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  1. Ultra Silvam

    I'm really liking the way the song in that clip sounds. I seem to like every new thing they release more than the last, so I really hope they keep this up
  2. Ultra Silvam

    M.F.JAP by Deviloof is somehow my 4th most listened to song of all time and I quote it's lyrics more regularly than I'd like to admit
  3. Ultra Silvam

    THE BLACK SWAN - 赫音-justitia- This is a song that I listen to basically just for the solos. I love the way the two flow with each other and how it seems like it’s one solid solo that one guitarist is doing. The solos last for an entire minute but it doesn’t feel out of place or lengthy at all for me and I love every second of it. 黒百合と影 - チャイルドマザー I don’t know if they’re actually solos and I don’t know much about terminology, but I love the 3 guitar parts at 0:20, 1:08, and 1:57 and couldn’t imagine this song without them ギャロ - 夢葬 I’ve heard this one over 100 times by now and it never fails to catch my interest. Maybe it’s not the most special solo but it always leaves me thinking “Wow, he’s really good at guitar...” SCREW - 幻影の鎖 I mostly just have a lot of nostalgia for this one but I feel like the solo really brings out the emotion in the song. It’s simple and doesn’t really try to stand out on it’s own, but it’s always been a memorable one for me anyway 妃阿甦 - xx奴隷 Pretty much all of Takayuki’s solos are good but I just like this one the most. It’s very in your face and I remember being quite impressed and inspired when I first heard it. Femme Fatale - L'Oiseau Bleu I think this is a really pretty song and the solo adds an intensity and an emotion to it that I can’t quite describe, but I can certainly feel it. Maybe it’s just the production, but the song also has a sort of “rough draft” feel to me and I like that
  4. Ultra Silvam

    BORN is notorious for having bad cover art but I love the art for the Black albums And even though it's not really special I always found this SHINTOKU圏 cover to be aesthetically pleasing
  5. I'm updating this to say that I texted him a couple days ago asking if we could talk soon only to get no response. Today my coworker informed me that he just put on Facebook that he has a girlfriend... He never added me on any social media btw so I would have never known otherwise. So if anyone reads this and is in a similar situation that I was in, please follow the advice in this thread and let go of the person, especially if they're unwilling to face you and talk. If there are so many red flags than pay attention to them and don't let yourself be blinded by how much you like the person. You're worth more than that and deserve to be treated a lot better
  6. Thank you all for helping me with your responses! @CAT5 Nothing you said was harsh so don't worry about it. You said exactly what I needed to hear so thank you for it
  7. It's a general question but I'm also going through a situation so I figure I might as well ask here and see if I can get any advice. To explain my situation: Back in autumn I met a guy that I got along with well and admired. We talked and hung out regularly and after a couple of months I developed feelings for him. I told him this directly when I knew for sure that I liked him. He said he wouldn't mind dating me but that he wasn't looking for anything serious and has other priorities. I understood this and said I wouldn't mind dating him either, and we continued to talk and hang out regularly. We did innocent stuff like holding hands and complimenting each other. About a month and a half ago things go more serious for me because he told me he liked me too, but reiterated that he wasn't looking for anything serious. And that night we ended up having sex unexpectedly, and a couple weeks later we did it again, but I was drunk both times. Even so I feel like my feelings for him have become stronger after this. I'm fairly inexperienced because I've only had one relationship, and it was quite an unhealthy one, so this guy is only the second person I've ever done anything romantic with. This past month though there's been some distance between us, because we haven't seen each other much and have been talking a lot less. I think i'm still putting in the same effort that I always have, but there were many times this month when I would text him and get no response or ask him to hang out only for him to say that he couldn't, and these things didn't happen before. It annoyed me a bit but I figured he was just busy with work, or he was going through something rough, so I gave him space because I thought that's what he needed from me. Well, it was mostly fine until someone mentioned to me that he might be seeing other people, and now I can't get that idea out of my head. I feel like if he is seeing other people casually it would hurt me but I'd be able to understand and I appreciate him so I'd want to remain friends. But not knowing whether he is or isn't is bothering me so much. I ended up seeing him for the first time in a while tonight, and it was a short visit but I think it went mostly okay. I had planned on confronting him about seeing other people but I got too scared so I didn't. All I could say was that I was going through something lately and felt sad, and that it was okay if he can't always respond to me, but that I missed talking to him regularly. He said we could hang out again but he doesn't know when, although it was before I said that I was feeling sad so I don't know if he still wants to. I have a lot of questions about this, but I guess my main one is is it okay for me to ask him if he's seeing other people? Do I have a right to do so or is it none of my business? I'm not sure if it's appropriate to ask or if I'm just being insecure, but not knowing for sure is upsetting me. I really like him and would like to be with him seriously one day if he's ever ready for it, and right now I have no interest in dating other people myself. If it's okay then I'm wondering when I should do it. Would it be okay to ask over text within the next couple of days, or should I just wait till I see him in person, whenever that would be? I'm also wondering if I should talk to him about the way my feelings have developed. I know he doesn't want anything serious with me at the moment, so I feel like maybe I should hold off on trying to express my feelings for him. But I know holding your feelings in isn't necessarily good, so I don't really know what to do.
  8. Ultra Silvam

