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About Me



Hello! I've been a long time fan of Japanese stuff (like the typical usual anime/manga), but I then stumbled upon visual kei because of bands like Kagerou, Nightmare, and Merry. Eventually, a friend of mine introduced me to An Cafe - which led me to the discovery of Alice Nine. Since then, I've loved the fandom (and it all went downhill for my poor wallet). I did stop paying attention to it for a while due to life circumstances, but I hope to stay here for good.


Below you'll find the interests I have, including favorite visual kei bands. If you have any questions or want to chat about visual kei or anything random, then hit me up! I love meeting and chatting with people all the time~




Visual Kei (系) Bands (Not a comprehensive list. The ones listed here are just a few ^^)

* ACME * Alice Nine/A9 * AND * An Cafe * ayabie (彩冷える, アヤビエ) * BUCK-TICK *

* exist†trace * Deluhi * D=OUT (ダウト) * D'espairsRays * DIAURA * DIMLIM * DIV *

* GALEYD * JACK+MW * KHRYST+ *  Kagrra, (神樂,) * Kiryu  (己龍) * Kizu (キズ

* Megaromania * Mejibray * MoNoLith * Moran  * Royz *

* Sadie (サディ) * SCREW * Shoujo Lolita23Q (少女-ロリヰタ-23区) * SINCREA *

* Versailles * VERXINA (ヴィルシーナ) * Vidoll (ヴィドール) * vistlip *

* the GazettE (ガゼット) * the Thirteen *





VK CD/DVD Collection





Alice Nine/A9

CDs (Singles, Maxi-Singles, Mini-Albums, Albums)

- ‘9’ [Album – Limited Edition (First Press)]

- Alpha [Album - Limited Edition]

- Vandalize [Album - Limited Edition]

- Zekkeishoku [Album - Limited Edition]

DVDs/Comment DVDs/Others

DISCOTHEQUE play like A RAINBOWS -enter & exit- [Live DVD]



CDs (Singles, Maxi-Singles, Mini-Albums, Albums)

- 夢舞う大泥棒 (Yume mau oodorobou) [Maxi-Single]



DVDs/Comment DVDs/Others

- BORN THIS WAY〜LIVE & DOCUMENT from TOUR 2013「Devilish of the PUNK」[Live DVD]



CDs (Singles, Maxi-Singles, Mini-Albums, Albums)

- Moso Nikki [Single - Regular Edition/Type A and Regular Edition/Type B]

- Tokyo Horizon Day & Day [Maxi-Single – Limited Edition]

- Stargazer [Single – Type A and Type B]

DVDs/Comment DVDs/Others

- Stargazer [Zeal Link Privilege Comment DVD]



CDs (Singles, Maxi-Singles, Mini-Albums, Albums)

- Antique [Album - Limited Edition w/DVD]

- BORN [Mini-Album - Limited Edition]

- Garnet [Single - Regular Edition]

- Gemini [Single - Limited Edition w/DVD]

- Maverick [Mini-Album - First Press]

- Sexual Beasts [Mini-Album - First Press]

DVDs/Comment DVDs/Others

- D'espairsRay Live Tour 2006 [LIQUIDIZE] (Booklet and CD) 



CDs (Singles, Maxi-Singles, Mini-Albums, Albums)

- Dictator [Album]

- Evils [Single - Regular Edition]

- Horizon [Single – Limited Edition]

- Genesis [Album – Limited Edition]

DVDs/Comment DVDs/Others

-「失翼の聖域」ZEAL LINKオリジナルライブ音源CD [Zeal Link Privilege/Live Audio CD]



CDs (Singles, Maxi-Singles, Mini-Albums, Albums)

- Aisuru hito [Maxi-Single - Limited Edition/Type A, Limited Edition/Type B, and Regular Edition]

- Carnival Ukiyo [Album – Limited Edition/Dai and Regular Edition/Jo]

- Chukyori Renai Tokyo Ban [Maxi-Single - Limited Edition/Type A, Limited Edition/Type B, Regular Edition/Type A, and Regular Edition/Type B]

- High Collar [Mini-Album - Limited Edition/Type A, Limited Edition/Type B, and Regular Edition]

- Kabuki Disco [Album – Limited Edition/Dai, Limited Edition/Gin, and Regular Edition/Jo]

