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    monkeybanana4 reacted to SubThatSong in [FULFILLED] ジグソウ - オレンジ (Translation)   
    It's been forever, but here:
    I waited for a month for rocklyric to post the lyrics to it, because they had added it to their site which usually means it's "incoming", but I grew tired of waiting and wrote up the lyrics myself off the video 😂 It's notable I've been on a journey of doing the entire Deviloof and Gallo discographies with one song of each every week, aside from the one week I pushed them aside to do the newest Dexcore

    http://bit.ly/gallodeathtopia had lyrics in text form for anyone interested
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    monkeybanana4 reacted to violetchain in [Translation] Jack Caper YouTube Self Introductions - Hiro   
    Since Jack Caper have been kind enough to add big, colourful subtitles (and even pictures!) for most of the dialogue in their new YouTube videos like variety shows, I decided to try to translate this video. It's from a series of interviews where the members all answer the same 20 or so questions to introduce themselves to the fans. For whatever reason, Riku added some extra questions in at the beginning for Hiro that none of the others answered, so those aren't numbered.
    My Japanese is atrocious, so even with the subtitles there are some bits I didn't understand, which I've highlighted in red and marked with "**". If anyone wants to help fill those in, please feel free. Any corrections are very welcome.
    Riku: Question time!
    Riku: The reverberation (“yoin”) is really long (laughs)
    Hiro: Isn’t the reverberation still good?**
    ^(This is some sort of bad joke - he says “Yoin wa mou yoi n?”)
    What would you want to be if you were reborn?
    Hiro: I think I’d like to be myself again.
    What do you think of when someone says ‘summer’?
    Hiro: If it’s summer…TUBE! And Kuwata Keisuke.
    Riku: And if we’re talking about songs representative of TUBE?
    Hiro: Ah~ natsu yasumi~!
    Riku: As expected, that’s correct!
    1. What is your part (his role in the band)?
    Hiro: The cash register at the supermarket!
    2. What made you want to do that part?
    Hiro: I wanted money!
    3. What is your blood type?
    Hiro: Sakuran joutai Type-A…B  (AB)
    Riku: What’s that supposed to mean?
    Hiro: It’s from a DIR EN GREY song! There’s one where the lyrics go “Sakuran joutai TYPE-A”
    ^(he means “myaku”)
    Riku: (part I didn’t catch)
    Hiro: Kuwagata (Stag beetle). (More stuff I didn’t catch)
    4. Where are you from?
    Hiro: Adachi City, Tokyo!
    5. What are your hobbies?
    Hiro: Spearfishing.
    6. What are your special skills?
    Hiro: Finding peoples’ faults. It’s the worst, isn’t it?
    Riku: The worst.
    7. Favourite food?
    Hiro: Sweet things.
    8. Things you hate?*
    (*When he reads the question, Riku omits the “tabe” part of “tabemono” that specifies it’s about food)
    Hiro: Riku.
    Riku: That’s wrong! Foods you hate! Even so, that was a shock. (laughs)
    Hiro: Liver.
    Riku: Do you have to do that for each one?
    Hiro: Ireba! (Dentures!)
    Riku: Do you need to move like that though?
    Hiro: (laughs) My body’s just moving on its own. I can’t just be quiet and answer!
    Riku: Well, I wish you’d calm down a bit (laughs)
    9. Favourite artists?
    Hiro: Southern All Stars, Nakajima Miyuki and Sada Masashi
    Riku: What do you like about them?
    Hiro: -- (didn’t get this part)**
    12. Type of girl you like?
    Hiro: A slave. Someone that will faithfully listen to what I say. Someone who will go “Yes!” even if I say “I’m good, but you’re not.”
    Riku: Which kind of slave is that?
    Hiro: (laughs)
    10. What do you like about yourself?
    Hiro: Generally, I’m pretty smart.
    11. Things you hate about yourself?
    Hiro: I’m too good of a person. I’m always sacrificing myself because I want to make the people around me happy.
    Riku: (snort of disbelief)
    Hiro: What? Is something weird about that?
    Riku: I’m just thinking “He’s saying that with a straight face”
    Hiro: (laughs) It’s true!
    Riku: Quit acting.** (laughs)
    13. How you spend your days off?
    Hiro: Messing around with my bike.
    14. If you had to share a room with a member of the band for a month, who would be good and who would be bad?
    Hiro: I’d like to try sharing a room with all of the members.  
    All: Ohh
