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  1. riyusama

    This fucking sucks so much ughhh
  2. Guyssss, so I have a video of SCREW's music box from their Brilliant album and I wanna share it with you guys just in case some SCREW fans here haven't heard it yet ❤️ Where do you guys think I should post it btw???

    1. IGM_Oficial
    2. monkeybanana4


      I think you can post it in the SCREW thread located in the artist forum. Sorry for not letting you know earlier~ Just thought of it, lol.

  3. riyusama

    Oh!! A beauty and fashion thread!! Two things I love ❤️ FASHION: For fashion, I have a few clothes that blend in with society when I'm lazy lol but I mostly have lolita inspired dresses and some punk-rock clothes. Over the years, my skin has gotten more and more sensitive so I have to really picky the type of fabrics carefully. I can only wear cotton, polyester, silk, and such. Any fabric that's too rough will give me rashes lol so basically, lolita and smooth clothings are more on my style. (not much black nowadays too cuz the heat in the Philippines will kill you.) Also, I go shopping in thrift stores here as well, a lot of good clothes there XD Apparently, some VK inspired clothes get stuck around in thrift stores here in my country so score for me guys. SKIN/FACE: Imma be the first to admit that I was born with a pretty nice complexion lol but, still sensitive and dry skin so I need to be careful with my products as well but any hows, I think some of my routines would be good to share as well just in case there are other peeps here who have sensitive skin like mine ouo PS: I don't have pale skin, I have morena/brown skin so like yeah, I can't give tips on whitening products, but right now I do hear from my friends here in the Philippines about this like really popular skin whitening product called Dr. Alver. My friends use it and they have like those pale white complexions that Kpop stars have so like yeah. Skin care routine: Tony Moly's Black Tea Facewash I swear to hell this facewash is GODLY. It really makes my skin so smooth and brightens it up. I had my younger brother use it too and now he has lesser pimples tbh and his face is smoother now too. It's also great at removing make-up. NuSkin NaPCA Moisture Mist This moisturizer I absolutely LOVE. You just spray it onto your face and voila! You're good to go. It dries up easily on your face that you don't feel like you're walking around with a wet face that just got out of shower and you were too busy rushing to properly dry your face with a towel. Or feel oily or smth. It's really good for dry skin tbh Tony Moly Naturalth Goat Milk Moisture Emulsion My second favourite moisturizer would have to be this one, in case I don't have the NuSkin moisturizer. Tony Moly products are GOOD AF but with this one, as much as I love it, it tends to take too long to dry up or smth. Maybe because it's cream based but still, very good for your skin. Bentonite Clay Mask This shit I use like at least once or twice a month and lemme tell ya'll. My blackheads have lessened. It's not really the best tho, I'd prob try to find a better one once I stop being lazy of finding a better clay mask lol but it makes my skin extra smoother and shit so a 4/5 recommendation lol For body lotion I just use Jergens Ultra Healing, it's really good and really repaired my skin cuz ya know, the heat here in the Philippines is a MENACE. MAKE-UP: PS: most of the products I use are cruelty free and such so yeah lol, just getting that out in case someone is conscious about that like me Foundation: HYPOAllergenic Aqua Jelly Make-up This is THE BEST foundation ever (in my opinion lol) since as I've said earlier sensitive skin. One of the perks of this since the brand was like made by dermatologists or some shit like that, it actually helps heal your skin and all that shit when you use it??? Idk how but it does. It's good at hiding blemishes and imperfections, doesn't feel heavy on the face and best of all, it actually helps a little with pimples lol Powder: L.A. Girl Pro Face Matte Pressed Powder This is by far, the only brand I know that I can use where my skin doesn't get any bumps. Like ya know, your face looks like it was bitten by an ant or bee or smth when you use certain brands? Well, this one is the only one I trust when it comes to powder lol Eye-shadow: Too-faced, Jazzy, BYS, and Tony Moly I don't use eye-shadow much and have only recently started exploring on this. These three so far are my best pick for eye shadow and their colors are great! Especially if you love make-up that sparkles/glitters cuz they have so many options like that ouo Tony Moly has good eyeshadows and eyeliners BYS I recommend their blush as well HAIR: I actually have no comments for hair cuz, I usually get mine done in salons lol AND NOW FOR SOME HELP FROM YOU GUYS LOL QUESTION PORTION: So, I think I have nice skin but like, there are some dark spots in my skin? Like, I think these spots are like scars I had before when I was a kid and I got chickenpox lol What do you guys do when you have little scars on your face? How do you remove them? How do you guys even out your skintone?
  4. riyusama

    I was gonna find the article hilarious but they over exaggerated a lot of things so I just lost interest in it... Also that article is too hella fucking long like wtf???? Ain't nobody have the time to unpack all of that shit lol Altho some parts that were highlighted in the thread here, it seems that there are still some factual shit there XD but I guess for us fans reading the article would be more for shit and giggles lol are there not enough drama and scandal in pop music now so they decided to find VK as their new toy for this article???? lol I don't get it tbh, VK is just like any other music industry out there, there's the good and there's the bad... I just think the hardcore fans of Japan spend way more money on their idols than fans from the west ouo Holy fuckkkkk this comment hit me so hard ahahahahahaha to think I auditioned for AKB48's sister group MNL48 lol but in a way, a lot of the fans of idol groups mostly see them like that. Their music is pretty mediocre for me (that or just I'm not really a big fan of pop music lol) I only have a few songs from AKB48 that I actually like lol But anyways, isn't it normal that a lot of fans are just more into a musicians face rather than, their music??? or am I wrong to think that that way of thinking is so normal? lol
  5. *flips hair* guess who's back again sadbcjasljkd

