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  1. No hate/jealousy whatsoever. I own some backlash stuff but I definitely have never gotten the attraction to CH. looks corny AF and the dudes from creed used to wear it. WITH AAAAAAAHMS WIIIDE OOOPAAAAAN
  2. Ah Mr. Wong. He works for chrome hearts and used to work for backlash. As I understand, every japanese person who has every been born has a heroin like addiction to overpriced silver jewelry that looks like something a "cool youth pastor" would wear with his bedazzled jeans and affliction shirts. Looks like working for them gets you on the inside of j-rock affiliate circles as he posts alot of pics with vamps and diru. Probably gets advance copies as this isnt the first time hes posted covers before the album was officially out. Its a wonder the gyaru havent abducted him and forced him into a life of slavery.
  3. Dyingmoments

    The point is to get people to buy it when it comes out. Most album sales metrics are based upon sales immediately following or a short time after an albums release. Most record labels worldwide do something to incentivize release date album purchases (this equates to video games and most entertainment media aswell. Looks at all the games that give preorder bonuses and early access etc etc). It also gives the hardcore fans something special for their dedication. Though if I dont get something right away or to was release so far in the past that I wasnt following a band, I have never had an issue finding a first press copy of a release through the usual channels.
  4. Values of madness be like “remember six ugly???”
  5. Dyingmoments

    How dare you.
  6. Dyingmoments

    I actually prefer the symp versions to the standard versions...I thought they were going for that "fake black metal dimmu borgir symphonic blast" thing
  7. Dyingmoments

    Ive shipped guitars from japan before. Im currently waiting on one that cost $5k. Shipping ususally averages out to around $300, so between double and triple what it would cost to ship a guitar domestically. The shitty part about their instrument prices are that they are between $500-2000 OVER what it would cost to buy and ship a guitar from ikebe or kurosawa BEFORE THEY EVEN ADD SHIPPING, so what these fucksticks are doing is just going to the store, ordering the guitar, and basically charging you a 30% premium, then bending you over on shipping. Fuuuuuck that shit. Im looking into Blackship to secure an a knot membership. Looks like its a side service from white rabbit. Have any of you guys used them before? Thoughts? Im determined to get a membership this year no matter what it takes.
  8. Dyingmoments

  9. Does anybody know if the physical dimensions of the packages are different depending on whether you got the blu ray or dvd?
  10. Dyingmoments

    Ive used them countless times and never really had a problem before this year but I definitely buy that they've screwed people in the past. Its also 100% J-XYZ. The website code is nearly identical and has been for almost two decades now lol. Also the person that usually responds has been named akira since I bought merch from the 5 ugly kingdom tour in 2002.
  11. Dyingmoments

    Yeaaaah that sounds like it wouldnt really work out??? Id like to use tenso but i keep hearing about people not getting documents and stuff. TBH i really dont care if its costly I just want a service I can count on 100%
  12. Dyingmoments

    I’m only just starring to thoroughly research it, but it looks like none of the available services really work well for a knot membership??
  13. Dyingmoments

    Lets just say the gubmint thinks I had insurance all year in 2017 but in February and March I TECHNICALLY DIDNT. ....SO...LADIES....😉
  14. Dyingmoments

    I wish I was a "bad boy of visual kei"...
  15. Dyingmoments

    Of course not on US iTunes. Don't know if I should be irritated or thrilled. Everything so far has been catastrophic...just totally unlistenable. Though I'll be honest, for every mejibray song I love, theres like six tracks of garbage. Also why the fuck did they only play venoms live once????