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  1. I will be in Japan between 20.03 - 02.04. 2018 Let me know if you need any merch from any gig. I can go for (YOUR) gig if there is no clash and buy stuff. Just let me know. 3/20 Dish/L'eprica 3/21 ANIMA / Murasaki 3/23 Bless This Mess 3/24 Rides in Revelion 3/27 [enver] Brain 3/31 MIRAGE/Vasalla/Dear Loving, etc.
  2. Messenger84

    Fak no ### I want to see them once again :/ They are great.
  3. I am in the 3rd row...one of the best last lives ever!
  4. Messenger84

    Will attend this for sure
  5. Right on time. Gonna see them in September...
  6. I have attended his live once. Really decent as he always be in Ruvie/Ag Pitty that 4 boxes of his cheki/merch sold out in middle of queue. I Will try to attend once again this year to see him last time.
  7. Any chance for Lament. - 【end roll】 upload?

  8. Messenger84

    Gonna catch them again before hiatus
  9. Messenger84

    Yeah I need You and Matt there! This Year should be crazy
  10. Messenger84

  11. Messenger84

    Will do my best!
  12. Messenger84

    We have recorded some material with staff but I don't think we can publish it. Will add some stuff here, (allowed materials)
  13. Messenger84

    another revival...at least in September..perfect. I should be able to travel from Tokyo
  14. Messenger84

    VIOLET-NARCISSUS setlist: RSM/ CANDY setlist: