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  1. Katt

    Besides finding Vk related items in resale stores, the best two experiences for me was going to a Mitsuwa and hearing "I for you" by Luna-Sea, and then going to a generic weeb store in a small shopping center and they were blasting an cafe, nightmare, gazette, and miyavi lolz.
  2. I mostly tend to buy stupid merch pieces, or stuff that's small enough that would be easy to add to an outfit, like buttons, wristbands, and that sort of thing. Although I have a bad habit of buying pretty much anything from the bands I like, so that falls into the generic misc amounts of collectibles, such as cds, dvds, and that sorta thing.
  3. Katt

    I just have them underneath some flyers on my shelf, but I ordered a cheki case I hope to put my rare chekis in, that being said @monkeybanana4has the best method for storing them tbh
  4. Katt

    I ain't saying anything... but pictures don't lie.
  5. Katt

    I've noticed early 2000's Diru, as somewhat kinda previously mentioned by @Himeaimichu, has a very kind of Y2K vibe to it, in fact Kisou and MACABRE share similar vibes.
  6. Katt

    Welcome to the forum and have fun! Nice starter bands though!
  7. Katt

    👀 Nice phantasmagoria video
  8. happy birth-day dude!

  9. Katt

    Yeah everything seems pretty decent in terms of starting material. I hope they carry on and improve with time, hopefully they'll release more content soon enough.
  10. Katt

    Listening to a lot of Luca lately
  11. Pierrot more like Pierrno

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      NO I'M SORRY 

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      SOrry MOM

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