like somewhere we can chat instead? XD like, maybe a discord or skype or aim, wow I sound old with the aim and skype one lol idk, somewhere we can chat so it's not that hard to talk through messages XD
  4. riyusama

    Ughhh, sometimes I wish I could go back to those years cuz seriously, even if the rest of the world was fucking going out of control cuz apparently 2012 was the end of the world, VK fandom was there in our their little corner minding their own business and making shit and being happy lol now, we can count with one hand how many vk websites are active lol And yeah man! Tbh, I still hear some issues and backstabbing happening in tumblr rp but that's like a related issue between vk-jpop-kpop thing since they now interact with one another lol After the golden years I drifted away from the fandom due to some issues of my own lol have to admit I did get into a fight with other vk fans before so I navigated away from tumblr for a while and here I am now XD Lol was Yohio even good shit? He was just inspired from the VK scene but I have no clue whatsoever if they were good at their music, never gave time to listen to his music tbh idk why, he didn't appeal to me much. I came from a musical family hence why I was fortunate enough to learn more than, 1 instrument but sadly we always just reduce it to a hobby in favour of choosing jobs on the business or medical side. And that's cool! You played the piano! What pieces did you play before? At what age did you start playing? Is it your favourite instrument? Like your first love???? Cuz mine, the reason violin is my main because I fell in love with it at first sight ❤️
  5. lol guys do we have a meme thread/topic here? Cuz I wanna see memes bring out the memes guys where are our vk meme faces (i'm pretty sure there's loads of them)

  6. riyusama

    Uhm... What... the fuck????? How did Satsuki transition to this music genre oh my god what the hell happened to him?! I mean, kpop maybe i kinda like it idk, i still really like his voice but, holy shit that is so far from what the heck he was producing before I'm not entirely sure what to fee; ya'll
  7. Yeah! They do! Well, mostly it's in the anime fandom of Japanese fans, but it isn't such a far fetch idea to think it wouldn't happen in VK lol I mean, if I were in Japan I'd do that lol Yeah, when I get the time this weekend I'll try to video it ouo and maybe show the photobook that came along the album as well lol they just look amazing in their last album ;w; ❤️❤️❤️ I seriously do not understand why that's a thing even e.e I mean, they're rockstars that started out with heavy music in the first place, why change their tempo completely? I mean yeah, I get being experimental but sometimes bands make a total 180 degree change after debuting wtf well yeah it's subjective, but I think a whole lot would prefer their original heavier music lol Ho shi, I actually forgot that Gather Roses has a jazzy edge to it as well! Yuuto's double bass is amazing *q* seriously, I wish someone would use that again, double bass is awesome as fuck! Actually, now that we're talking about it, Screw prob experimented a lot with the Jazz genre into their rock music and we just haven't noticed much yet lol I feel like I might relisten to a whole lot of their songs just to see for myself ouo Oh oh, but in the end Byou's English is definitely turning for the better! In their last few releases, their really tearful song Remember Me had really good fucking lyrics like wtf yo, even tho some of them I didn't understand as Byou was singing when I saw the lyrics just holy fucking shit, this boi is so fucking talented and amazing that I am just so fucking relieved that he's back to making music because god damn it, the world may not deserve Byou and Jin but they sure as hell are very generous to the us and we're so fucking fortunate *gross sobbing crying* Sorry, I feel emotional today cuz yesterday whilst I was out shopping I thought I could handle listening to Screw in public and I swear to fuck, I nearly fell down to my knees crying when I listened to Death's Door yesterday QAQ Ohhhhhh, a Kazuki bias! Did you hear the news that Kazuki now opened up his own bar? I can't remember the name but Jin and Byou visited him on his bday as he opened his bar ouo But yes, I love all the members but, Jin is just too special for me sometimes QwQ ❤️❤️❤️ Wailing Wall is just a fucking MASTERPIECE bruh! It's definitely one of my all time faves, same as most of Screw's songs that are my all time faves lol but it just hits you sometimes, like you find yourself singing or humming to that song and then, you remember the meaning of the lyrics and just fuck, Byou you fucking genius I love you man. When Byou makes lyrics he's just amazing. I think we can both agree that 90% of Screw's songs we absolutely adore and love lololololol I rarely have any Screw songs that I wanna skip when I listen to them... Well, except of course recently cuz I can;t bear to listen to them without crying still ;w; Yeah true Nov, 1 just can't come any sooner ahhhhhhh fbwejbfjk so for now we must satisfy ourselves with the samples first lol Don't be Silly reminds me of their X-Rays era whilst the Katakana one reminds me of their earlier years, like Virus era maybe? ouo Thanks! And yeah hopefully, I shall meet Jin and have him fall in love with me so he may marry me e.e jk jk lol he's better off with Byou .w. lololololol I say lol a lot so please do not get irritated by that XD Ahhhhhhh I feel jelly ckndcklndclaedq well, even if you didn't get to go to their last live at least you still got to support them live and have the time of your life to go to one of their concerts! That's awesome! Must cherish the memoryyyyyy~ ahhhh Jin's drum solos ❤️ truly a gift from the heaven's ❤️ he's just so amazing ❤️ I've made some friends over commenting in their fics but it's not really that long lived XD but at least I got to chat with the author cuz most vk authors are superbly fucking talented and amazing ❤️❤️❤️ tbh, I only started out as a writer and got my inspirations and models from the VK fandom lol like heck, my most favourite author is a fanfic writer lol sweetlolixo to be exact ouo but recently I haven't been reading from them cuz my tastes in ships change lol nah, it's cool we can just start reading each other's fics from now on and critique on each other XD Just make sure to always archive and save fanfics for yourself just in case authors start deleting lol And seriously, I feel like I always reply to you during my lunch break XD it's the most time i have to make long replies ❤️ currently replying during my lunch break lololololol
  8. Me, an idiot in public: Haha, let's start listening to SCREW again since we've moved on already

