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    I don't mind Jin but I get the impression that he's the type of person who has a strong vision that he tries hard to achieve, but he just doesn't know what to do in order to achieve it, and maybe he tries to do all the important things on his own. I thought Nega was decent but I never liked them enough when they were still around. I really liked The Black Swan though, maybe more than most people, but I mostly liked them for the instruments and songwriting in that regard. For this band I am hoping that Jin will get it right this time and will let the other band members take charge of direction too.
  2. Ultra Silvam

    I don't mind this at all. Most of these previews sound very similar to me but I really like the way the instruments are sounding. Karma just sounds like Karma, I think this is how he always sounded. I wasn't expecting him to sound differently and I'm kind of glad that he doesn't. I'm much more excited for this band now
  3. Ultra Silvam

    The romaji title is "Pinky Rensou" with rensou meaning something like "love affair". Great buys btw!
  4. Ultra Silvam

    D and lynch. It's the same issue with both bands; almost all their songs sound the same to me. I don't think they're awful but I can't listen to more than one songs by these bands without getting super bored
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    I tend to enjoy their B-sides more than their A-sides nowadays, but I used to like their A-sides more. I think it changed for me in 2014 after Kyouka Suigetsu. I have to talk about Ruru though because the song on that single, 死人花, is my favorite Kiryu song. Every time I hear it I'm a little disappointed that it wasn't chosen to be the single. It might be a polarizing song because it's full of loud synths that overpower the guitars and bass, but I don't mind it in this case because I think overall the song sounds good and the feeling it has is something a bit different from other Kiryu songs
  6. Ultra Silvam

    I'm excited for this, I honestly liked everything TBS did so I don't mind if this ends up like TBS part 2 or something. Rui composed some decent Screw songs too iirc so I'm really interested to see if he brings anything to the table songwriting wise this time
  7. I'd prefer the series to be left alone. I don't hate live-action remakes and I can understand why some people like them, but I just prefer the anime. I hope they do this one justice.
  8. Ultra Silvam

    I was a big fan of SCREW so I was really excited when this band was announced. I liked 螺旋階段 when it was released, but I have to admit that when I heard the previews for the rest of the songs on BASALT I became doubtful about how good this mini album would be. I've been listening to it for the past week though and I actually really like all of the songs, individually and as an album. When I heard the preview for DON'T BE SILLY I thought I was going to end up hating it, but it's actually the song that I've listened to the most! I think ボクトアソボウヨ... is my favorite though. I really have no complaints lol. I'm happy to see Byo and Jin back in a band together.
  9. Here's my attempt at transcribing this song. I only used the lyrics from the music video, and I think all of the kanji is correct, but I am unsure about some of the romaji since it sounds like some of the pronunciations used in the song aren't true to the kanji used. So please comment with any suggestions or questions if you have any! I've also tried to separate the lyrics into sections to make it easier to follow along with the song, but this is only based on how the song sounds to me, so I'm sure they're not separated this way in the lyric booklet. Kanji: Romaji:
  10. That would be really nice of you if you could scan them for me! I may also have to figure out how to read them the right way then but I'm sure I can get it done
  11. I think I could, but I unfortunately don't own that release so I would need some clear pictures of the lyrics. But I'm very familiar with the song and that style of writing! I would try my best of course I was only able to find them recently by searching the band name and song title in Japanese. But I think I've done that before and still wasn't able to find them so maybe I'm blind as well lol
  12. I know it's not a new song anymore, but I've never been able to find the written kanji or romaji lyrics to this song so I thought I'd try to transcribe them myself. The kanji lyrics were taken from this website http://petitlyrics.com/lyrics/2669713 The romaji lyrics were done by me but I'm unsure about some of the spellings so feel free to make any corrections. Kanji: Romaji:
  13. Ultra Silvam

    It actually seems quite likely that LIPHLICH disbands or goes on a hiatus soon, since they already mentioned they were considering it because of the problems with Wataru. And they still haven't released the album they were supposed to release back in summer, so it doesn't seem like things are getting better for them
  14. Ultra Silvam

    It's okay, he was very inactive so not much has been deleted. The only tweet I can remember him having that isn't there anymore is a tweet that just said "Good morning," but he deleted that weeks ago. I started following him back in March/April and his Twitter was empty (maybe he was active before then but deleted them for some reason?) But his Twitter looks mostly the same as it has for the last few months so I wouldn't be alarmed!