    Hiro: But Riku would be bad. (laughs)
    Riku: Everyone has been saying I’d be bad! (laughs)
    Hiro: Because you’re messy!
    Riku: What’s so bad about that~?**
    15. What do you want to do with Jack Caper?
    Hiro: I’d like to live together on a deserted island for a month!
    Choco: I can’t deal with bugs~!
    Hiro: You can eat the bugs!
    16. Prefecture in Japan you want to go to?
    Hiro: Oita Prefecture!
    Riku: Why?
    Hiro: Because I’ve always wanted to try being a fisherman in Oita.
    Riku: Oh, to scope it out**
    Hiro: Recently I’m also interested in the Ogasawara Islands. I was researching some of the world’s picturesque views yesterday as well, and since the Ogasawara Islands were mentioned—
    Choco: Which prefecture are the islands in?
    Hiro: Tokyo. If you put the boat and accommodation together, the cheapest trip there is around 70 000 yen. (About $700)**
    All: So expensive!
    Hiro: If you go on the fastest boat, it’s 24 hours. The second fastest is 25.5 hours. One-way trip.
    Riku: (didn’t get this line - some joke about giants?)**
    17. Most recent YouTube video you watched?
    Hiro: Probably something like Game Center Mikado’s KOF (King of Fighters) tournament.
    18. If you weren’t in a band, what would you be doing?
    Hiro: Fisherman.
    19. What’s something that you’re glad you bought recently?
    Hiro: A bicycle! Well, I didn’t buy it, it was bought for me. I haven’t really bought much myself recently, but water – I bought water recently. I thought I’d try drinking mineral water. The water in Tokyo always tastes so chlorinated.**
    Riku: It’s not that water that’s supposed to boost your power, is it?
    Hiro: Chikara mizu! (laughs) Recently, I buy water at regular intervals.**
    ^"Chikara Mizu", or "Power Water", is the name of the product
    Riku: Like some sort of secret agent. (laughs)
    Hiro: I won’t say the name of the product.
    20. A message to yourself after one year.
    Hiro: Are you still a genius?
    21. A message to yourself after ten years.
    Hiro: Is Riku still alive? (laughs)
    Riku: Don’t kill me~ Seriously.
    Hiro: Are bikes flying in the sky?
    Riku: A message to yourself! (laughs)
    Hiro: To myself in ten years?
    Shuma: It became a message to the time period (laughs)
    Hiro: When you felt you had to persist, it wasn't a mistake!**
    Riku: I feel like I’ve heard that before…
    Hiro: Myself in ten years, huh… Are you getting married? (laughs)
    Riku: You’re doing It seriously, huh? (laughs)
    Hiro: Are you a fisherman now? Are you a bandman? Or have you even become a man that relies on women for money like Riku?
    Riku: Hey! Shut up (#^w^) (laughs) Don’t say that.
    Hiro: No matter which path you walk, all you can think is that you’re a success. In this life, can you still think that way about yourself? (blows kiss)
    Riku: You kissed yourself?
    Hiro: In my life, I don’t think I’ve failed much. No matter what kind of life I live, I think it’ll be a success.
    Riku: That’s all the questions.
    Hiro: Well, we’re going out like this. Finally, this shitty guy (Riku) is going to answer some questions, so-
    ^Riku's video is going to be the last one in the series
    Riku: Cut it out! (laughs)
    Hiro: Enjoy! See you!
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    monkeybanana4 reacted to chipathy in What are you listening to 2?   
    its literally been since my teeny years that ive peeped this band out and im just nostalgia-ing the fuck out everywhere. i notice theyre still around and have held onto the same 5 band members, can anyone let me know how good their music is nowadays  
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    monkeybanana4 reacted to Elazmus in ミスイ(Misui) new band have formed   
    Sounds good I'm happy about it! MoNoLith feels so long ago now lol
  6. 悲しい
    monkeybanana4 reacted to suji in 岡崎 (Okazaki) CAM HALL will close   
    After 30 years in operation, 岡崎 (Okazaki) CAM HALL will close at the end of the year.
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    monkeybanana4 reacted to Yukami in NICOLAS new mini album release   
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    monkeybanana4 reacted to Komorebi in Offering Shopping Service October/November   
    Hi everyone.
    I'll be in Japan for over 20 days and attend several lives. I'll be going to Puresound and other VK stores often too, so I can also pick up stuff you may want/need.