    Me after the first song: *trying hard not to fall down on my knees crying in public as I shop*

    1. IGM_Oficial


      ~"Brilliant" starts playing on the background~

    2. riyusama


      My dude, my bro, why must u hurt me like this ;w; ❤️ 

  9. Well, I was only like half serious about that, but it isn't really such a far fetch theory. I don't live in Japan nor do I understand Japanese to be able to read Tanuki or any other sources that can be more factual but.. Take Taka from One Ok Rock as an example, even though he migrated from the Jpop industry (Johnny's Entertainment) of being an idol to being a JRocker, it is possible for VK artists themselves to think about migrating to Jpop/kpop/idol industry in general. (And also again, I don't know much about Kpop industry itself too but there have been more and more Japanese members in groups recently). But, I would think Jpop is a little more lax with idol training than, in Korea. Japan's idols (that debut) is that you watch them grow from being meh to being good, like you're an inspirational shit because from shit to good/awesome you become. Whilst in Korea, to debut you have to be exceptionally good. These are talent-wise mind you and not face wise yet. So let's say, in the VK industry older bands like Malice Mizer, Dir En Grey, X Japan, and Luna Sea are slowly starting to retire and let's admit it, they will sooner or later or else age will catch up to them. We have their predecessors like The Gazette, Alice Nine, and Nightmare. Bands that have been together for more than, 10 years but these people are also past their prime. 5 or so more years and they'll be like the first ones I mentioned. Where are their predecessors or roadies that became their kouhais? That they helped throughout? Most of them have disbanded and some are leaving the scene. I would take examples of bands like Screw, SuG, ViViD, and Born (note most of these are under the PSC labels because I tended to focus on them mostly before I left the VK fandom for a while a couple of years ago) Some of the members of those bands or other bands like them have left. Others are still continuing but, we're still seeing how they'll pull through. Now, with that information at hand, added with recent dramas/crime allegations and real VK artists that have been jailed, we now have newbie younger artists that may want to be part of the VK industry but, would find it rather hard to do so as senpais and labels would be harder to find. Not to mention that they did say in the earlier posts that the vertical hierarchy has been slowly fading (Prob because the older artists are retiring and such whilst others are still trying to recover from their disbandments and are off worrying about how their new band will survive the industry). Although, there are label companies that are owned by VK artists as well, I'm not sure of delving into that topic yet as I haven't researched about it yet. So with this in mind, there would be two ways a person can go with this. 1. If they're serious about their musician career in VK (like Anfiel maybe), it'd be harder with people flocking over the older bands because nostalgia and fear of them disbanding because of the recent trend of dissolutions from 2016-2017 or it'd be harder to make a name and find fans who will be into VK because of recent issues (like that Egoist and 12012 dudes killing their girlfriends or with the recent issue of Kisaki being a pedophile). 2. If they're not serious and are just in it for the money and sex, they would think its easier to migrate into the idol industry that has been gaining more and more attention the recent years. Not to mention, Jpop has been slowly catering to Kpop culture as well of aesthetics and face value, the only problem they would encounter there would be the strict dating rule, but then again many idols can get away with that if they try hard enough. (Also, I'm not saying being an idol is easier, because seriously the idol industry is more cut-throat that in the event you don't sell or don't have fans you will starve.) with VK you can have Mitsu's and Tsunagari's but, who's to say that idols can't have them too? Not sure, so will have to research further on that part. That's my take/theory on VK boys migrating into the idol industry lol and seriously, they might as well try their luck whilst they're young. The moment you're 20 when it comes to their industry, it'd be a whole lot harder to debut since, they prefer younger ones and think 20 is too old already to be an idol debuting. Please take this reply in only a very small tiny bit grain of salt cuz I just love making theories and shit about things and analzying things but, please remember that I do not live in Japan or Korea, nor do I understand/can read their languages lol
  10. riyusama

