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  1. Katt

    Also I would like to add the fact that some indie bands, and some smaller bands still like to use cassettes, it's an interesting thing, but I guess it goes back to Japan's obsession over old media formats. Bands like Marvelous Cruelty release stuff on cassettes and cds, And I guess it's just appeasing to an older crowd. "Yabujou (?) (破錠) (romanization is a bit fuzzy) will be released in multiple types on June 14th. According to the flyer they recently shared on Twitter, this demo will contain two tracks and will be sold in both a CD and cassette tape format. The CD version will cost 1,500 yen, and the tape will be 1,000." From VKGY
  2. Katt

    I don't know how to do anything lol
  3. special cdr for kamijo

  4. Luna Sea, La' Cryma Christi, No'ix, Buck-Tick, and El Dorado are good!
  5. Katt

    I have it sitting up on my Media Station, what a single....
  6. Katt

    I have personally found Japan to be quite infrequent and unexpected in terms of physical media, just in the last five or so years, some band are even reusing the mini-disc, and 8cm CD format to produce music, It's very nostalgia filled.
  7. Katt

    Personally, one of the bands that i've found pretty nice to listen to is Diet-Coke Head Barbie Dream, great alternative classic late 90s visual kei.
  8. Katt

    Nothing like the sweet voice of hisui, what a great band.
  9. Katt

    Welcome back into the wonderful world! Also, I hope you Feel Fantastic 😅
  10. Katt

    Hey! I haven't posted in here for a good while, I've gotten way more cds as of lately... Although here's my latest haul~ There's a Klaha - Nostal Lab special edition, Baiser Psychoballet, and Prism 8CM CD single, Raphael - Lilac 2nd press, and a sealed Maria Cross - For You CD
  11. Might've gone overboard, although I'm a huge nerd for anyone or anything related to the Teriyaki Boyz, luckily enough I got a CD. Anyways this is what I get from J-Rap, at least the oldschool type.
  12. Katt

    Just ordered a ROSE SMELL MODE for dearest CD, not sure if it has an obi, although I got it for pretty cheap.
  13. Katt

    I know this shouldn't be too much of a problem, although I've seen a small but decent amount of bootlegs and other things like that, I've seen a horribly converted Dir En Grey VHS down the line, and a shoddy looking Malice Mizer Cassette. I know a lot of these are made in Thailand, and other various Asian countries. Although I've heard that some are collectible due to having sometimes rare PVS, or tracks on to physical form? I know people do make rips of things and copy the CDS, although those are easily for private distribution and not for selling on markets to throw a curve-ball and raise prices. Bottom line question is, are these something to worry about, and should we worry about an influx of fakes on the market?
  14. Katt

    Hey Laurence! didn't expect to see another person from Yasi's place here!
  15. Katt

    Hey Canta! Same here, all of the songs seem to be great in their own way~
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