- Kanden 18 Go [Maxi-Single - Limited Edition/Type A, Limited Edition/Type B, Limited Edition/Type C, and Regular Edition]

- Kingyobachi [Single - Regular Edition]

- Koi Abaki, Amazarashi [Maxi-Single - Limited Edition/Type A and Regular Edition/Type A]

- Music Nippon [Album – Limited Edition/Dai and Limited Edition/Gin]

- Psychedelico Psychedelico [Maxi-Single – Limited Edition/Type B]

- Roman Jomyaku Teki Chabangeki [Album]

- Toryumon [Album - CD+DVD]

- Zange no Hanamichi [Maxi-Single - Limited Edition/Type A, Limited Edition/Type B, and Regular Edition]

DVDs/Comment DVDs/Others

- Ko! Haku! Omatsuri Sawagi (Haku) [Live DVD - Regular Edition]



CDs (Singles, Maxi-Singles, Mini-Albums, Albums)

- Taste of Life [Single - Limited Edition]


Fest Vainqueur

CDs (Singles, Maxi-Singles, Mini-Albums, Albums)

- Ai no Kusari [Maxi-Single - CD+DVD]

- Generation [Album - Type A, Type B, and Type C]

- Triskelion [Single – Limited Edition and Regular Edition]


Frantic Emiry

CDs (Singles, Maxi-Singles, Mini-Albums, Albums)

- Angels Cry/World's End [Single - Limited Edition]

- EDEN [Mini-Album - Limited Edition]



CDs (Singles, Maxi-Singles, Mini-Albums, Albums)

- Destiny [Single – CD+DVD]

- Eye Will… [Album – Limited Edition]

- Infitium [Mini-Album]

- Precious Heart [Single – Fool’s Mate Edition]

- Revolution [Single – Limited Edition]


Glam Grammar

CDs (Singles, Maxi-Singles, Mini-Albums, Albums)

- Musoushoku~Release of individuality~ [Single - Limited Edition]



CDs (Singles, Maxi-Singles, Mini-Albums, Albums)

- 『…EVE…』 [Single]

- Xanadu [Album]



CDs (Singles, Maxi-Singles, Mini-Albums, Albums)

- Pinky Love Affair [Single]



CDs (Singles, Maxi-Singles, Mini-Albums, Albums)

- Classical Element [Album – Regular Edition]



CDs (Singles, Maxi-Singles, Mini-Albums, Albums)

- Core [Album – Limited Edition]

- Hyakki Kenran [Album – Regular Edition]

- Miyako [Album - Limited Edition]

- Ouka Ranman [Mini-Album - Limited Edition]

- San [Album – Limited Edition]

- Shizuku [Album - Regular Edition]

- Shu [Album – Limited Edition]



CDs (Singles, Maxi-Singles, Mini-Albums, Albums)

- BASALT [Mini-Album - Live Distributed, Signed]

- 「贖罪」(Shokuzai) [Maxi-Single/EP - Limited Edition/Redemption A, Limited Edition/Redemption B, and Redemption C]



CDs (Singles, Maxi-Singles, Mini-Albums, Albums)

- Aien Kien [Single – Type A, Type B, Type C, and Type D]

- Etsu to Utsu [Single – Type B]

- Shuka Ensen [Album – Limited Edition/Type A]

- Tomoshibi [Single – Type A, Type B, and Type C]

DVDs/Comment DVDs/Others

- 天羅叫声-二夜連日公演全曲網羅- (「Tenra Kyousei」 Niya Renjitsu Koen Zenkyoku Mora ) [Live DVD]


Kizu (キズ)

CDs (Singles, Maxi-Singles, Mini-Albums, Albums)

- Heisei [Single - Type A and Type B]



CDs (Singles, Maxi-Singles, Mini-Albums, Albums)

- Honne [Album – Limited Edition]

- Joker’s Kingdom [Album – Limited Edition]

- Kakusei Distortion [Single – Limited Edition]


Lilith (Chinese Band)

CDs (Singles, Maxi-Singles, Mini-Albums, Albums)

- Fenice [Single/1st EP]

- Over the World [Single]



CDs (Singles, Maxi-Singles, Mini-Albums, Albums)

- Independent “MAZE” – Ashes Melodies – [Album – Type B]