    Okai, so this band sounds interesting as hell and their music is good but... Are those back-up dancers??? Do they have actual back-up dancers as members? XD I am now totes intrigued and gotta search about them lol Also, the vocalist's voice reminds me of Shin (ex. ViViD), brings back memories a little ;w;
  11. My love for noodles ("shit noodles") has come to a whole new different level. thanks a lot vk lol i'm gonna start calling tanuki noodles 

  12. My head hurts like hell for trying to read literally every single related topic/thread on here about SCREW. Like wtf? One topic just mentions screw and I'll be an idiot who's going to read that shit lol my head hurts like a bitch and I'm still at work ahhhhhh I want new shit, or rumours or anything *cries*

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    2. monkeybanana4


      I apologize for butting into the conversation, but I just wanted to say that I think it's so cool that you're translating the Biran album! I was going to tackle it, but I decided to work on the Duality album instead. Would love to see it when you finish! (If you need any assistance, I'd be glad to help out as best as I can ^^)

    3. riyusama


      @The Moon : Gawddd, I wish I could help with the translating but I literally only know shit about Japanese thanks to anime lol So the best I can do is giving you all of my good vibes and luck on your quest of translating them *sends all of them vibes and luck to ya* well, for the Biran album I like their songs Unworldliness Kingdom and Wing-Ding ouo and well Daring Driver is also good shit XD ❤️ 


      Oh shit, enduring memories is GOOD SHIT. Remember me makes me cry and I love it, the entire Xanadu single I love all the songs, Zowie and Glass Cage... Groggy Slumber is also hella good... Let's just say there's too many of their songs that I love XD ❤️

    4. riyusama


      @monkeybanana4 : dudeeee, butt in pls ahahahaha I shall send all of my good luck and good vibes to you both in translating them songs *sends all the love* I'm so excited for the translations you guys are doing ;w; ❤️❤️❤️ If ya'll need help in idk, whatever it is that isn't involved in translationg I'd be more than, happy for help XD

  13. Damn... This is awesome... Well, I mean, not awesome in a good way, definitely in a bad way and well, seriously I did chuckle at some parts of the translation. But damn, I was not expecting to see that about Byou. I wonder if the other members of SCREW went through that as well? Oh but, you guys did talk about the hierarchy or like vertical society of bands hence why the recent well... Downgrade as I might say? Idk, I do kinda agree that the newer bands aren't really my style and I just thought meh, but after reading this damn... Is that why VK's music is going down or like slowly dying? lol well idolification is there as well lol most roadies just quitting then, becoming idols instead what a fucking theory man ahahahaha I want to take this thread at least a little more seriously, but I seriously cannot stop laughing lol
  14. riyusama