    As for fees, it would be around 10-15%, basically to cover withdrawal fees from paypal -> bank -> ATM.
    I'll offer 10% fee for JILUKA, DIMLIM, D and lynch. since those are bands I'll already be buying from. For other bands I don't really plan to get into buppan/deal with gya and staff so I'll set an extra 5% and be willing to trade cheki for your faves and all.
    I'll also be going to a handful of JILUKA instores so if anyone wants a copy of the new album + store bonus it will be fee-less.

    Lives I'll attend so far are:
    10/30: JILUKA
    10/31: lynch. (to be confirmed)
    11/05: Razor (to be confirmed)
    11/09: DIAURA
    11/10: D
    11/11: Grimoire/Develop One's Faculties (to be confirmed)
    11/15: D
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    monkeybanana4 reacted to TheZigzagoon in random thoughts thread   
    So I matched with a girl who I knew a few years back on Tinder and we’re meeting up in a couple of weeks! Safe to say I’m pretty excited about it! 
  10. LOVE!
    monkeybanana4 got a reaction from Kaya-Rose-Addict in gulu gulu 2nd oneman live in 2020 + new single, "首輪教育のすすめ" (Kubiwa kyouiku no susume) release   
    In addition to the one-man, they will also be releasing a new single, 「首輪教育のすすめ」(Kubiwa kyouiku no susume), in two types (大衆盤 [Taishuu-ban] and ストロング盤 [Strong-ban?]) on 2019.10.22.

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    monkeybanana4 reacted to ambivalentideal in Your last music-related buy!   
    Latest pickups from my job at a used book/music/movie shop! Got all of this for $12.46 because as employees we get a 50% discount, and our company gives us free gift card money every quarter so I only had to pay for a couple of them. :'D Also the extreme rarity of even getting these items is worth noting. I still can't believe it! We buy stuff that people bring in and apparently this person used to love VK! Well, they have gone to a good home haha.
    Moi Dix Mois - Dix Infernal 1st Press Ltd Edition
    Schwarz Stein - New Vogue Children
    Dir en Grey:
    Macabre Regular Edition 
    Six Ugly Ltd Edition
    Kisou Regular Edition
    Vulgar Ltd Edition
    Withering to death. Ltd Edition
    列島激震行脚 Final 2003 5 Ugly Kingdom
    Tour05 It Withers And Withers Ltd Edition 
    Tour04 The Code Of Vulgar[ism] Ltd Edition

    DIMLIM T-Shirt

    Just something else I ordered recently with a shopping service! Love this shirt. It's big and comfy.
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    monkeybanana4 reacted to Paraph in XAA-XAA (ザアザア)   
    oh lordt this is old but a bit ago they did add them to the web shop...either from lack of sales or generosity idk. anyway support littleHEARTS. before they wind up closing, too. 
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    monkeybanana4 reacted to Gesu in random thoughts thread   
    I bought a Snapple today and whoever wrote this clearly doesn't have a brainis
    Lorge image so am putting in a cut
  14. 悲しい
    monkeybanana4 reacted to chipathy in NICOLAS new mini album release   
    The mini album has been sold out, hopefully next release isnt live limited or if they do a 2nd press of this we can buy it overseas lol
  15. LOLOL
    monkeybanana4 reacted to Paraph in キズ(Kizu) new single 黒い雨 (Release 2019.10.29)   
    is there an ugliest cover challenge happening in the vk scene atm or. this is a strong contender with that NICOLAS number.
  16. LOVE!
    monkeybanana4 reacted to Original Saku in What video games are you currently playing?   
    Been playing the new Fire Emblem on the Switch and it's.... good. Like really good.
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    monkeybanana4 reacted to Gesu in What video games are you currently playing?   
    It looks good. I've never actually played the Fire Emblem games for 3DS because they always did that fucking annoying thing of releasing two versions of the same story in separate games which really turned me off because I never knew which one to go for. They finally release a game on its own aaaand it's for the Switch, which I don't have 🙃 I'll probably get one next year, though. A new Animal Crossing game is coming out on March 20th, 2020 and IIII NEEEEED IIIIT
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    monkeybanana4 reacted to Original Saku in What video games are you currently playing?   
    They only did that with Fire Emblem Fates... and I agree it was stupid . I don't want to have to buy it twice to get the whole experience. Fire Emblem Awakening though is still worth checking out if you're interested in the series, it's the game that kinda ignited the series current popularity over here in the west and is really good, perfect game to start with as well.
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    monkeybanana4 reacted to Gesu in Visual kei popping up in unexpected places   
    There's a character in an otome visual novel called Collar X Malice who's the singer of a fictional VK band.

    Tbh, Collar X Malice actually sounds like a VK band name.
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    monkeybanana4 reacted to ghost in ghost's drawings   
    A whole lotl axolotl. This is a continuation of my planet series. The sprouty pink planet represents my love for Japanese sweet potatoes. And also in my love an axolotl there is too 🍠

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    monkeybanana4 reacted to TheZigzagoon in random thoughts thread   
    After some encouragement from friends and a strange sense of self confidence I decided to start using tinder to meet new people. Wish me luck!
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    monkeybanana4 reacted to plastic_rainbow in random thoughts thread   
    i'm not big on the KH franchise but the tracks on here really make me want to go back and play them again. don't think i finished the first or second one.
    also FFX. that game was good.
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