    I like this but not nearly as much as Kaika. It reminds me of stuff they did before Devil's Proof which isn't really a bad thing, but I do feel like this song is a little more bland than what they've put out more recently. I'm still going to listen to it though. The album art looks great as always!
  9. Ultra Silvam

    I'm happy with the way this song sounds, even though it's slow paced and a little boring. I think the instruments sound great and I especially like the part at around 1:40 - 2:00. I like the lower harsh vocals in this song and I hope Jin uses those more over his high pitched screaming, but I don't have high hopes for that... I suppose the latter is just his thing at this point.
  10. Ultra Silvam

    deadlock has been my ringtone since the song came out and I still have no desire to change it. Femme Fatale - Grim Reaper AvelCain - 赫い部屋 Deviloof - LOVER The Danse Society - Midnight Land umbrella - 月 BORN - with hate LIPHLICH - グルグル自慰行為 DEViL KiTTY - 覚醒剤のすすめ Electric Wizard - The Chosen Few CANIVAL - Replica.
  11. Ultra Silvam

    I don't mind Jin but I get the impression that he's the type of person who has a strong vision that he tries hard to achieve, but he just doesn't know what to do in order to achieve it, and maybe he tries to do all the important things on his own. I thought Nega was decent but I never liked them enough when they were still around. I really liked The Black Swan though, maybe more than most people, but I mostly liked them for the instruments and songwriting in that regard. For this band I am hoping that Jin will get it right this time and will let the other band members take charge of direction too.
  12. Ultra Silvam

    I don't mind this at all. Most of these previews sound very similar to me but I really like the way the instruments are sounding. Karma just sounds like Karma, I think this is how he always sounded. I wasn't expecting him to sound differently and I'm kind of glad that he doesn't. I'm much more excited for this band now
  13. Ultra Silvam

    The romaji title is "Pinky Rensou" with rensou meaning something like "love affair". Great buys btw!
  14. Ultra Silvam

    D and lynch. It's the same issue with both bands; almost all their songs sound the same to me. I don't think they're awful but I can't listen to more than one songs by these bands without getting super bored
  15. Ultra Silvam

    I tend to enjoy their B-sides more than their A-sides nowadays, but I used to like their A-sides more. I think it changed for me in 2014 after Kyouka Suigetsu. I have to talk about Ruru though because the song on that single, 死人花, is my favorite Kiryu song. Every time I hear it I'm a little disappointed that it wasn't chosen to be the single. It might be a polarizing song because it's full of loud synths that overpower the guitars and bass, but I don't mind it in this case because I think overall the song sounds good and the feeling it has is something a bit different from other Kiryu songs
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