  6. riyusama

    OHHHHH OMGEH SO KYUT ❤️ U LOOK CUTE BRUH Also, I didn't know we had a thread like this here~~~ So I shall also post a selfie ouo Here, pls appreciate me with mah glasses here also on a side note, I think I gained some cutie weight so my cheeks a bit a chubby and I LOVE THEMMM i wuv my chubby cheeks uwu ❤️ Also, wanna brag cuz I just recently got contact lenses so hereeeeee ouo i can now see without having to wear glasses sdbjfbadskjnk
  7. LiViNG DEAD's『徒花』sounds dope af yo, a bit disappointed they didn't have more than, one release lol ughhhh hearing Jin's earlier years song ❤️

  8. Hey guys! So, I've been a bit curious since the release of some songs from Love Live! Sunshine. It started off with their sub unit Guilty kiss, their songs are: Strawberry Trapper Kowareyasuki and then, there's Saint Snow, to which I really think is more influenced with VK music. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but that's just how I perceive it for now ouo Here's their songs: SELF CONTROL!! CRASH MIND DROPOUT PS: scroll down a little till you see the audio to listen to the songs, searching them on youtube is futile. They sound like shit there lol So yeah, I guess I just wanted to talk about them cuz their songs are so cool! And I absolutely wanna share these to you guys~ tell me what you guys think ouo and yeah, I know they're anime but ya know, maybe a bit VK inspired maybe????
  9. riyusama

    Okai, this makes me sad cuz I can't view the video sdbicjbdjksnk but also for those who have a hard time searching, apparently tumblr Tanuki has a few dick pics lol and a downloadable link for the Tenten sex video XD http://fuckyeahtanuki.tumblr.com/post/102645684036/what-are-the-official-5-dick-pics-ive-gone Also lastly, anyone still searching for that Shin ex.vivid porn video ya'll keep talking about? lol the maria cross one I can't for the life of me find for some odd reason too e.e
  10. Ahhhh yes... I must change my cover and profile photo to Jin to make it all the more obvious how much I stan this man gdi heissokyuthowtfstahp

    1. monkeybanana4


      Haha, who's smacking him? XD He's so hard not to love because he's such a cute dork x3 

    2. riyusama


      I think this was from their SCREW TV days? XD Rui was smacking him here and Byou or I think that was Kazuki on his other side laughing at him lolololol they're adorbs csdcnfkds ❤️ 

    3. monkeybanana4


      Oh, that would explain why the plushie Nico symbol is stuffed in his jacket, lol. Do you remember which episode it was? Agreed! They are adorably funny. It makes me miss their band and their music. 

  11. riyusama

    Oh another active Tanuki thread!! Yay!! I love threads like this cuz I'm a sucker for gossip lololololol But i guess this started out a bit un-wholesome? I see people still lurk around the tumblr translating tanuki mistresses lololololol But on a side note, I saw from the first posts about Tanuki speculations and such coming true and I wanted to shed some light on that part: I can't remember the name of this tanuki translating tumblr, but when SCREW disbanded and I was heart-broken as fuck, I messaged one of the few mistresses in tumblr that were still active and asked about them. Please ignore the Manabu part since we all know that he recently came back to play as a support guitarist for Sarshi of Hero lololol but, if you read on the bottom they stated there that in Tanuki there were rumours about Jin joining Nihilizm and somehow, that's rather close to what's happened now! Byou and Jin made a band with former members of Nihilizm Iru and Quina and seriously, I somewhat forgot about this ask since as ya'll can see that was 3 years ago but, in a way, like everyone says, just take the words there in Tanuki with a grain of salt and a lot of skepticism. Most of the time, I read Tanuki for the juicy gossips I can use for fanfic writing lol the rest is just to know how the members are and if their band were to separate, I'd like some smol updates if they're going to continue on with music or not ouo I remember this message I got and how happy I was and hopeful that I'll still get to support Jin in music (he's my inspiration for trying to continue to be a muscisian even tho I know it's a very bleak career path lol). And maybe alittle sad in those days cuz I was too shy to message them more info and if there were talks if Jin and Byo would still be together XD (cuz of course my fujoshi yaoi loving ass wants my OTP to still be together ya'll) So yeah anyways, somewhat wholesome? reply to this thread cuz I love how this person helped me out in that small translation of where JIn is heading and it really made me happy back then ouo
  12. riyusama

    This particular comment fucked me up so much more in this thread all because this stated about screw and I'm dying ahahahah I'm sorry, but anyways this comment is pretty insightful in a way that we all know now that this shit might not actually affect the VK scene at all? I mean, if a majority of Japan already thinks of VK as a shitty music industry then, I guess we have nothing to worry about in it dying out or smth... Not unless of course for the next months and years we get consecutive news about bandomen being arrested for cases like these and in which case, I think we should all start to become alarmed now. But anyways, in my opinion, I think our main focus in this thread anyways is just for Kisaki to get fucking incarcerated already and hope to god (or to people if ya'll atheist or smth) that the child that was traumatized gets the right help she needs because we all know that she'll be scarred for life because of what happened to her. Hopefully, her parents will actually take better fucking care of her.
  13. Me: *looking through search for more LiViNG DEAD threads*

    Me: Oh shit, the old basisst is still somewhat active, gotta see this shit sdbcjsdnk

  14. *SCREAMS* I SAW INFO AND A SINGLE LINK TO JIN'S OLD BAND LiViNG DEAD bdschsbhbcsj *gross sobbing dying* I love this place so much ;w; ❤️

  15. riyusama

    What you do sounds so tough omgeh!! It's awful that others stress you out because of this, but even tho I've never really been that interested with looking up old bands of them musicians, thanks for helping out the others fans in doing so! People should realize that searching through the net for things like this is hella hard and you waste too much time, sometimes not even getting the information you really want e.e
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