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  1. monkeybanana4

    Sadly, LGBT rights in Japan, from my understanding, are pretty much non-existent and discussions of sexuality are not widely talked about like it is in the West. It’s still considered a taboo and general attitudes towards the whole subject are negative on the whole. Not to mention the Japanese culture favors homogenization, or the group mentality, so being different among the “group” is not highly looked upon, and one would most likely be socially ostracized or even bullied (These are not my views on the subject, just something that unfortunately exists ^^;) As for the topic, as mentioned before, BL fanservice has been and will always be a thing. I don’t think it ever disappeared or went away. I guess if it brings in money/attention from the fans, it’ll be something that bands will do.
  2. BugLug will release a new album titled 『不透明な素顔』(Futoumeina sugao) on 2019.08.06. - Limited Edition (4,500 yen +taxes) - Regular Edition (3,000 yen +taxes)
  3. monkeybanana4

    The vocalist, 澪 (mio), has a new twitter account: https://twitter.com/nazare_mio
  4. monkeybanana4

    A catchy and fun song! Makes me want to go to their live and just dance to it The members are also super cute in this video ❤️
  5. monkeybanana4

    Everyone roared with insane cheers even when it was just the roadies on the stage, lol. But it didn't really bother me too much. I thought it made for a nice, energetic atmosphere.
  6. monkeybanana4

    As mentioned in earlier posts, the fans, not the staff, enforced the numbering and spots. The numbering of VIPs, the creation of separate lines for VIPs and GAs, were all arranged and organized by the fans themselves. In fact, the staff organizers seemed almost nonexistent. There was no line/spots that indicated where people should line up except for a few small metal barricades set up right outside of the livehouse. Also, there was also some odd discrepancies as to what the organizers reportedly said said vs. what actually happened (i.e. apparently the organizers said the meet and greet would happen before the concert even though that clearly didn't happen; they supposedly said fans had to be in line by 4:30pm, but that didn't quite matter since the staff never came outside to do a check) Aside from those oddities, everything went pretty smoothly based on where I was standing. It was also interesting to meet and listen to the many different types of fans that were attending the concert that day. For our show, aside from Ruki, Uruha seemed to be the most energetic/active, even coming up close to the fans and strutting off his stuff. It almost looked like he was ready to jump into the crowd, lol. Reita also came to the front of the stage a few times. I agree, though, Aoi was the most reserved. From what I could see, he only did something with Uruha and also came the front of the stage when the whole group joined up with Ruki. Otherwise, he was pretty "quiet" (as @platy mentioned after the live). Overall, the live was short, but it was a lot of fun. It's made me more appreciative (and a bigger fan) of their music. I was also really excited when they played Filth in the Beauty and Cockroach.
  7. Neck hurts, legs are dead, and arms are sore. Overall, a great live. 

  8. monkeybanana4

    Hello and welcome! Hope you have an awesome time~ You’ll have tons of fun at the Gazette live
  9. monkeybanana4

    Super excited
  10. monkeybanana4

  11. Kamijo will release a new single titled「Eye of Providence」 on 2019.07.24. 「Eye of Providence」(Cost: 1,800 yen + taxes) [Packaged in hardcover digipack.] Tracklist 1.Eye of Providence 2.Ecstasy 3.Eye of Providence -Instrument- 4.Ecstasy -Instrument-
  12. monkeybanana4

    I think there was a movie with some of the PSC bands/members in it. Never watched it before, so I couldn't tell you how it is. although probably not that great...
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