CDs (Singles, Maxi-Singles, Mini-Albums, Albums)

- Swallowed Scenery [Mini-Album]


Malice Mizer

CDs (Singles, Maxi-Singles, Mini-Albums, Albums)

- 白い肌に狂う愛と哀しみの輪舞 [Single]



CDs (Singles, Maxi-Singles, Mini-Albums, Albums)

- Eclipse [Single – Type A]

- Hollowman [Single – Type A and Type B]

- Jenga [Album – Limited Edition and Regular Edition]

- L’oiseau Bleu [Single – Type B]

- Moso Nikki [Single – Limited Edition/Type A and Regular Edition]



CDs (Singles, Maxi-Singles, Mini-Albums, Albums)

- Aquarium [Single - Type A]

- Loving & Vicious Key [Single - Type B]



CDs (Singles, Maxi-Singles, Mini-Albums, Albums)

- Cry This More [Single - Live Distributed]



CDs (Singles, Maxi-Singles, Mini-Albums, Albums)

- Hide TRIBUTE III – Visual Spirits – [Album]

- High Style Paradox 2003-2013 (Undercode Production Compile Album, Shoxx) [Album]

- V.A./Shock Edge 2004 [Album]

- V.A./Shock Edge 2006 [Album] 

- V.A./V-Anime Rocks! [Album]



CDs (Singles, Maxi-Singles, Mini-Albums, Albums)

- alpha [Single - Type C]

- Noah [Single - Type B]

- Tears [Album – Type A, Type B, and Type C]

- Starry Heaven [Single – Type A, Type B, and Type C]

DVDs/Comment DVDs/Others

- REBORN to"NOAH" [Live DVD]


- Lost Tears 〜全曲制覇ガンバRoyz〜 [Live DVD]



CDs (Singles, Maxi-Singles, Mini-Albums, Albums)

- Cold Blood [Album – Regular Edition]

- 溺哀-dekiai- [Single - Original Version]

- 溺哀-dekiai- [Single - Re-recorded Version]

- Gain [Mini-Album – Regular Edition]

- Hisou – The Bootleg [Album – Limited Edition]

- Kokui no shita no yokubou to, kunou no hate ni mita hyakkei no yuritachi [Single]

- Master of Romance [Album – Limited Edition and Regular Edition] 

- Meteor [Mini-Album – Limited Edition/Type B]

- Oboreru Sakana [Single - Live Distributed]

- The Black Diamond [Album – Limited Edition]

- Soukoku no Tsuya [Single – Limited Edition/Type A, Limited Edition/Type B, and Regular Edition/CD+DVD]



CDs (Singles, Maxi-Singles, Mini-Albums, Albums)

- Ancient Rain [Single – Limited Edition/Type A, Limited Edition/Type B, and Regular Edition]

- Biran [Album – Limited Edition and Regular Edition (Signed)]

- Brainstorm [Maxi-Single – Limited Edition/Type A, Limited Edition/Type B (Signed), and Regular Edition]

- Brilliant [Album – Premium Edition (First Press) and Limited Edition]

- Cavalcade [Single – Limited Edition/Type A, Limited Edition/Type B, and Regular Edition]

- Cursed Hurricane [Single – Limited Edition/Type A, Limited Edition/Type B, and Regular Edition/Type C]

- Deep Six [Maxi-Single – Limited Edition/Type A (Limited to 3,000 copies), Limited Edition/Type B, and Regular Edition/Type C (First Press)]

- Duality [Album – Limited Edition and Regular Edition]

- Finale of SCREW [Single]

- Fusion of Core [Album – Limited Edition and Regular Edition]

- Fugly [Maxi-Single – Limited Edition/Type A, Limited Edition/Type B, Regular Edition/Type A, and Regular Edition/Type B]

- Gather Roses [Type A and Type B]

- Heartless Screen [Single]

- Kakusei [Mini-Album - Limited Edition/Type A, Limited Edition/Type B, and Regular Edition]

- Konsui [Mini-Album - Limited Edition/Type A, Limited Edition/Type B, and Regular Edition]

- Nejireta Shisho [Single – Limited Edition (Limited to 1,000 copies)]

- Nejireta Shisho [Single – Second Press]