    It's small but, I did observe that there are a couple of tight-knit groups in the VK fandom. I'm still too intimidated to try and befriend them XD mostly I see them on tumblr or on LJ or DW ~ gawd, the years of 2010 to 2013 were like the golden ages for the VK community in tumblr lol RP-ers and personal blogs, spam, blogs, and all those galore for the VK fandom. I think it's because there were either toxicity or smth that caused an issue hence they either migrated again or just stayed quiet? And yes true! VK is just so artistic in so many aspects that I am still quite amazed that a lot of people don't appreciate it that much. Well, I understand that most would see it as gay or some shit so yeah, hopefully that'll change. And hopefully, there'll be more VK artists that'll be more focused on music rather than, their looks. Idk, that's just my opinion tho ;w; I feel as though a lot of new bands are more on aesthetics and second on music ;w; And yeah, I'm a musician but, I hardly ever practice nowadays ;w; here in my country (Philippines) if you're a musician you have no future nor money as what every says and it's true lol hence why I'm instead pursuing either an office job (current job) or just be a doctor (still contemplating on this one) XD but for the instruments I play, my main is violin, second is guitar and I know some basic knowledge of the piano ~ but I'm really rusty tho and haven't practiced for years so I prob sound like an amateur now XD How about you? What instruments do you play? ouo and oh! oh! As for new bands, I will message you now on DW so we can fangirl there lolololol
  15. I think all fans are like that when it comes to their favourite artist ;w; ❤️ It's just too precious to be ruined, hence must be protected at all costs XD sometimes, I wish I was rich enough to buy 2 or 3 CD's like what the Japanese do lol 1 is for keeps, 2 is for personal use, and 3 is for when it becomes rare and you can sell it lol I hear they do that a lot XD And yessss!!!! I swear to fuck, their music box is so fucking emotional I cry QAQ I should record it sometime so I can let you hear it ❤️ the design and everything of it is just superb! I absolutely love it ❤️❤️❤️ and now that you mention it, I didn't hear from any fans about the music box, I guess I thought sooner or later someone would post a video of it or something o.o I'll post it when I have time erjkdbcjdsnjck I'll make a pretty fucking video showing their music box in all its beauty and glory QAQ ❤️❤️❤️ I'm gonna be honest with ya, I too prefer their heavier music. I feel like, when a VK band usually debuts their heavy music turns softer to appeal to the mass more. Which is just an opinionated guess of mine and which would suck if it's true cuz, I've had a couple of VK bands whom I love listening to at first but, eventually started to dislike or just not care aymore because of their music changes ;w; (exp. ViViD and LM.C) And yaaaasssssss Byou's English is just fucking hilarious sometimes! XD I remember in their Brainstorm release, I think the title was L'Oiseau Bleu was that? He said in the chorus "When I close my eyes, I can't see your face." AND I SWEAR TO FUCK I JUST CAN'T HELP BUT CRACK UP EVERY TIME I HEAR THAT PART AHAHHAHAHA I can't take that song seriously, for realz lol but I love it still cuz I think the band went a little experimental with this one for the jazz set-up. I wish they experimented a little more with that ouo Ughhh, Jin and Byou do the stupidest things together and i just love them together so much and they're just my OTP man QAQ ❤️❤️❤️ Who's your favourite member btw? cuz obviously, mine is Jin lol A song of theirs that really stuck to me till new is Wailing Wall. When I first heard the song, it just sounded so emotional even without the growling and shit, then I read the lyrics and I just fuck, what a fucking master piece. Like seriously, when I was in high school I planned on doing a cover both original and english version lol Aside form that, Death's Door, Thick-Skinned Contradiction, and just ahhhh, there's too many dude, I'd say like 90% of their songs I just absolutely adore ;w; I'll seriously just end up saying all of their songs at this point lol You prob read the live-limited album at the only KHRYST+ forum topic here lol I searched it and there was only one, I must've missed reading that part ;w; as of now btw, my most fave KHRYST+ song is Don't be Silly ouo AND SHIT!!!!! YOU GOT TO MEET BYOU AND JIN IN PERSON!?!??! THAT IS SO AMAZING OMGEH SO HAPPY FOR YOU ❤️❤️❤️ you went to a live of theirs in Japan??? Ahhhhh, definitely wishing I could do that too someday, hopefully soon lololololol And yaaaasssss!!!! I saved your fanfics before, you gotta support every SCREW writer there is right? Well, for me that is lol when I was younger I didn't appreciate writers that much when it came to commenting their fanfics, looking back on it I think it made the community livelier and happier when authors comments on each other's fanfics. Nobody comments on mine much tho lol but, as much as possible I leave compliments or critics to fanfics XD most of them I've done to the gazette writers cuz theirs are in abundance ouo I have regrets in not saving some fanfics I loved before ;w; 💔 I actually still have misfitmisfit's fanfic saved in word lol after the whole fad a couple of years ago of fanfic writer's deactivating their journals in LJ, I desperately started saving as many as I could. Which reminds me, I should prob start doing that now again e.e I should archive them at my Jin spam blog on tumblr lol Oohhhh!!! I am defnitely looking forward to any Jin fics you will write!! ❤️ I haven't had a chance to read your works yet, so I am def excited ❤️❤️❤️ ahhhhh, I haven't checked DW yet sdjfbjkdnknw so busy, even till now I'm replying to you here at my lunch break lololololol I WANNA FANGIRL WITH YOU AHHHHH hcdhsubk and prob share fics and other bands we like huehuehuehuehue