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  1. Ultra Silvam

    For me it's Monochrome by Umbrella. When I first listened to it I didn't really like Yui's vocals and couldn't hear past the production value, so I never gave it a real chance. I didn't listen to it again until a couple years later after they released Kinematograph, and I was kicking myself over how much I missed out on. And this isn't really an album, but almost everything Alice Nine did in 2004/2005. I was never much of an Alice Nine fan so I never bothered to really listen to their early stuff, but I loved it once I actually did. The vocals aren't particularly good and the instruments could use work, they were an immature band for sure, but there's a big sense of genuine emotion/desire that I get from those songs that I simply just don't feel in their later works.
  2. Ultra Silvam

    One thing I've noticed about being single is that my anxiety goes down from ~100 to ~10. In relationships or just when I was crushing on somebody I was always worrying about being with that person and being meaningful to them, and I would constantly have anxiety attacks and crying fits over it. I would always keep it to myself though out of fear of being annoying and losing that person over it. I've been single for some time now though, and I struggle with low self esteem issues so I still have problems in regards to feeling meaningless and unwanted, but my reactions to it now are so majorly different. I don't have nightly anxiety attacks and I can count all the times I've cried over it in the last few months on one hand. The thoughts are still there and they still hurt but I'm just so much more calm. I don't know if this is because I've never been with the right people for me or if I'm just unfit to be in a relationship. My self esteem issues point to the latter though. Being single isn't all that fun because I'm not much more productive and it makes my issues more apparent to me, but I can at least sleep at night and worry (less) about my own self.
  3. I ordered some fliers and the transaction was very easy and quick. Everything came in perfect condition so I couldn't ask for more. Would definitely recommend this seller!!
  4. Try using White Rabbit Express. Their service fee for Mercari items is a bit expensive but they're reliable as far as proxies go.
  5. Ultra Silvam

    I'm happy he's back and making music, but I don't like this nor was it what I expected out of him. It does seem kinda fun though at least. I'm really hoping he'll explore other styles of punk and he won't just stick to this pop punk thing. The two tracks he wrote on Ousia show that he has the potential to make heavier and chaotic sounding songs, so I think he definitely has the capability.
  6. Ultra Silvam

    Been listening to Oni for a few days now and my opinion is that it's decent. If you like most of what Deviloof has done than you probably won't be disappointed with this album, but it's probably not going to be your new favorite either. Imo there's no reason to listen to the new versions of Kaika and Kodokushi or the SE's. Kaika sounds mostly the same, the clean vocals in the chorus of Kodokushi sound worse, and the SE's are just standard vkei SE's. With that said, Aishite Kudasai sounds better and the new songs are fine despite a few hiccups. To elaborate; I think the clean singing in Dusky Vision just seems awkwardly placed, but I've gotten used to it after some listens. Keisuke's vocals in the middle of Ruten are a bit strange, but it's not enough for me to dislike the song. The speaking style vocals in Creepy make me cringe lol but I can get through it. Murderous Impulse and Kumo no Ito are the highlights on this album. The placement of the clean vocals in Kumo no Ito are perfect, Murderous Impulse sounds like a standard deathcore/metalcore song, but it also just sounds really good. Summing up my thoughts, this album feels a bit different from what they've done before but it's not a departure. If you liked the way Devil's Proof sounded than you will probably like the way this sounds too, although it's definitely not a repeat of Devil's Proof. I don't think they've gotten worse, but they haven't really gotten better, and all in all that's just fine with me.
  7. Ultra Silvam

    I just booked my flight for my first ever vacation and I'm super nervous. I'm going to do everything by myself but I've never even been to an airport before. I don't know how to explain to my dad that I'm choosing this because I just want to be alone and far away for a while, and I feel less comfortable with other people. With the danger of travelling alone aside, I can't see how this won't be rewarding for me
  8. Ultra Silvam

    The notebook the little girl is drawing in, the pink notebook with the hearts on it, (along with the white scrunchie(?)) that the older girl has, and the notebook the man has are the same ones from the 拷訊惨獄 video!
  9. Ultra Silvam

    Gekkabijin by Kiryu is a great song
  10. Ultra Silvam

    The video looks good but this part of the song is just okay. Maybe I'm biased but the vocals are really the only interesting/memorable thing about it for me. I like it enough to be excited for the full song, but I'm not sure if I actually like the song or if I just like Karasuna Mei being back in a new band... I was honestly hoping for Kuroyuri part 2 though so I can't lie and say I'm not a bit selfishly disappointed that this isn't it. Oh well, fat chance but maybe Kuro and K will come back and make Benjo 3 or something
  11. Ultra Silvam

    I really like Mamireta but I also think that their music isn't high quality or particularly interesting. Their compositions are very simple, Batsu isn't the greatest singer, I think a lot of their songs follow the same format and end up sounding like nothing new. People have the right to dislike them or complain about their newer releases. But at the same time I think their music is fun and energetic so I keep enjoying it, and it doesn't seem like they have any deeper reasons for being a band anyway so I don't mind anything they do
  12. Ultra Silvam

    I'm really liking the way the song in that clip sounds. I seem to like every new thing they release more than the last, so I really hope they keep this up
  13. Ultra Silvam

    M.F.JAP by Deviloof is somehow my 4th most listened to song of all time and I quote it's lyrics more regularly than I'd like to admit
  14. Ultra Silvam

    THE BLACK SWAN - 赫音-justitia- This is a song that I listen to basically just for the solos. I love the way the two flow with each other and how it seems like it’s one solid solo that one guitarist is doing. The solos last for an entire minute but it doesn’t feel out of place or lengthy at all for me and I love every second of it. 黒百合と影 - チャイルドマザー I don’t know if they’re actually solos and I don’t know much about terminology, but I love the 3 guitar parts at 0:20, 1:08, and 1:57 and couldn’t imagine this song without them ギャロ - 夢葬 I’ve heard this one over 100 times by now and it never fails to catch my interest. Maybe it’s not the most special solo but it always leaves me thinking “Wow, he’s really good at guitar...” SCREW - 幻影の鎖 I mostly just have a lot of nostalgia for this one but I feel like the solo really brings out the emotion in the song. It’s simple and doesn’t really try to stand out on it’s own, but it’s always been a memorable one for me anyway 妃阿甦 - xx奴隷 Pretty much all of Takayuki’s solos are good but I just like this one the most. It’s very in your face and I remember being quite impressed and inspired when I first heard it. Femme Fatale - L'Oiseau Bleu I think this is a really pretty song and the solo adds an intensity and an emotion to it that I can’t quite describe, but I can certainly feel it. Maybe it’s just the production, but the song also has a sort of “rough draft” feel to me and I like that
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