- Nakushita aoii nami [Single – Live Distributed]

- Nanairo no Reienka [Album – First Press (Limited to 1,000 copies)]

- 「大きな古時計」(Ooki Na Furudokei) [Single - Live Distributed]

- Psycho Monster [Album – Limited Edition/Type A, Limited Edition/Type B, and Regular Edition]

- Racial Mixture [Mini-Album – Limited Edition and Regular Edition]

- Raging Blood [Maxi-Single – Type S, Type R (Signed), and Type W]

- Sakuran Scream [Single]

- SCREW [Album – Limited Edition/Type A (First Press), Limited Edition/Type B (First Press), and Regular Edition (First Press)]

- Teardrop [Single – Limited Edition/Type A, Limited Edition/Type B (First Press), and Regular Edition]

- Tour09 X-Rays of SCREW and ANAPHYLAXIS [DVD+CD]

- Venom [Mini-Album – Limited to 5,000 copies]

- Virus [Mini-Album – Limited to 5,000 copies]

- Wailing Wall [Single – Limited Edition and Regular Edition]

- Xanadu [Single – Limited Edition/Type A, Limited Edition/Type B (First Press) and Regular Edition (First Press)]

- X-Rays [Album – Limited Edition]

- Zanatsu Fiction [Single]

DVDs/Comment DVDs/Others

- Violet junkie movie show [Commemorative DVD - Live Distributed]

- 2009.4.26 LIQUID ROOM [Live DVD - Live Distributed]

- The Third Anniversary〜心火への覚醒 [Live DVD - Live Distributed]

- 5th Anniversary ONEMAN TOUR 2011 "GO INTO HIGH GEAR" [Live DVD - Regular Edition]

- 7th Anniversary Live NEVERENDING BREATH AT SHIBUYA-AX [Live DVD - Limited Edition]

- TOUR 2014 INNER PSYCHOLOGICAL WORLD [TOUR FINAL] 2014.12.28 AT AiiA Theater Tokyo [Live DVD - Limited Edition]

- Sakuran Scream, Heartless Screen, and Finale of SCREW Special CD [Comment CD]

- Zanatsu Fiction [Comment CD]

- Duality [Brand-X Privilege Comment DVD for Regular Edition]

- Duality [Jishuban Club Privilege Comment DVD, Regular Edition B]

- Ancient Rain [I.D. Pilot Dead One Privilege Comment DVD]

- Cursed Hurricane [I.D. Pilot Dead One Privilege Comment DVD]

- Racial Mixture [Jishuban Club Privilege Comment DVD]

- Racial Mixture [Brand-X Privilege Comment DVD]

- Biran [Zeal Link Privilege Comment DVD]

- X-Rays [I.D. Pilot Dead One Privilege Comment DVD]

- X-Rays [Jishuban Club Privilege Comment DVD]

- Fusion of the core [Like an Edison Privilege Comment DVD]

- Deep Six [Privilege Comment DVD]    

- Wailing Wall [Skull Rose Privilege Comment DVD]

- SCREW Bistro [Siesta Fanclub DVD]


Shoujo Lolita23Q

CDs (Singles, Maxi-Singles, Mini-Albums, Albums)

- Ceramic Star [Single – Regular Edition]

- 「MISSING」[Single - Live Distributed]

- Seitai Jigen Kuiki Minerva [Mini-Album – Limited Release]



DVDs/Comment DVDs/Others

- SINCREA LIVE 2010 Pandora 21 [Live DVD]


the GazettE

CDs (Singles, Maxi-Singles, Mini-Albums, Albums)

- Cassis [Single - Type A]

- DIM [Album - Limited Edition]

- NIL [Album - Limited Edition]

- Stacked Rubbish [Album - Limited/Special Edition]

DVDs/Comment DVDs/Others

- Standing Live tour 2006[Nameless Liberty.Six Guns…]TOUR FINAL - Nippon Budokan - [Live DVD - Limited Edition]


the Thirteen

CDs (Singles, Maxi-Singles, Mini-Albums, Albums)

-「ALONE/アローン」[Mini-Album -  Regular Edition/Type C]

- White Dust [Single - Limited Edition/Type A and Regular Edition]

- LAMENT [Mini-Album - Limited Edition/Type A, Limited Edition/Type B, and Regular Edition/Type C]

DVDs/Comment DVDs/Others

- ULTIMATE BURST 1st Anniversary Live 2017.03.20 at LIQUIDROOM [Live DVD - Live Distributed]



CDs (Singles, Maxi-Singles, Mini-Albums, Albums)

- Holy Grail [Album – Box Deluxe Edition]

- Jubilee [Album - Limited Edition]

- Noble [Album – Regular Edition]

- Prince & Princess [Single – Hizaki Type]

- Versailles [Album – Regular Edition]



CDs (Singles, Maxi-Singles, Mini-Albums, Albums)

- 依存 (Izon) [Single]

- 教典 (Kyouten) [Album] 

DVDs/Comment DVDs/Others

- 依存 (Izon) [Brand-X Privilege Comment DVD]

- 教典 (Kyouten) [Brand-X Privilege Comment DVD]



CDs (Singles, Maxi-Singles, Mini-Albums, Albums)

- Bastard [Album - Limited Edition]

- 僕、ホワイトデーも一人斬り [Single]

- Blue Star [Single - Regular Edition]

- Esoteric Romance [Album – Limited Edition]

- 華ナ名ノ誓イ身診‐通過点‐ [Single]


- 人魚 (Ningyo) [Single]

- Proposal ~卒業告白~ [Best-of Album - First Press]

- V.I.D.-Very Important Doll- [Album - Regular Edition/Type B]

DVDs/Comment DVDs/Others

- Relieve Your Blue Scar 2008.8.21 SHIBUYA-AX [Live DVD]

- Tokyo Maimu 2008.12.19 C.C. Lemon Hall [Live DVD]

- 「我輩ハ、殺女成リ・・・」Brand Xオリジナル特典未発表LIVE音源CD [Brand-X Privilege CD/Live Audio CD. Horrible quality 😎]



CDs (Singles, Maxi-Singles, Mini-Albums, Albums)

- Chimera [Album – Limited Edition/Deluxe Booklet (First Press), Limited Edition/vister (First Press), and Regular Edition/lipper]

- Gloster [Album – Limited Edition/vister and Regular Edition/lipper]

- Hameln [Single – Regular Edition/lipper]

- Sara [Maxi-single – Limited Edition/vister]

- Sindra [Maxi-single – Limited Edition/vister and Limited Edition/lipper]

- Theater [Album – Limited Edition/vister]

DVDs/Comment DVDs/Others

- Gather to the Theater [Live DVD]


Wagakki Band

(It's not VK, but they're still J-Rock, so I'm putting it here, lol.)

CDs (Singles, Maxi-Singles, Mini-Albums, Albums)

- Vocaloid Zanmai [Album - Regular Edition (First Press)]






  • Amateur writer
  • Amateur translator
  • Reader
  • Traveler
  • Music lover
  • Student
  • Sleeper
  • Eater



Current Interests





  • Food
  • Sleep
  • Cats
  • Music
  • Books
  • Anime/Manga
  • Visual Kei (Obviously XP)
  • History


Non-VK Bands/Musicians




  • Wagakki Band
  • The Brilliant Green
  • Asian Kung Fu Generation
  • Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
  • Blood Stain Child
  • Yoko Shimomura
  • Yuki Kajiura
  • Shoji Meguro 
  • Aimer
  • Yuna Ito
  • Hikaru Utada
  • B.A.P.
  • SHINee
  • ATB
  • Ministry of Sounds
  • Smile.DK (That Butterfly song on DDR is forever stuck in my head)
  • The Eagles
  • The Beatles
  • Rolling Stones
  • The Carpenters
  • Teresa Teng
  • Fahrenheit
  • S.H.E.
  • JJ Lin







  • Boku no Hero Academia
  • Naruto
  • Bleach
  • Fullmetal Alchemist
  • Ao no Exorcist
  • Akatsuki no Yona
  • Rose of Versailles
  • Trigun
  • Noragami 


Video Games





  • Kingdom Hearts series
  • Fire Emblem series
  • Tales of series
  • Final Fantasy series
  • Tomb Raider series
  • Persona series
  • Legend of Zelda series
  • Samurai/Dynasty Warriors series (It's a hack and slash game, but something about beating up tons of CPUs gives me cathartic satisfaction.)



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